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Catasexual Urge Motivation - Nekronicle


GenresDeath Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind
LabelsRazorback Recordings
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Rating :  65 / 100
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Nekronicle Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Vivid Stains of Hematomania's Delirium '94 (remastered)3:45-0
2.Sonic Hate Spleen Rupture3:19-0
3.Hate From the Womb3:02-0
4.Vivid Stains of Hematomania's Delirium4:01-0
5.Never Spend My Time in Wholesome1:55-0
6.To Kill, and Kill Again2:41-0
7.I Am as Beautiful as I Have Killed4:05-0
8.Mass Murder, the Only Way to Become God2:23-0
9.Bleeding for Spermqueen4:01-0
10.Sexual Terrorist1:18-0
11.Fucked by a Priest, Part 2 (Slough cover)2:09-0
12.Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation4:34-0
13.Homicidal Patterns: Organized / Disorganized3:34-0
14.Their Eyes Were Watching the Knife in My Hand3:18-0
15.Philosophical Diary of a Habitual Murderer3:12-0
16.World Record 222 Mass Murder a Day1:13-0
17.Boneyard (Impetigo cover, '96 version)2:29-0
18.Addicted to Mutilating and Murdering Itself0:50-0
19.Where There's Killing, There's My Way1:57-0
20.Murder: It's a Proof of One's Conscience and a Necessary Evil Most Necessarily2:12-0
21.It's a Pure Fuckin' Hatred! Showcase of Cruelty and Bloodshed2:12-0
22.Rape and Slaughter Like an American Murderer1:09-0
23.Campaign for Legalize Murder (New version)2:48-0
24.The Legacy of a Serial Killer Lives on Forever Due to Their Uncanny Ability to Capture the Interest of the Worlds Spectators Through the Extreme Quality, Quantity, Method and Results of Their Actions2:37-0
25.After Beating Unconscious in a Deserted Street, I Bind Her Hands and Feet With Wire, Duct Tapes on Her Mouth and Places a Burlap Sack Over Her Head2:54-0
26.Whore Is Beautiful Like a God, and God Is Voluptuos Like a Whore1:43-0
1: Catharsis (Demo, 1994)
2–6: Rape Trauma Syndrome (Demo, 1995)
7–8: Necrophallus (Split 7" with Squash Bowels, 1996)
9–11: Ritual Rape Mutilation (Split 7" with Slough, 1996)
12–20: Demo #2 (Split tape with Goropsy, 1996)
21–22: Hungry Urinary Urn (4-band split 7", 1997)
23: Extremist Records Compilation Vol. 2 (1997)
24: Shadows of Michelangelo Magazine Compilation (1997)
25: ... See More

Nekronicle Comments

level 19   65/100
정규작이랑 별반 다를바 없다. 다만 이 앨범은 좀 지루했다.

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