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Champion Eternal Full Album Lyrics

Domine - Champion Eternal cover art

Champion Eternal

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  89.4 / 100
Votes :  8
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-11-23)
1. Hymn (1:56)
2. The Mass Of Chaos (6:40)
Full moon is shining
so high in the sky
legions of black cloaks are
gathering tonight
Flames are now dancing
in the ancient oak forest
the stars are now in position
Been waiting for centuries
for this night to come
ancient dark gods guide
their knives
His spite-filled laughter
will fill the air
thy painful kingdom come

They gore themselves
in honour of return
a tribute to their cruel devotion
the chant will shatter
the doors of time
and their blood shall be the key

Come to the mass of chaos
Summon the nameless One
Celebrte his gory return
Death now grinds his schyte

Come!Free from the shadows
Enter our world
give us your blessing
open the door!

Come! Out of the shadows
possessed by the trance
we will die!
Come! We bleed for your coming
intoxicate the essence of life

The thunder roars and all at once
a total eclipse of the moon
thier sacrifica is unrewarded
still dead bodies lay on the ground

3. The Chronicles Of The Black Sword (8:08)
I) Doomed Lord Dreaming


II) Stormbringer

My name is Elric
And I bear the Black Sword

This is the Tale of Elric
Before he was called Womanslayer
Before the final collapse of Melnibone
This is the tale of the two
Black Swords

Mighty Elric, Mightier Sword
Sorcerer and Swordsman
Slayer of kin
Lord of a dying race, King of ruins
Dragon Master,
Champion of Doom

Ymmrir, The Dreaming City
Yrkoon, the hated usurper
Cymoril, the beloved,
All had fallen
To the fury and unholy power
Of the albino prince
And his terrible Sword

Stormbringer, Black Runesword
Battle - thirsty prince,
Blood - hungry sword
Stormbringer, sing a song of victory
And as I hold you in my hands
You drink the souls
Of all my enemies
My enemies, oh drink the souls
Of all my enemies

(Repeat Chorus)
4. The Freedom Flight (6:14)
Running thorugh and endless maze
trapped in a barren land
blind and doomed to disappear
never to be seen again
Nothing left as an epitaph
silent our final scream
too proud to beg,too strong to die
oblivion is our destiny

Of glorious dreams
of great warriors
just ruins remain
we felt the pain
we spilled our blood
wounds that time can't heal

We challenge fate
we won't surrender
against the circle of time
like children stranded in a
lonely place
the seed of revenge are sown

And though we know well
never be free
the season is here
our time has come
our wings of steel will rip the sky
and time will stand still
as we take
the freedom flight

He who shall not loose his faith
he will pass through the
wall of fire
forever to be reborn
too late to be stopped

The rusty chains that kept
us bound
are now fallen to the ground
free at last strong again
free to spread our wings and fly

Strong against the winds of hate
in a blaze of glory we fly
we'll succed where the mighty
has fallen
oh Gods guide our hands

The tomb is empty
triumph is calling
destiny has failed
we'll reach the sun in a rush
of power
we will never come back

5. Army Of The Dead (8:47)
[I) The Vision And The Promise]

In the city of immortals
a scream broke the silence
it was a seer and he saw in
his dreams
his beloved city of eternal life
collapsing around him
and its people trodden by
a mighty army
The mad seer retold his vision
to the king
so they gathered the mightiest
warriors across the land
they promised them entrance
in their eternal city
in exchange that they turned back
the vision of the...

Army of the dead [4 times]

[II) Promise Denied]

As the wizard summons ancient
powers commanding thunders
and lightning
the swords of the warriors on the
battleground are shining in
the sun
soon the battle rages on
weapons are drawn in anger
the warcries echo throughout
the field
the invaders meet their doom

But the king and the seer betrayed
the warriors
and the armguard was hidden
beyond the gates
a cloud of arrows obscured the
sun as they entered the city
the promise of immortality has
been denied

[III) Prophecy Fullfilled]

Sun shines the morning brings
new life
a new day of hope and happiness
yesterday is far away and years
go by,fear goes away
life goes on inside the city
and peace will last for eternity

But rising from the earth came the
true vision
the mad seer had seen so long ago
prophecy fullfilled:
The army of the dead

[IV) Army Of The Dead]

Holy gift a ritual of seer
hunting their prey,cruel in their
desire for vengeance
the dead warriors rise from
their graves
take what was promised then
was denied:
the gift of immortality

