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Godless Noise Full Album Lyrics

Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise cover art

Godless Noise

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2018-06-27)
1. Curb the Trend (2:11)
you're a product of life & of shit
& now you sit & vegitate
you bottom feeder you're going to lose
& I know you're destined to

& it might not be your fault but
you did nothing to curb the trend

look! your skeletons! there in the
street for all to see & it's not pretty
it's fucking sick, you're making me
grim to my stomache

negative attention brought upon yourself
& you're the only one to blame
you you you you
2. Taghut (3:17)
warped mind
the oppression foams from your diseased mouth
a n g e r
nothing can break through what lies have created

trapped in a struggle between god and the living
entrenched in this war carried out for the dead

an undying allegiance
an undying allegiance to death

your mind is on a leash
held by your wanton hate

mere images invoking the horror of faith
cruelty echoing an uncivilized age

A Plague On The Logic Of Man
3. Destruction of Life...Unworthy of Life (2:11)
6 billion fuck ups at your front
door kicking & screaming, always wanting
more, ignorance isn't even an issue,but
apathy is a disease Earth is just
a speck of light, & it has fallen to it's
k n e e s

you're only achieving what we have been singing
hatred of humans, there will be no breathing

what a damn good point to just forget
& throw away your life, fuck it!
there is no point in living another way
worldwide carbon overload
there's nothing more to say

the destruction of life...unworthy of life
4. Crippling Blasphemous Persistence (2:57)
I'd rather oppress my sight by staring into the
sun than oppress my life by staring
into nothing

break the chains
persist through bullshit
defeat yourself!

don't accept the habit of the constant hollow gaze
brought on by so called enlightenment
I was in the grave years ago
but I woke the fuck up
& rejected every petty doctrine

it was the only way
5. Crashing Trucks into Churches (1:37)
crashing trucks into churches that's what you
stood for & that's what you gave up & for what?
acceptance? is this the price of fame? I thought
you knew better cause' blasphemy is not a game

you left our side
hiding beneath the floor boards from god's wondering
eyes you've been carving the epitaph for your
r e s p e c t
for years

you let us all down & now it's time for us to pick
up the pieces, carry this flag of intolerance straight to the gates of heaven you fucking sell out poser!

i thought you knew better cause' blasphemy
is not a game!
6. Godless Noise (4:10)
I swallow the land & the oceans
the skies & the stars
I consume what's near & what's far

I swallow your faith and regurgitate distortion
triggering flashbacks of pain, leaving you emotionally
b r o k e n

unleashing purest rage directed at your
ancient scripture, tear the books page from page
forcefully taking away the crutches from man

unspiritual land, unblessed water, unoccupied
skies, in their true form

despite the death of your king
the sky stands still
7. A Dog You Call God (2:26)
our stronghold is built on the bones of a thousand
dead, a nescessary shrine to death & religious

it's the only way!

our society is in a constant delusional state
rending existence useless

countless bloodlines leaving a stench of shit behind
all because you worship a dog called god!
how can reason still be thrown away?

only the utmost, piercing hatred can rot those teeth in that praying mouth of yours

put an end to all prayers!
8. Fuck 'Thou Shalt Culture' (2:06)
old delusional bastards!
you everyday small talking peons
learn when to speak, try & comprehend the
abuse your mind has gone through

stay away from me!

lest we need to say it again
no one gives a shit
just because those books are old
does not make them right!

try & walk without the crutch
for just one day, there's no excuse
in this fay & ages

or lock me in the casket
& throw away the key
9. Snorting the Ruins of Sodom (2:05)
an evil substance designed to smash any
straightedge oath, strong & lethal with a
flavor of god

snorting the ruins of sodom

s o d o m

in fested blood leads to full blown possesion
bring out the iconoclast in all of us

snorting the ruins of sodom
10. Buried by Grime & Crust (3:32)
my final resting place is a rusted
sewer, where I spend my days engulfed
by pests all feeding on my gushin diseases
in this perfect place for the faceless &

buried by grime and crust

now it's time to get out of my grave

nothing, not even raw sewage or death
can keep my filthy hands from going around
your church going necks

buried by grime and crust
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