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CountryUnited States
FormedJanuary 1994, Marikina, Philippines
DisbandedDecember 1999
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsDevoured Records
Years active1994-1999

Line-up (members)

  • John : Vocals
  • Jessie : Guitars
  • Brian(Rip) : Guitars
  • Myth : Guitars, Bass
  • Jhurich : Bass Guitar
  • Joph : Drums
  • JC : Guitars

Former members

  • Paul : Guitars
  • Jun : Guitars

Touring members

  • Filipino Death Metal : Pinoy Death Metal
  • Death Metal Philippines : Death Metal Marikina
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Disinterment Discography

AlbumLyrics TypeRelease dateRatingVotesReviews
Disinterment - Demoniacal DispelAlbum-00
Disinterment - Domination DefiedAlbum-00
Additional notes
May 21, 2007

"Absolutely violent and ruthless tracks with furious and haunting riffs, pummeled with hard blasts and rammed with ferociously fathomless growls..."

‘Defiled Covenant’ was unleashed in 2003-2007, hauling it to the shores of New York, Florida and California with a special physical album release. Although the band have since gone with two more releases under Devoured Records, with ‘Demoniacal Dispel’ and ‘Domination Defied’ receiving physical releases stateside in 2004-2008, it's ‘Defiled Covenant’ that has really become a trademark of the band’s sound.

Originally written and composed throughout the late 1990's, the album wasn't recorded until 1999-2001. Built on eight tracks of solid and unrelenting death metal intensity, ‘Defiled Covenant’ howls and breaks free the chains of its genre. With song titles like 'Desecrated Remnants' and 'Desolate Damnation', they are darkly melodic and strangely calming in a spawning hellfire kind of way. Ruthless in its composition and surgically violent in its delivery, the album has a way of beating you into outright submission. 'Defiled Covenant' takes us musically on a fast paced, sightseeing tour of the 'Domain of the Damned'. It is just a very solid release, featured cover art of the highest caliber.

Disinterment Band Discography (Sourced from Wikipedia):
• Defiled Covenant: Written and composed in 1997-1998 by Disinterment; Tracks in the album are DisIntro, Despoiled Dominion (Bonus Track Version), Divine Retribution, Dawn of Abomination, Desecrated Remnants, Diluvian Crescent, Desolate Damnation and Dark Enthrallment.

• Demoniacal Dispel: Written and composed in 1998-1999 by Disinterment; Tracks in the album are Depredated Daemons, Dispossessed, Dakilang Tribulasyon / Delubyong Propesiya, Demoniacal Dispel, Desouled Execution and Domain Of The Damned.

• Domination Defied: Written and composed in 1999-2000 by Disinterment; Tracks in the album are DisIntro ll, Decapitating The Devourer, Domination Defied, Devotional Immolation, Dreadful Insurrection, Decimated Descendants and Deceptive Indoctrination.

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