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Enduring the Massacre Full Album Lyrics

Dyscarnate - Enduring the Massacre cover art

Enduring the Massacre

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-27)
1. An Axe to Grind (4:02)
Insatiable lust for a further deprivation, an exquisite death for those few disgraced. Lashed to the olive branch - dribbling fraudulent compassion. Snatching money for old rope (ripped from round their necks), giving no quarter to a witness sincerity.

The Mask - will not be consumed. The masses swallow gibberish - sermon after sermon; it takes experience to lecture moronity.

Extracting decency to invade with a drug from those devious minds long morally bankrupt. This is the ironic lie. Cultures piled high and razed without repentance. The air becomes hard to breathe. Saving face from the daunting inferno.

The mask - will not melt. Is this really distinction, or inconsistent recognition? Would a handful of corpses satisfy the need of millions? Cretins observe their subordinates and laugh.

With converse optics the truth would be revealed, a circle of enlightenment finally fulfilled. These cosmetics seem more than external.

Screens become the mirror - perverse sense of humor. Recycling the formula - the ulterior motive. Genetic engineering with a sinister intent . Chemical diffusion - contaminating air.

Twisted reflections starring mutants who amuse. This cross section is riddled with scum.

Exaggerating imperfections - the mirror is perverse. These cosmetics are more than external. A greed for sleep so exquisite - so deserved of the disgraced.
2. Despised and Disgraced (4:26)
Impoverished by negligence, a state which cannot be redeemed. An abused contentment plagues all who yield, for the price of this existence is as insignificant as themselves. Delusive efforts from those with rule; fail to encourage the sacrifice.

Fulfilling the purpose for what must be done with repeated mistakes that inflame the infection. As we work to build a proud dominion to suit the vagrancy and all its needs. They hand out more reasons to become part of the problem and provide more ways out of an honest solution. Thus completing this cycle of defeat. A catalyst to a foreseen depression, forcing more and more to succumb. Ensnaring addicts by sustaining their weakness, focusing efforts on an unworthy cause, helping no one but themselves. To revere this path to prosperity is to embrace the errors of a crippled foundation, an accepted status that carries no burden, a false sense of security. Disrupting the natural order of things to create anarchy. The menial shall despise these foes, although they proved the means to their trend, forever bound to this servitude. Serving a demanding and oblivious supremacy.
3. Extinguishing the Face of Heaven (4:13)
The entity is one never to be looked upon, with a wrinkled shroud – creased with loyalty
A sacrifice fulfilled with screams upon completion, the sharpened persuader reveals ruby secretion.
Emergence from pride – entwined with the soil
Meeting face to face but not in person
Desperate to fall – entrenched in the flesh
Before words ended worlds; “Open Fire”.
Destined for the land of the enterprising one - within the empire of the rising sun, where the dirt unfolds to reveal skin – flesh targets flesh – respond in kind.
Animation ceasing, life force decreasing, Operation Downfall, butcher them all.
All art is based on deception
The canvas torn – part of the masterpiece
Musing upon endless beauty – but making the mark before spewing creativity
The friendly silhouettes are all squatting before the camera.
Animation ceasing, life force decreasing, Operation Downfall, butcher them all
Animation ceasing, guns for hire
Operation Downfall, open fire.
The thousand yard stare – cut short by nine-hundred
Kill or be fulfilled – only then see the end of conflict.
4. Yielding the Iron Fist (3:54)
An unholy misdeed, performed by one of many. A recurring act which sees the same breed fall victim to its legacy. Devouring, consuming, infecting a utopia. Remorseless acts of pure repugnance.

Forever scarring a once beautiful province, a nightmare to all who shall try and oppose. For its legions always appear too numerous. As this immortal war, spreads forever more. Defiance seeming the only option as there is no cure for this persistent sickness. The overseers impede the righteous reaction.

Encouraging total surrender by all - a castigation to a bitter entity. Apprehension results as minor distruption to their headlong rush of nihilism.

Confined to an agreeable incarceration, to associate, mentor, recruit their kind.

To strengthen the numbers, to formulate another efficient genocide. The overseers never offer assistance to the hostile onslaught - ending the righteous reaction.

Defiance, aprehension, proven wrong. The only option left: an unholy misdeed, performed by you. An act which saw you fall victim to its legacy.

