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Within One Full Album Lyrics

Dreaming Dead - Within One cover art

Within One

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-03)
1. Stairs Into the Vortex (4:25)
Dark, dark forest screams
Ancient tales of misery
No heart, no heart left here will beat
Through the cold nights consumed in mystery

You're lost in the blinding light of delusion

Show me your pleasure show me your pain
In my times of trial and doubt
Give me your pleasure give me your pain
You want to be it but you can't feel
So don't follow me until you see it
This moment marks the end of your time
I will now take back what truly is mine

It sharpens the shape of my fear
And I must soon hide away both in vain and in shame
In a corner poor, small pathetic soul
Void is the trembling sight of discourage

You're lost in the blinding light of delusion, of illusion
In your own confusion

Seething, falling, these blackened visions doomed alike
No path left to follow down, no will left where am I now
Where am I now?

Slowly leaving just room for time to fade away
No path to follow down, no will left where am I now
Where am I now?

Show me your pleasure show me your pain
In my times of trial and doubt
Give me your pleasures give me your pain
To me no difference it's all the same
2. Within One (4:34)
Behold the secrets of sorrow
Winds of anguish take me away
Hearts of stone only hollowed
Another tomorrow, another heartache

Within lies are true
Word of hate
First me then you

Time of fierce confrontation
Plotting vengeance with detail and spite
The seeds of hatred have risen amongst us
You cannot deny it nor put a blind eye

All is lost within one

Forced to step away
The end is here and you know it
Hold me close
As we fall into the depths of the unknown

Another will tell you the stories to come
No doubt single-sided fabrications
Believe what you will if that's what you want
I'll just pick-up from here and move on
3. Putrid Is the Sky (7:04)
Falling from up high
Hit the ground at full speed I die
Remains of ashes are thrown
Into an ocean of many, a soul no one knows
Night-filled putrid is the sky
The vortex awaits us now
One day we will rise

Your own conviction of valor
Lying safe in hands of destiny's end
Waiting for the next victim
At my cost, whom should we be-friend

Your ignorance compares to no other
The chance for me to resist
Will be the test of time
For a life that should no longer live
The destiny's calling
For a life that could no longer give

Bodies rotting calling onto me
Whispers silence now death will arise
4. Shadows in the Dark (4:36)
Soon darkness will be near, through my mind it bleeds
Thirst of the chosen one, those visions were foreseen
I dare not repeat nor speak, thoughts of pain, thoughts of suffering

And you'll never be too far away
Like the light that follows throughout the day
Hiding, hunting, stalking predator to its prey

Shadows in the dark
Fear born within
Memories from the past
Shadows in the dark
All is closing in
No more can I take
Make it go away

Now I wonder in fear & doubt, fore every step I take
One leads towards fields of dreams, the other fueled by hate
Now everything closes in, a troubled mind always left in shame

Hold this breeze away
Nothing left from you
Nothing left for me
Nothing but dreams in pain
5. Cursed (4:31)
Eyes filled with redemption
Never could she deny
The emptiness, the sorrow
That laughs as she cries

Cursed are all your dreams
Cursed the pathetic life you live
Cursed forever in your own deceit

Another sun now sets
And again to me he swore
To finish the task that was promised
Far too many sunsets ago

Soothe the day
Kill the night
Sew your dreams
Don't waste anymore time

Soon the day will come
To their desolate minds
Where hopes lies in dark
And in the face of loss
tears are left behind
6. War Machine (4:27)
Power has spoken again
Since the beginning and
Until the end

Warrior of honor
Your steel suit of death
Embraces fates calling
Don't dare to look back

Lost in a day dream of rage
With backgrounds of fire
Of lives filled with pain

Murder your equal
Destroy it all
No heart, no body
Just war machine souls

Power has spoken

Cries of a mother
Left without her own
All lies now uncovered
As your sanity falls

Forward now
Here it begins
Your sweat drips faster
As your blood runs thin
7. Perpetual Pretext (4:15)
Rendered now is the calling
Perpetual pretexts from now and forever more
Pushing through your reasons
I cannot escape the notion of mass murder

Release the dead
I hear them calling
Release the dead
Their bodies still rotting

Orchestrate, obliterate, disintegrate
Three words that only describe the pain
Of those now gone

Never forgive & never forget
The ones that take then return only empty promises
Never forgive & never forget
The hand you shake, walk away
Now feel the knife pierce through your back

I cannot escape the notion of mass murder
8. Manslaughter (7:44)
Death awaits, from broken policies
At last, we've reached the end of time

No more premeditation
Provocation, the final combat
Casualties now lying in their tombs

The voice of guilt that descends into silence

When death ensues, when it takes place
Hurry now, no time is left to spare

Eye for an eye
For the rich and for the poor
Envy, hate, greed, murder
Power awaits you all
Eye for an eye
For the rich and for the poor
Manslaughter, you've been sentenced for

The voice of guilt that descends into silence
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