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The Intoxicated Massacre Full Album Lyrics

Cab Ride Home - The Intoxicated Massacre cover art

The Intoxicated Massacre

GenresThrash Metal, Groove Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-07)
1. Drunk on Arrival (3:19)
Decimated, beaten to a pulp
Vicious terror, how long can you cope?
Killed another, slaughtered a few
Complete denial, ravaging pews

Your skin, now turns, a pale shade of blue
There is, nothing, more for, you to do

D.O.A.: One more and you're drunk on arrival
D.O.A.: One more, hungover tomorrow

Annihilated, skin turning blue
A spiked chalice served unto you
Salivated, tasted 80 proof
Pulverized voice box, pliered black tooth

Apocalyptic, end of your world
Ten Irish Car Bombs, you know you hurled
Alophobic, scared of another drink
Puking at the bar, pissing on the sink
2. Into Oblivion (3:54)
Started out right, it all went as planned
Fast as lightning, he ran to the can
Prize-fighter glaze starring from his eyes
Horrible tremble should come as no surprise
With just one chuck that glass sure did crash
Concrete daggers opened up a gash
Oceans of cells flowing down the street
Bathroom tiles his face did meet

Crushed, destroyed, beaten

Clear, frightened panic

A mental wasteland: Oblivion

We all cleared out, "What's that rumble for?"
And like a cop, I kicked through the door
Shards of Russian pride glistened from his nose
Covered in bile, out dumb and cold
Each grabbed a wrist, we dragged him 50 feet

And back on the bus he barfed on the seat
All had a laugh, "There's a story to tell."
But when he woke up, "Fuckin' go to hell!"
3. The Gorilla (3:25)
Rush, lust, medication
Time is unrelenting
Hardwood, grey steel bars
Drive that's never ending
Rip, tear, intoxication
Music revelation
Thumping, beat and bruised
Voiding intimidation

Breaking barricades, they will fall
Stampeding, answer the call

Denim, 'nets to see
Fashion atrocity
Never questioned twice
Bury apathy
White knuckles, put 'em up
Daggers, left and right
Saluting Dio, we pump

Nihilist, cynical
Reaching for that pinnacle
Cynical, nihilist
An urge you just can't resist
4. Bloodshot Memories (8:04)
From outside the play, walls fall by
Piercing time, we're all astray
Reflections dear, delight distraughts
Encompassing life, leading the way
Isn't it fun to see what you've become?
Staggering stumble, drifting sideways
Little did you know, beginning of the end
From what is done, fearing all sums
Panic and strife cuts like the knife
Bestowed by grace, personal rapture
Destitute, loathing all bounds

Inspiration crumbles, spiraling crown
ding fears from the conquered temple
Bloodshot tears, your final embrace
It's self-induced, could have prevented
Horror and pain, take you away
Sure you'll laugh, this seems like forever
But never again, asphyxiation
All your dreams gone and buried
Carry your throne to the cemetery
Scorching mess, a hurricane of distress
An S.O.S., sever my soul
Inquisition scene, curtains closing
One more attempt, it'll haunt you yet
Where will you go? They remember
Escaping the past, satisfaction to follow
Silencing shrills, cardiac sorrow
Chime the bells, toll the irons
Laid to waste, glorified malice

Hear the specters behold your name
Bloodshot memories, your fading dreams
Phantom devour your curdling screams
Bloodshot memories, your fading dreams

Wasted life draining, energies are arising
Forging ways on this day from the
Bloodshot, bloodshot

Breeding my rage, nocuous wonder
Treading that path, pull us under
Where will I fall, a flight eternal
Carnivorous kill, divine inferno

Life is but a series of moments
The good ones we remember
The bad ones we never forget
5. Bullets and Pepperoni (5:13)
Rough terrain, valley of shells
A Hum-through visit scorching by Hell
Deliveries aren't what we're in for
But we see more pain than your local drug store
Rising dough brings a grin to the baker
Have one bite and you'll meet your maker
Anchovies should be illegal
Like breaking a butter machine at Regal

The hunt is on, you're at Arnie's
Toxic tonic, devour disease
The hunt is on, you're at Arnie's
Shrapnel shreddings, devour bullets and pepperoni

Cyanide splicing strychnine
Chemically altered bum wine
Silence from the explosion
Spontaneous combustion

Take an order and have a seat
Hope you like the taste of concrete
Mixed with lead it smells just great
So slap that shit down on your plate
Order's up, you've just been called
Blood for sauce, something is mauled
Scarf it down or we're on your case
Delivering to you a punch in the face

Serving size of nine millimeters
Blood is measured in deciliters
Serving size of nine millimeters
In aluminum containers

You better leave room for my fist
Because I'm going to ram into your stomach
This is Arnie's pizzeria
6. Retox (3:42)
Fall out of the bed in the morning hour
Sun hits my dead eyes and I cannot see
Reaching for a handle to pull myself up now
All I can find is an old captain's arm
Taking a swig here and I can't remember
What the hell happened this brutal night
All I am craving is another brewsky
My liver cries out, it's in agony

Yeah, in the retox
It all cycles over
Heading back to the bars
We will drink again

Black migraine pounding, pushing through my temples
BAC level is approaching 10
Alcohol poison through decrepit veins
But this cab keeps rolling, oh yeah, life's insane
Another crazed tantrum, rowdy cons are running
Free and Escape from a prison cunning
Sirens outside like a ringing bell
I grab another beer, my escape from hell

Raise 'em up!
Retox, retox, retox
Get drunk
7. One Last Round (6:56)
Pull up a stool, throw back a shot
A toast to your name and the freedom you brought
Take us back to a time we shared
I thought to myself of these memories I bear

Callous-hidden scars on the blind can see
How this stool over here is always empty to me
But I hold my head up high
Ensuring that your memory survives
Like clouded ale and grain
If only to cheer pints again
Before that 2 o'clock bell
Come on down!
Hey bartender

One last round
A toast to your name
It's never the same
Scream through the sound
One last round
A toast to your name
It's never the same
Hey, bartender!
One last round
So come on down
All gather round
Shout through the crowd
One last round
A toast to your name
It's never the same

Hey, bartender!
Oh, bartender!
I said, bartender!
Bring us one, last
One last round

Crooked grins and mischievous sins
A smile along for the ride
Growing up, somehow cut short
More than explanations denied
Gravel, dirt, dust and debris
All of them are casting their shadows
Here now lies a marble memorial
To our one and only siren eternal

One last round
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