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Like the Word Love on the Lips of a Harlot Full Album Lyrics

Camilla Rhodes - Like the Word Love on the Lips of a Harlot cover art

Like the Word Love on the Lips of a Harlot

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Metalcore
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Lyrics > C > Camilla Rhodes Lyrics (7) > Like the Word Love on the Lips of a Harlot Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level ― (2014-01-06)
1. Intro (0:24)
2. If Dreams Are Like Movies, Then Memories Are Like Ghosts (3:28)
Don't let this lack of air break your train of thought.
Think back to those three little words you loved to say so much.
The lullaby of your still beating heart.
Parade me through your conciousness.
Fall to your knees, no thank you's necessary.
It's just a little something from the bottom of my broken heart.
Another pair of lips and eyes.
Your just like all my friends and lovers leaving me behind.
Your crimson lips.
3. Johnny Utah's on the Case (4:33)
Deny me of this pleasure yet again, just another slit throat in the end.
This thing called loved is way overrated.
I forgot just how perfect you were with your glassy
eyed stare and pale blue skin, all tucked away in my closet.
Do you remember the time we danced the night away?
You held me so tightly didn't think that i would let go.
You always said you wanted to fly, now is your chance to show the world.
Just a question for the pretty lady.
What do you know about romance baby?
It's time that someone called your bluff.
I love how your new accessory accentuates your neck and long dark hair.
You seem to be having some trouble,
let me help you down off that chair.
4. You've Changed the Color of Autumn (To a Deeper Shade of Red) (4:40)
Is this the end of all? Or just one of those new beginnings?
Ya baby where's the irony, in leaving me with nothing.
Nothing more than a lovers tryst, nothing more than that one last kiss.
You know the one you stole from me when you said goodbye.
Sometimes burning our bridges might just be the answer to all of our problems.
These seconds we spend can't change yesterday.
Now it's over said and done.
Let's burn these paper kisses.
These are the things I never said to you.
Think back to the Friday night knife fight,
whatever happened to the good ole days?
Slit throats, siren's notes, oh and the looks you gave.
5. Good Fortune Means Nothing (5:33)
So, that the rose might never die.
A sorrow my eyes should never wish to behold,
of fourty winters past.
Love that is not love.
Your honesty, nothing more than rejection of a ruined love.
Just another love song with no more reason.
The sunset glow of your naked eye it burns a hole in
my heart like a kiss, colder than hell.
Another one scorned, another one burned.
You're all the same to me, why don't your show your face highroller.
Everything you said was a lie.
Now you all die.
Now I'm plotting where to hide your bones,
hoping that the tide will come and take them away.
Take you away.
One more touch from your fingertips, to know I'm still alive.
As my tears turn red and I bleed your ashes.
Why must the empty sky come crashing down?
6. Women and Children First (4:57)
A beauty adorned of eden's ashes, a soul stripped bare.
Why must you tear at my wings?
You are who are more beautiful when it's cold and raining.
It is the snow which brings me closer to your lips.
Now you're running away from me.
My only memory is the lipstick that stains my clothes.
Love is nothing more than my mistake.
Why are you running away from me?
Before the petals of your innocence they cloud my clarity.
7. The Endless Chain of Tedious Days (4:58)
You know that thing that you do, die, that light up my eyes.
This is not your last chance. No more pretending that
i am not a victim.
Wake up, give up, your convictions.
You gave up your convictions.
How i'd love to tell you how beautiful you look under the water.
No more honeyed words from your lips.
I choke back tears, you choke back the barrel of a gun.
Is this all you have to offer?
Just another perfect girl, in this perfect world.
Fortune seems to smile upon you, starve your eyes these tears of saddness.
Leave me to cry alone.
Here's your last kiss, the end of a summer nights embrace.
Your reflection approaches. Your wings they break the sky.
8. The New England Holiday (4:57)
Drowning in the beauty, i wish i didn't have to think
about you anymore.
These red cloth petals bleed.
I'm whispering goodnight kisses on your cheek.
Lately i can't seem to believe we are the dead.
These windows with their promises seem to change the
scenery before you fall asleep
And you'll never know, although i'll never forget your
pale face framed by dark hair.
And when it feels like rain, put the gun to your head.
And when it feels like rain, drive these nails through
my wrists.
And when it feels like rain, ask me to forgive you.
Hey baby, don't you know, i'm doing alright these days.
My blood, your hands. My hands, your throat.
I don't beleive in fairy tales any more and this glass
casket of borrowed dreams will only open old wounds
yet again.
She's nothing but porcelain underneath her skin.
Blessed are the heartless, blessed are you.
9. Lost on the Way to the Light (2:28)
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