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Pandemic Transgression Full Album Lyrics

Funeral Fornication - Pandemic Transgression cover art

Pandemic Transgression

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > F > Funeral Fornication Lyrics (34) > Pandemic Transgression Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-10-06)
1. Transgression Pt. I : In Exordium (2:22)
2. Of Fornication and Folklore (7:35)
Dark blood makes up our ancestry
The sands of time bury the windswept halls of history
And through the cunt of malice
Births a disease called humanity

O'venemous primate
Pray to thy father, thy shepherd
Guiding the hand into putrid conformity
You were lost before you began

Deaf and blind
In the land of pain
Beyond the valley of the shadow of death
Screaming into silence

A plague awoken
From fiery embers

Once beyond the scope of memory
Insane and drawn to lustful deeds
This beast was spewed from foul womb
To fornicate and feed
3. The Thorn of Capricorn (6:32)
Man becomes his god, before the last grows cold
Shimmering in golden light, dead amongst all false idols

Behold the head of abandon
Eyes that stare and tell of revolt
Against the choirs of eternal servitude
And light the way to freedom
Through the studded gateway to morning stars

Flooding the depths of hope with blood as we march with haste to ancient lands
Stalking our sigil, a goat`s head lament, into the soil as a thorn with flesh

Embrace undoing
Creation reversed
So spake the oracle of demise
Anti-divine enthrallment
And the world dares to scorn

For aeons man has dreamt of the stars
And aspired to reach those gods of the night

Cosmic light has all but waned
On this night, like no other before
We are drawing down the stars
And the world bares the scorn
4. Twin Suns (6:11)
O`Night Mother
Who prowls the skies
Nebular and tentacled
Spreads wide her gape
To birth twin suns
And deformed, the other blind

Truest gemini
Akashic and volatile
Born of a great divide
The two that should not be

And by their deeds unleashed
The great smouldering sea

And fire fills the sky
Burning the path to heavens
Flames rend and tear
All the world asunder
To cleanse the disease
O`Night Mother
5. Cold Colossus (7:10)
I lay down cold, frozen
On a monolithic slab
Of unparalleled hatred
Withered, my form absorbs the odium
I merge with steel, I burn with anger
And become the sentient beast
With a heart of ice beneath (the surface)

My soul is cased in glass
Stowed away in an icy chamber
Hidden deep within me
A relic of my former self
Void of blood
This empty being

I've transcended, awoken
And become self-aware
My eyes are blazing
With eternal fire
Farewell to the flesh
Cleansed in flames
And now grown cold
6. Transgression Pt. II : Ad Mortem (3:22)
7. No One Has the Right to Exist (4:58)
Cold now are the stars that once burned with cosmic fire
Dying are the worlds that once waged war on each other
And the skies are torn asunder with celestial claws of death
Raining sorrow upon the worshipers of the cults of the sun

Amassing in the shadows are the reapers of the light
Who defy all cosmic law in hope to bring eternal nightfall
They are the spectral heralds of a glacial inquisition
Soon the dead will follow and sweep all worlds into darkness

No one has the right to exist

The myriad of worlds will fall into blackness
Scattered into atoms from astral bombardment
Sky-fire blazing relentless from above
Crashing down into the realms of the cults of the sun
The eye of the universe opens wide, aware
Glowing, ever watchful of the aeon of destruction
All is cast away into blackened formless voids
Dark forgotten prophecies eternally fulfilled

No one has the right to exist
8. Glacial Ceremony (8:30)
Snow-capped regions, shrouded legions
A flame that burns of purest blue
Moved into the light that shadow rejected
Opaque and still
The lurker`s burning eyes, lidless

The hunter stalks the tracks
His carrion prey
A mere reflection of himself
The beast itself
Was never really living at all

We none of us as we appear
In a polar dusk
The rotting of the day
We were never really living at all

Lone, the hunter starts a fire
Offering carrion to winter gods
The flames reflect upon his eyes
The man is not as he appears

The hunter sheds his mortal husk
To become the raging beast
Whose hour has come at last
And leers at the cold stars above, seething
9. Oblique (6:08)
Darkness welcomes, though offers no release
In eclipse, consumed, I am forsaken

Love subsides, am I alive
The fading light once burned so bright

Crimean shade, murksome and loathing
From sluggish abyss, no honor bestowed

No longer can I fight the rogue
inside my heart

I am becoming
Unto night thy light is drawn
Lo, the darkest road unfolds
To the dark I now belong
There's a rogue inside my heart
With bright and blazing eyes
Staring down the bleak horizon

I am the liar
Actor with many masks
My role is self-destruction
My world fades to black

The darkest road unfolds
10. In Times of Weakness, My Being Is Compromised (4:34)
I am in defeat
Conquered and forgotten
So very cold
So very alone

Soullessly I drone
Lost within this sea
Of Misery and sorrow
Waves that do not clean

My appearance is as a corpse
Though I still breathe the air
But still I endure decay
Forever decay

I am compromised
11. Transgression Pt. III : Ex Inferis (2:30)
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