Any who disagree with their iniquity shall be cast down with the enemy.
5. Judecca (5:49)
“Hear the desperate roars of the deceived

Where is the field upon which he burst; where silver fell from his clenched fist? It drips toward the gallows where a perverse trinity awaits.
The accused forever seeping scarlet dissolution, like he did on that symbol that the prosecution pointed from.
Hanging from such vicious rope, and screaming righteous agony – “He is not your Messiah
A call not heeded from outside his captor’s mandibles, within the level of his namesake, and pinned by his divine counterpart.
The creation poisoned against him prior to its inception. Honour in treachery, trust in betrayal.
Flanked by regicidal schemers, besiegers of the crown of thorns. Ensnared at the foot of their short-lived kingdom, eternally oppressed by the trinity of horns.

“He is the traitor! He’s the betrayer!
He is the tyrant! He’s truly Judas!
He is the traitor! He’s the betrayer!
He is the tyrant! He is truly Judas

Surrounded then and now forever by those guilty of injustice – they who are worthy of his handle. With a name in vain (synonymous with his captor).
The one they call ‘Betrayer’ – assured by the gospel ‘truth’.

“I’m the endurer! I am the sufferer!
I’m the creator! I am the Messiah
6. The Vitruvian Plan (4:00)
Oxymoronic vision of a species revolution. Incorrect perfection. Beautiful rejection.

Anatomical anomalies come as humans deviate. This corrugated landscape surrounded by an Eden; A writhing nest of cryptids forbidden to diffuse. Those born of that sketch come with instruments to qualify.

Sensitivity deprivation – the perfect preparation – to purge those they plot in the failure correlation.

Come with Eden, there is madness to the method. They will see the demented hypothesis through to conclusion.

Dicing with the parasites at the site of dormant paradise. Consummated upon the currency of the realm.

A tetralogy of cubits – palms – one score and four.

Thy greeting will be equal to thy zenith. Cranium foundation to the crown of a leader, the sum layered thrice will equate to the stand. The bastard offspring dictate the level of deformity.

Correct imperfection. The stench of acceptance. A traitor’s education to end this human deviation. Set between the shapes – symmetrical and proud. Symbolic logic. The proportions of man.
7. Those Who Trespass Against Us (3:49)
An illumination shines so smugly, a crooked finger which beckons for so many men of the cloth.

The tale remains relevant; offering its name to no wrech. To pardon is to profit, the prophet with the burden. Spewing venom through his sermon to the sinners of society. Lecturing the masses as the greed slips through their pockets.

These are the ones who tresspass against us - in the game of the father.

The distorted line adorns the grimace of every peice. Like so many aspirations upon the wheel. This corrupt game of chances dances within the minds of the flock - as they gaze at the stakes - guaranteed everything but success.

With such twisted optimism they gaze at the stakes - flayed alive by the bringer of truth. The pocket is lined with regret.

Disgust: gold spews from the wounds so plentiful to fill the pockets of the prophets and makes the cycle. Not double but nothing. Returned to the blaze to be cleansed by the filthy one. The line hangs dangling from a forgotten smirk.

A sordid palm outstretches - the squalid fingers peel skin from flesh and the rubies adorn clothe. The faces all look so familiar, staring past the harlequins - who crouch beneath the pawns (they can feel the sinister smiles).

The faces look familiar, that sneer at the mindless optimism. Their eyes drip through the lines and the stack blurs till it reeks of the unknown. As we forgive those who trespass against us, those who trespass against us, those who trespass against us - in the game of the father.
8. Enduring the Massacre (4:40)
Arise, leviathan. He who seeks justice must bear witness to the betrayal. Cast down for most glorious treason: confined to the universe, chained to mortality.

The ash of the titans, scattered amongst those so weak - the once majestic behemoth reduced to a pedestal. Pillar of the heavens - pinnacle of the Earth, bearing the disease - this encumbrance is terminal.

Begging for petrification, doomed to witness triumphant conquest. The infected spoils of war trickle upon his scowl. And with hands that heal to ruptures in the skin, the stream gushes unbounded to contaminate their sufferer.

Despicably enveloped - beyond recognition, slowly crucifying the endurer of their opulence. Gratitude is a sickness, death is the solution. The march is now intensified, the massacre crescendos in accordance with the scriptures. Artificial extinction born of fire.

The inferno spreads unbounded to contaminate their sufferer - with a smoldering desire to abandon his post. Like the blazing foliage now expunged from that scowl. The time has come and gone - occupation is complete. Thrusting the flags into his ward.

Terminal infection is swiftly accomplished. Such a rancid contamination - injected through their triumph - his digits desperately plugging wounds. Spewing endless sewage - streaming unbounded to contaminate their sufferer.

Stand and deliver - the pestilence is strife. Serve and protect - disease has become life.
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