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Empire Lyrics

Conquest - Empire cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. In the Darkness (Intro) (1:42)
2. It Begins From Your Heart (5:05)
It’s very easy to live
Without thinking of death.
When each of us knows what to do
And is sure in all he has…
It’s very hard to believe
In magic power of mind.
We try to see all things around,
But we never look inside.


Dreams of your native people,
Strength of your native land
Mostly depend of your life.
It begins from your heart,
From your soul,
From your mind…

We have to change our mind,
When all we do’s always wrong.
Taking away our mistakes
We’ll be ready to go on.
You never know what to do
For living well, being glad.
Trying to take all that you can,
You just have to don’t forget:

3. Far Beyond (5:26)
I left alone among the thousand trees.
The full moon shines as the eyes of night.
Under the stars I feel I'm realy free.
I wanna fly to this silver light.
I left my home so far behind
The place I cannot ever find.


No! There's no return,
All the bridges burnt.
I will not live my life in vain.
Play day after day,
Walking my own way.
Maybe I'll find my home again
Far beyond.

I have to go along the hundred roads,
The unknown places are calling me.
Don't ever stay, just live for future day
And walk your way to infinity.
No matter what is left behind,
Your life is only what you find.


Don't ever stop before you die
This is your life, you have to try!

4. Prisoner of the Universe (4:54)
My soul is lost now among the neon lights.
Like a stone prison city is pressing me down.
I’ve found a picture which showed the eldest times.
I was excited watching my ancestors’ town.
Hearing of that sound, feeling of that days
Makes me be stronger.


I wanna get power of ancient spirits.
I wanna hear the voices of Space.
Song of the wind, flame of magenta sunset
Show me the way to break all the chains.

My mind was looking for fairies to believe
But now my spirit’s rising with wind to the sky.
This magic picture can really help to live.
The stars and moonlight show me the reason to fly.
Hearing of that sound, feeling of that days
Makes me be stronger.

5. We Have Returned (3:48)
Watchin’ the stars
I felt so restless and so alone.
Buried my dreams
Into the shadows of your dark throne.

Give me back all you're keeping for me
Into this world.
And you'll see how I'm deadly forgotten
In this deepest sea.


We have returned
And from the dust new spirit is arising.
We have returned
Like rising sun our weapons brightly shining
Cause we have returned!

Trembling with cold,
I try to swim in the sea of time.
Against the tide
I hold on water trying to survive.

In the end sun is waiting for me
But I’ve got lost.
Set me free, hear my voice that's so close
In this deepest sea.

6. When the Skies Fall (4:46)
Leaves fall and touch the ground,
Cover all around
With brown coverlet.
Wind takes away ash of times.
Eternal’s only lies
And there is nothing more

I forget all my dreams and desires
And fly away…

Night… Night has come again
And I feel the pain.
Pain inside my head.
I can’t imagine how
My heart is empty now.
I am almost free.

I forget all my dreams and desires,
I lost myself.


When the skies fall
Seems like time is over.
The world is closing in,
The words are told.
I will find the way,
Nothing stops me ever…
My destination’s glory in the world!

I forget all my dreams and desires,
I’ll find myself.

7. We Are the Ones (4:43)
Close your eyes, set me free.
Let us see the heaven.
Hold on me and agree
That’s we are lost together.

Playing dead we’ll get much closer.
I will feel your every breath.
We shall melt that all is frozen
And will love until the end.

We are the ones…
We are the ones tonight…

I’m with you in my dreams
Both in joy and sorrow.
Wash away all my tears
Be ready for tomorrow.

Playing dead we’ll get much closer.
I will feel your every breath.
We shall melt that all is frozen
And will love until the end.

We are the ones…
We are the ones tonight…
8. Faith Within (5:27)
So many ways that I have walked,
River of blood, where I was soaked
I feel make me going mad.
All stupid rules that I’ve once broken,
Crawling in dust getting the strokes
Know that never will come back.

Who told that the world is dead?
Don’t make all us sad.


No more suffocation and tears,
I’m about to get rid of my fears.
No way for the sorrow and doubt,
Whether to lose or win think about.
Get close to the end of your rope,
It will never complain with a dope.
Broken you will stumble and fall,
But you’ve got to be reaching your goal.

Gone into sin once may come back.
Strongly resist devil’s attack.
Only when the powers in
Fate loves the brave and kills the weak
Fortune’s a game and she is sick
You must feel your faith within

Who told that the world is dead
Don’t make all us sad

9. The Never-Ending Quest Will End (4:46)
Storyteller wrote a secret
For a child who just was born.
Darkest curse or holy blessing
What he chose I’ll never know.
Never forget those who create our fate,
Give a chance anyway.


I can fight my troubles,
I can win the battles,
I will raise my banner high
On my way into
Place back, where the rain grows,
Place, where wind blow through my face,
Where I will finally get.
Never ending quest will end.

Life is such a disappointment,
Troubles falling over me.
But the load upon my shoulder
Just a new chance to believe.
Never forget those, who create our fate,
Give a chance anyway.

10. Empire (6:22)
Open door in your tired heart
For Earth and Wind, for Water and Fire.
Try to touch the strength of them
And you’ll become the part of Empire.


Live in the harmony
With all around you,
Let your soul
Make it’s flight
And create
Your own way
Into Empire.

How to stay in our time
On way you chose? It’s difficult question.
Cause there is a lot of those
Who want to make on us their pressure.

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