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United States

 (United States of America)
CapitalWashington, D.C.
Area9,857,306 k㎡ (3rd)
Population322,369,319 (3rd)
GDP$17,947,000 million (1st)
United States
8,708 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a MemoryLyricsProgressive MetalUnited States821,861143
Rust in PeaceLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed MetalUnited States511,43382
Ride the LightningLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States1271,981125
Reign in BloodLyricsThrash Metal, Speed MetalUnited States4884352
The Black HaloLyricsPower Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States3060561
SymbolicLyricsDeath Metal, Technical Death Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States5339127
The LegacyLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States3547023
V: The New Mythology SuiteLyricsProgressive Metal, Power Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States1435434
Vulgar Display of PowerLyricsGroove Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States3841315
TortureLyricsDeath Metal, Brutal Death MetalUnited States3739827
Appetite for DestructionLyricsHard Rock, Glam MetalUnited States2131924
LegionLyricsDeath MetalUnited States2530321
Ashes of the WakeLyricsGroove Metal, MetalcoreUnited States3832124
ColorsLyricsProgressive Metal, MetalcoreUnited States2227232
Brutal PlanetLyricsHard Rock, Glam Rock, Psychedelic RockUnited States3826422
Screaming SymphonyLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States1531134
SlipknotLyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, MetalcoreUnited States3640914
AscendancyLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States3029220
IronboundLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3726011
Slippery When WetLyricsHard Rock, Glam Metal, Pop RockUnited States7229532
Terminal ReduxLyricsTechnical Thrash Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States132158
Holy DiverLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States3323827
Gutter BalletLyricsHeavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Hard RockUnited States2022345
Among the LivingLyricsThrash Metal, Speed Metal, Groove MetalUnited States6024315
Operation: MindcrimeLyricsHeavy Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States3031127
Bonded by BloodLyricsThrash Metal, Groove MetalUnited States3423811
Slave to the GrindLyricsHard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam MetalUnited States3522021
Dr. FeelgoodLyricsGlam Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States3922126
Cause of DeathLyricsDeath MetalUnited States2419912
Toys in the AtticLyricsHard Rock, Blues Rock, Pop RockUnited States6319732
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Artists : 39,830
Reviews : 9,582
Albums : 144,631
Lyrics : 194,056