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Random Dictionary of the Damned Full Album Lyrics

Downlord - Random Dictionary of the Damned cover art

Random Dictionary of the Damned

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-02-04)
1. Nailing You In (2:47)
Suffocation - Once the lid slams down
From dormant you awaken - in terrors wave I hear you drown
Fingers scrape the casket lid - Skin to bone now shred
Screaming agonies ignored 0 to me you are already dead
So I'm nailing you in
I Purge you of your life - Humiliate the flesh
To nail you in - sadistic act
Naught remains but to burn the evidence - cremate
pyre-o-mania, my savior - arising flames, embracing you
I'm nailing you in - Nailing you in!
2. Psyclotron (2:44)
Pouring like sand through the hour glass - falling through our hands
The mercurial passage of precious time - now, and forever gone
Cold thoughts bearing vilest conclusions
That one has drawn from their bitter delusions
No fountains of youth to wash away the tears - or erase the pain, perpetually racing as we rage against the grain

Yesterday has long since gone - and it seems that tomorrow never comes
Time: That devours all things - Ravenous fire, all consuming
Eternal flame, ever present - burns hotter and higher
It steals away one's lust for life - First casualty of the routine
skeleton upon which history hangs - now meat falls from the bones
the years fall like leaves - from our disenchanted lives
Let it come as no surprise - let them be gone!
evolution is universal - the eternal role reversal
desperately we search for meaning - still no closer to peace within
No stone unturned in our quest for answers - Just a reason to live
3. Loathe. Scorn. Detest. (2:59)
Sudden impulse, neural glitch
The urge to strike out, Coz life`s a bitch
Beyond contempt
Raised by you alone
Demanding vindication
Your not hard to loathe
Acidic resentment
No time to mourn
My raped incisors
Drip venom and scorn

Final judgement
On you and your kind
Revealing motives
A sight to the blind

Aggressive tactics
So grotesque
Wretched inner circle
I detest
4. Full Scale Hatred (2:04)
Frenzied anger, guttural roar
Instinctive to vent
Accursed adversary
Disgust will not relent

Annihilate, violate
Leech to my soul

No lamentation
Rapacious vision gloats
A searing lance
Enmity unconcealed
Bile to the throat

The escalation of
Full scale hatred

Designate the hatred sector
Fullisade vast
Oratory battleground
Weightless worlds supporting mass

Ploughing all new depths
Regression process
Denial to arise
Repression progress

Full scale hatred
5. Xsv (Excessive) Payback (3:23)
Kept waiting, anticipating
By midnight oil, we built the beast
Underdriven, overloaded
Now upon you, carelessly released

Time & money, ups & downs
Blood & sweat in rivers of tears
False starts, with broken worlds
Indifference dragged out for years
Self-serving, unrelenting, undeserving, condescending
...This time I come to take & not to give
Now it's the time... here's the place

All debts to be surrendered, all sinners now come clean
A devastating call to action... it's payback time
For all the knives in all our backs
Collateral pain
Is life not hard enough already?
It's payback time!

All expectations you evade
Broken promises once made
Doesn't matter how you plead
After you have done he deed
In times confronted with all lies
The ones you thought the world would buy

Self-serving, unrelenting, undeserving, condescending
...This time I come to take and not to give
6. Hate Brace (2:11)
My world explodes
Another war to rage
How grim the future looks
No submission, anger reigns

The bile pours forth
Torrents through my head
Quest for life deposed
Ilusted death instead
Miserable planet
Anger breeding - Hate brace

Bile purge - purge love
Love hate - hate brace
The past unchained, the future is bleak

Mental timebomb ticks away
Detonation hateful day
I can't keep this rage at bay

7. Old World Chaos (1:57)
Greed, the great seducer - opulence reconciles
old world chaos, mass revulsion - wallowing in human bile
Bacterial beginnings, wiped out - the parasite, man - extinct
old world chaos (x3)
New world disorder to a lifeless husk
contradiction disciplines - a planet scarred by way and lust
old world chaos (x2)
8. Underdrive (2:56)
Gravity beckons and pull us under
Everything in time will answer the call
All hopes and dreams to be taken under
Pointless resisting, just let go and fall
Slip away from the world that held you
Beneath all contempt in this lowest esteem
Start a new system of beliefs and values
Based on reality... just as it seems
Lest one succumbs to the underdrive

Creatures of habit
People in pain
Look up from your troubles
And think again
What are you doing?
Where will you be?
At the end of your life
When it's all history
Did you do it for money
For material gain
Burn all that time
And endure all that pain

Would you do it again
All you've been through
Or rather retake control
Of the real you

Gravity beckons and pull us under
Everything in time will answer the call
All hopes and dreams to be taken under
Pointless resisting, just let go and fall
Now as one with the underdrive

