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Extreme Hatred Full Album Lyrics

Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred cover art

Extreme Hatred

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  6
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-12-13)
1. Extreme Hatred (4:05)
Violent acts blacken my brain
Alive insanity grows
Here and now is the time to slay
I will never lose control
My eyes search in blasphemy
Of you hated object still alive
Hand of doom comes crushing down
The hour is finally here to kill

Built up in a mind deranged
Seconds away from turmoil
Planned and arranged for years
Unbriddled aggresion boils

No mercy for the guilty
In endless time you'll inherit hell
Strong yearning for bright red blood
Suffering is close at hand
You cannot hide the truth no more
Banished forever from life
Vengeance like a bolt of lightning
Storming with infernal rage

Powers of hate incredibly strong
Under the surface of the outward
Night after night i prowl the streets
Meet your end with misery

Come out of your hiding place
Show me the fear in your face
I break out the powers of hate
To escape is to seal your fate

Extreme hatred - insane rush
Extreme hatred - blocking the mind
Extreme hatred - reprisal of your sins
Extreme hatred - blinding power it's time to die

Fear - Nightmare - Terror - You're helpless

Once before you die i'd like to see you crawl
Down in the mud from where you came from
This is the last time you will see the light
This is the last time you will be alive

Lies - distrust
Fake - disloyalty
Betrayer - dishonesty
Deciever - see you in hell

Hell has become your destiny
Pure revelation of evil itself
When you look into my face
You see the face of total hate
Blinded by the outer world
Eyes closed and a sarcastic smile
Crush your existence
Your life has finally come to the end
2. Circle of the Flesh (4:37)
Chapter one deals with the pain of pleasure
A circle committing themselves to pain
Gathered in a distance place far away
Ancestral darkness born
Acts divine of blasphemy
Release your fears of sources unknown
Scalpel cut into the flesh
Bring forth thy screams

Chapter two enters physical mortality
The release of pure black energy
Surface of age old evil
Growning darkness taking form
Wound is deep and never to heal
Eternal circle of the flesh
Ritual dedicated to morbid lust
No one ever returns...

Once they were almost human
Beneath the living, beyond the dead
From the depths of hell's dungeons
The gates are open to the circle of the flesh

Chapter three brings forth a vault of dreams
Of unimaginable pleasures
On the edge of pure damnation
The secret of pain's revealed
Depravation and mortality
Equals a life threatening sickness
Once you've tasted it
Prepare to suffer eternally

"Piercing screams inside of me
This was never meant to be
Stop this act of horror
Please, let me die..."

Chapter four ends a morbid circle
A circle condemned to die
Sick minds trying to
Master the art of flesh
Exit of life, enter the grave
Pray you'll meet your maker
Forever be bound to eternal death
The reaper wields his scythe

They were never human
Beneath the living, beyond the dead
From the depths of hell's dungeon
The gates are closed to the circle of the flesh
3. The Last Remains (2:48)
Scorn of the earth
Imprisoned for life
Sepulchral cities
Mental affliction
Open your eyes
See through the lies
Dreams of obscurity
Source of all life

The last remains

Screams from the past
Erased with time
Secret horrors
Dwelling in your mind
Beyond the cemetery
Centuries blackened again

The last remains

Horrid nightmares taking control
From birth until my death
A grim insane spectre
Of a freedom torn in chains

Morbid condition
Buried in the sand
Eternal darkness
Submerged in cries
Premonition of death
The final hour
The last remains
Rest in peace

...Of the world the last remains
4. Operation Clean-Sweep (4:02)
Operation clean-sweep from dawn 'till death
Obliterating everything
No life is spared from last no chance to get away
Nothing is left but charred remains
Endless sight of plain destruction
Inhuman mass slaughter draining you of life

Pain and suffering are as one
As you slowly descend for dead
Reign of terror has begun
Infernal darkness and pestilence

Let the dead bury the dead
Sickness on this eve of doomsday
In this, hellhole of raging fire spreading death
Suffering to survive lying in a human tomb
Not to get shot by a sniper killing the remains of life

Into the ashes of neverending death under blood red skies
Blind lead the blind through bestial evil exterminated fast
Deadzone in the land of the living ground becomes eternally sour
Revenge hear the cries of creatures who are yet to come
5. Comatose (4:27)
Silent and transparent
Spreading through the mist of time
Creeping over land subversive
A veil of nerve wrecking damage
Daylight vanish into nothingness
Unnatural balance of nature
Deafening screams of blackness
Time stand still in this void of forever

