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The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time Full Album Lyrics

Faceofanother - The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time cover art

The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > F > Faceofanother Lyrics (9) > The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-03-14)
1. A Hymn for the Dead (from Political Violence) (3:08)
A darkened city is not defined by it's skies
A darkened city is defined by it's people
Silent echoes fill my mind
Of those that died on the streets for nothing
Φεύγω μακριά από την πόλη της μιζέριας
Όπου ο καθένας νοιάζεται μόνο για τον εαυτό του
Αφήνω πίσω τον αιώνιο κύκλο διαφθοράς
Άνθρωπους με μάσκες και κατεστραμένα όνειρα.
Those that died no one will bring back
From police violence or nazi attacks
Their souls sacrificed for the blind to see
That this system brings upon us infinite darkness.
Τον ήλιο βλέπω να ανατέλλει
Κι όμως νοιώθω απίστευτο ψύχος
Το σκοτάδι μέσα στο μυαλό των ανθρώπων
Γεμιζει με σκοτάδι την ψυχή μου.
2. Casualties of the "Master Race" (2:38)
All colors are beautiful
Reject nation's construction
Reject fascist
misanthropic propaganda

Cooperation leads to unity and respect
All hope is not lost, oppose hierarchy in all forms

the myth
of the capitalistic

Because it's worth, to experience society as something new
Mutual aid, against state and racist oppression
3. Domination's Initiatives (1:27)
Take a park - make it a building
Take a child - make it a slave

Give him race
give her gender
give them war
until when?

Take a garden - make it an industry
Take a river - make it petrol

Addicted to dominate
each other for centuries
addicted to dominate
the earth

Our improvements, increase the pressure
and the effects, are clear...
4. Federalize! (1:15)
War is like a virus
Spreading in our minds
Spreading Catastrophe
War in different types.

Hierarchy, Possession, Madness, Federalize...

Let's try to find something we never had.
Relationship, companionship.

Federalize... Create order...
Federalize... Occupy our needs...
Federalize... The simplicity of my answer...
5. The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time (3:32)
The crow is intelligent
it has found it's ways of surviving
adapting through our societies
watching through eras of darkness

Like we do for so long...
Adapting through hostile societies...
Living with plastic things like money...
Around people that value you for your "social status"...

The crows will accompany us there
to the end of times of gloom
to the end of banks and corporations
to the end of working slavery

It doesn't matter for how long we will be dreaming
a "society" of "equality" and real freedom
with no concept of a state and with black flags raised
we will be here until the end of those miserable times.
6. When They Say... (1:28)
When they say:
"join the army"
"go and work"
"vote for us"
"hate for us"

When they say:
"resistance is crime"
"legal and illegal"
"consume from our selves"
"there's only one way"

There's only one answer:
Our small hordes demand social change

Seeking dynamics...
7. Aγκάλιασε τον αιώνιο χειμώνα (Embrace the Eternal Winter) (3:45)
Αιώνιος χειμώνας
χειμώνας πνευματικός
ξεχνάς ποιός είσαι πραγματικά
βυθίζεσαι στο σκότος της καταστολής

Άγνοια η παράνοια?
Τί διαλέγεις?
θα είσαι ένας απ'αυτούς
που τους δείχνουν με το δάχτυλο...

Στάσου με το κεφάλι ψηλά
μη φοβηθείς το θάνατο
μεσα απ'το σκοτάδι θ'αναδυθείς
θα δώσεις τέλος στη σιωπή

Ανάθεμα σ'αυτούς
που σπέρνουν τον τρόμο
ξεχνούν όμως οτι δεν μπορούν
να σβήσουν τη φωτιά της ζωής.

(Εternal winter
spiritual winter
you forget who you really are
plunging you in the darkness of repression

Ignorance or paranoia?
What do you choose?
you will be one of those
that they point fingers at them ...

Stand with your head high
do not fear death
Through darkness you'll emerge
you'll give an end to silence

Anathema to those
who sow terror
But they forget that they can't
extinguish the fire of life.)
8. An Effigy in a Forlorn Land (4:10)
The trees were before man
We didn't respect them
The soil and stones were before man
We sell them in the name of money
Animals existed before mankind
We made them suffer or go extinct
The infinite seas were ancient
We polluted and corrupted their waters
In my dreams i heard a voice
Echoing from a deep forest
It said something about greed
And the woodlands were trembling
I saw an image on a frozen mountain peak
He began speaking some words
He told me that we are the parasites
Sucking out the life of everything
9. Ideological Confusion (2:09)
Choosing side
is not as easy as it seems
as you try to organize
your will for freedom
you find ideological conformism
already spoken ideas for a thousand times
and a certain way to resist
an altered way sounds strange

...but we have to evolve
our thoughts and ideologies
day by day
and be prepared for what is coming
cause protest
is a general way to prove your existence
to your self
and to others
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