Slip away from the world that held you
Beneath all contempt in the lowest esteem

Against the grain
Alone in the crowd
Rise from the ranks of the damned
Til you're proud
9. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead (2:26)
Man with reasoning
The animal distinct
fragmented drama
Indoctrinated lies real sin

A paradox
How mankind hates
Forbidden known
Yet proceates

Turn on, tune in, drop dead
Demons amongst angels

Natural factors
are no compulsions
awareness of flesh stimulus
Without repulsion

Condemnation of instinct
Guilty of all seven sins
Emancipate and gratify
Indulge your desire

Indulgence of desire
Turning on...
Tuning in...
Dropping dead...
10. Smoke & Mirrors (2:00)
Life's naught but a dream to some
Nightmare to others
All is not as it seems
Everything's as certain, sacred
Forever as desired to be
Or is it?

Sleight of hand
Out of sight, out of mind
Comic yet tragic
Like movie magic
The image that pleases
Stranger than fiction
Our plastic addiction
Distort the naked truth
Made up to appeal to mindless eyes
Who walk over skulls
To buy the lies

Mind over matter
All this can be yours
Including the blame

Sleight of hand
Out of sight, out of mind
Comic yet tragic
Like movie magic
No image displeases

On the wings of a dream
While silently sleeping
Like a brain in a jar
On a shelf
In a lab
Silently, your secret we're keeping
11. Groin of God +++Amen & Out+++ (3:15)
Hearld fascination, genesis of fear - born into servitude, weep virgin tears
Immolate humanity to kill time while on the path to death - disciplined divine
Bury your faith, in the groin of god - amen & out
Butchering pure instinct, abstinent servitude
One god one master, you're born to lose
Drink the blood, eat the flesh, suckle on his waste
Buried faith, groin of god - he's filth, you're prey to taste
+++Amen & Hout+++
12. Random Damnation (1:57)
The phase deleted
A chapter ends
Commence to the next stage

Core of existence
A dark persistence
In solitude to fester
Greys unrest
Garish spectres rise
Rapid machination
Random damnation

Reality in art
Or persecution fear
Out there lies the truth in lies
Intervention nears

Vacant minds, in neglect
Derelict, untold regret
Through their teeth they're lying
Are our waning spirits dying?

Stranger than fiction
A ritual invoked
Covert and ignorant
On falsehoods even fort would choke

Our alienation
Random damnation
13. For It Was Written (1:10)
Sense mandates to not believe
Written words and force fed creeds

Recognition, manifestation
See beyond mass hallucination
Those declaring we are free
Hysteria in prophecies

Rewriting history
Re-fabricate mythology

Solicitous lies as your receipt
Redeemed in afterlife replete

Do not repeat to forge at last
Mistakes throughout our lurid past
Read between as lies accrue
For it was written no longer true

For it was written...
But no longer true...
No longer true
14. Wake Up & Smell the Species (4:15)
Human motivation
Pain and fear
The evolution nears
Mankind, an oversight
There's nothing kind about man
Will you not see the blight?

No subtlety
No shades of grey
Monochrome, to act or die
Breed the meek, enslaved

Leech sector

Ignore the parasites that perish
Do no resuscitate
Infectious, draining soul
Born of one black whole

The invisible war

A belt-fed weapon
Catalyst to guide
Wake up and smell the species
Diabolically they lied

"Once there was a need for simple minds
Once there was a need to save men's souls
Fools had to be forced to stay in line
Preachers and bibles could serve those goals
With their holy writ and their cardinal sin
They could force the paper demons in...
With our morning star from the deepest night
Smash the crumbling cross.... for might is right!"


Locking on - bloodied lies mark the tracks
Wake up and smell the species
There'll be no going back!

"Set the shuffling zombies grope for light
...And we'll reign forever more!"
15. Sleep Forever (4:43)
Sleep forever, Lifeline sever
Hold on life release
As you slip into eternal peace
No, everything won't be alright
In fact expect the worst
Shadows dominate as light
Fades into eternal night

Sleep forever, awaken never
Dregs of flesh remain
Ashes dispersing in the rain
Ride the burn and leave this world
None awake to weep
Passage bourne on light's decay
Nocturnally I'm drawn away

Pain and misery, world forsaken
Overdriven and undertaken
Less than thrilled with the time I've killed
Stopped dreaming long ago

All my cares behind me
All my problems solved
And now unto oblivion
I am resolved

Hollow winds of time blow through me
Lips be still, I keep the word
Bearing silent witness to their mutterings
Under cold, cold ground
Freed of those that thought they knew me
That never, said the things I'd heard

Pain and misery, world forsaken
Overdriven and undertaken
Less than thrilled with the time I've killed
Stopped dreaming long ago
So now I'll sleep...
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