The sun has burned black
Surreal state of inexistence
Toxins wrapped up in a shroud
Coldness and darkness remains

Unexpected as it came
A trace of unconsciousness darkified
Incline sharply into comatose
Transcendent the agent of coma

Watching people die with open eyes
Flesh melts eyes explode
Disfigured faces of pain

A Different face staring back
Invisible to the eye
Impossible to trace its path
Unseen of the seeing
Right before sinking into dormancy
Fierce conviction unfolds
Dead end of this existence
Yet being alive

Red alert def con 3
Detected but untold
Shadow of deception
Opportunity to control
Payment is life
To gain world domination
Situation never got out of hand
Before it was to be too late


Humanity linked to the machine
Respiratory dreams
Imminent foreclosure of lividity
Transitory rest
Contamination remains to be discovered
Deep frozen generations
An epitaph for the dead and dying
Beyond dormant suffering

6. Act of Lunacy (4:19)
Torture and brutality i see through the eyes of insanity
Dual instincts of perversity which i cannot escape from
Twisted and deformed nightmares materialized in flesh
Abnormal revel in pain labyrinth of mind

Suffering in agony this night it happened again
Distortion of my thoughts acts engraved by oblivion
Burning the subconscious exhausting
The body paralyzed
The truth beyond all sense - hear my silent cries

Experience the fate unending nightmare
It seems to be too late descending madness

Schizophrenic fate
Uncontrolled without restraint
The quest for a normal life
I need to be set free
What have i done
To deserve this fearful
End this act of lunacy

Existing to exterminate this other side of a soul
Two faced personality in dismay searching for peace
Looking inwards for answers to explain
This situation of anguish
Step by step the truth unfolds need to see the end

Grand tornado of my inner soul
Urgent need to kill the other side
Within the boundaries of myself
Subconscious lies
Secrets only known in ancient tongues
My search will never end
Symptoms of insanity
This other side must die

How can i reach the unfathomable stairs
To unlock the door to the nethermost regions
...Of my mind

Increasing in velocity
Illusions rapid fire
Twisting my reality
Act of lunacy i'm insane
7. Gates of Cirith Ungol (3:09)
8. Hang 'em High (1:53)
Awaiting the day you die
A journey towards the end
It's time you pay the price
Begging to sell your soul
Change cape with the wind
Pahtetic excuse for living
Weak mind twisted brain
The time has come to
Hang 'em fucking high

Adrenaline reign coming
From within - rush of power
The face of anguish brought
Upon the surface
No more holding back
Furious aggression
Ripping at the seams
Feel the hatred
Terrifying screams

Crush your skull
Pound it to dust
There's not room for
The two of us
Bringer of pain
Take your last breath
The time has come to
Hang 'em fucking high

Blood raining pouring
Forth in streams
Storm of dread
Wide awake nightmare
Far beyond belief
Feeling no remorse
Violent intensity
Hanging from your neck
Total insanity
An ending in red

Pain - repulsive cries
Forever entangled in death
Terror - In your eyes
You have now paid your price
9. Traumatic Suffering (5:29)
Out of shape totally blind eternal years spent suffering
Memories of the pain comes haunting as my lifetime expires
Desolation always present eyes open wide at dawn
Afraid to awake no more this pain will be my demise

On the edge of life i'm torn within, tomorrow - will i be alive?

The past and present is non existent in a void of my life
Kept in the dark forever sensing no apparent reason
Imprisoned yet unknowingly free bonds like a ton of bricks
Asking towards within from the outside - what really happened to me?

To be drained of life in a hollow shell, inanimate further inside

Traumatic suffering - Contemplating death bring life to despair
Perpetuate darkness - depraved of senses numb to the pain
Traumatic suffering - state of oppression guiding my agony
Perpetuate darkness - life beyond comes to me in the end

Immense panic lurks behind me I feel but I don't understand
After years between these four walls by brain slowly disintegrate
Finally perceiving the facade been kept restrained for the world
Coercive measures was taken in order to avoid chaos in society

Tied to torment inner scars remain, recalling the time of the past

Every minute every day
Voices screaming inside
Telling me to awake
Experiment on the brain
Diabolical pain
Suffocate in silence

The final curtain is dropped before me
No more anguish dwelling cranial conflict
Confront myself and this untimely close
The final step close at hand, at last my hour to die...
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