[V) Doomed City]

and the sentence must be passed
curse are your vicious lies
in ashes the Eternal City
must fall
so let the truth be told
the Ivory towers are
crumbling down
the Golden doors crushed to
the ground
once a great City of Immortal
is now the city of the...
Army of the dead [4 times]
6. The Proclamation (1:12)
...and so it came to pass...
there arose from the myst
of chaos
a great black warhorse
none of which like the world has
ever seen before
or will ever see again.
A mighty beast whose
thundering hooves
shooked th very foundation
of the earth.
Striking fear into the hearts of
even the bravest soul
and the only thing more powerful,
more terrifying:
the Man who rode it.
There he was,clad in an armour
black as the night,
his expression grim as his sword
was heavy
eyes are old as time itself,eyes tha
have seen the dawn of this world
and he is now arrived to see
its end
dealing death and destruction to
all that stands in his way,
the warrior of the wastelands.
All bow to the Dark Emperor
7. Dark Emperor (5:06)
I remember the day he came
the sun had fallen
never to rise again
out of the bayss he came
and broke the mountains side
a shadow and a flame
a power from beyond the grave
Black is his tower
dark is his throne
blood stained's the crown
blood's stained the sword

You must live your life undr
his iron fist
do not dare to see
the eyes of the...

Dark Emperor,death by his side
children keep in the shadow
of his terror
freedom a memory of
forgotten days
Dark Emperor,ruler of the land

8. Rising From The Flames (5:30)
I've seen the signs of fate
fortold in ancient rhymes
the screams of a million souls
the king rise from his grave
Coursing throught our veins
the vengeance of a
thousand years
we bring judgment
the burning reward
the gift of pain

On burning wings we ride
flames are streaming from
our eyes
empires fall as we pass by
from the ashes the phoenix
will rise

Swords are raised on high
and the flames are rising higher
scorching the sky with our spite
We are rising from the flames

From the gates of eternal
sailing the lake of fire
raging warriors raging fire
heel now walks the land

On burning wings we ride
flames are streaming from
our eyes
empires fall as we pass by
from the ashes the phoenix
will rise

[chorus x2]
9. The Midnight Meat Train (4:35)
New York by night,terror in
the subway
bodies are found out open
and bleeding
razor virtuoso
professional slasher
he's got a job to do,tonight could
be your time
But i can't fool him
when he's prowling
see the clever it's time to die
on the...

Midnight,Meat train
come on in the subway
welcome to your death below
on the Midnight Meat train
there's a maniac searching for
victims to slay

Here i'm not alone
bodies hunging upside down
train the chief has locked the
blood is running across the floor

Run the butcher is hunting me
see the clever in front of me
raise the clever above my head
stab his neck the butcher is dead
the train has stopped
i am not alone
creatures are here and they eat
the bodies
they eat my tongue
i will serve in silence
i'm the butcher the one who will
feed him

And you can't fool me when i'm
see my clever i will bunt you on the...

Midnight,Meat train
come on in the subway
welcome to your death below
on the Midnight Meat train
there's a maniac searching for
victims to slay
To slay ! [4 times]
10. The Eternal Champion (12:26)
[I) Prologue]


[II) Screaming The Battlecry]

The time is now
we go to wage war against the
i'm the Campion,the Defender of
with vengeance i will ride upon
them all

I'm immortal
wielder of steel a war machine
I'm the leader
The One who will lead you
to victory
I'm the Hero
blood and destruction are my deeds
I'm Eternal
Fight to the last !

The army's ready
the battle banner's high upon
my lance
The sword the armour will be
my only brothers when i ride
the sound of battle horns will
start the fight

And now the time has come for me
to rise my sword against all thee
and then the spell shall son
be cast
you're doomed to fall beneath
my axe
I'll banish evil from this land
a newborn king will overcome
I'll be the scythe to cut you down
I'll be the fire to burn you down
Conquest is mine into the fight
Screaming the battlecry !

Screaming the battlecry
running with vengeance in
my eyes
Not one of you will survive

[III) Blow My Blow (Into The Fight)]

Hear the clash of swords
The shout of the warriors fighting
band to band
Blow my Blow,into the fight
Blow my blow,I'm ready to strike

[IV) Death Of The Champion]

Oh,King of the dead
I've waited so long to fight by
your side
and my sacrifice to you are
souls of enemy knights
released by my sword

An arrow flies it bites my heart
the steel is cold
my blood spills out
I can't believe it runs out red
immortal heart can't feel no pain

For all these years i've lived a lie
the wisemen words blinded
my eyes
a son of gods,immortal lance
now just a son of mortal men

[V) Heroes In Tears]

Oh,the battle is near the end
My body lies on the blood stained
All I hear are cries of pain
All I see are my friends before me
Heroes in tears [4 times]

[VI) Destiny Revealed]

Now my destiny is revealed
I'm a fate's soldier to eternal war
The gates of time will spread
open wide
Mortal in body,etrnal in will

Doomed to be called with
many names
Doomed to have many shapes
and doomed to be forever at war
and to go wherever I'm called

Where will i go ? TO FIGHT!
For what ? TO FIGHT!
To fight for what ? TO FIGHT!
For what ?

Eternal Champion doomed to fight

[VII) Epilogue]
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