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Tank - The Filth Hounds Of Hades - Dogs Of War 1981-2002

The Filth Hounds Of Hades - Dogs Of War 1981-2002

TypeBoxed set
GenresNWOBHM, Heavy Metal
LabelsMetal Mind Productions
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Tank - The Filth Hounds Of Hades - Dogs Of War 1981-2002 CD Photo by 댄직
The Filth Hounds Of Hades - Dogs Of War 1981-2002 Information

Track listing (Songs)

Disc 1 "Filth Hounds of Hades"
2.Struck By Lightning-0
3.Run Like Hell-0
4.Blood, Guts & Beer-0
5.T. W. D. A. M. O-0
6.Turn Your Head Around-0
7.Heavy Artillery-0
8.Who Needs Love Songs-0
9.Filth Hounds Of Hades-0
10.(He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper-0
Bonus Tracks:
11.Don't Walk Away-0
13.Hammer On (Different To Album Version)-0
14.Don't Walk Away (Live)-0
15.The Snake-0
16.(He Feel In Love With A ) Stormtrooper (Live)-0
17.Blood, Guts And Beer (Live)-0
18.Steppin' On A Landmine-0
Disc 2 "Power of the Hunter"
1.Walking Barefoot Over Glass-0
2.Pure Hatred-0
3.Biting And Scratching-0
4.Some Came Running-0
5.T. A. N. K.-0
6.Used Leather (Hanging Loose)-0
7.Crazy Horses-0
8.Set Your Back On Fire-0
9.Red Skull Rock-0
10.Power Of Hunter-0
Bonus Tracks:
11.Crazy Horses-0
12.Filth Bitch Boogie-0
Disc 3 "This Means War"
1.Just Like Something From Hell-0
2.Hot Lead Cold Steel-0
3.This Means War-0
4.Laughing In The Face Of Death-0
5.If We Go (We Go Down Fighting)-0
6.I (Won't Ever Let You Down)-0
7.Echoes Of A Distant Battle-0
Bonus Tracks:
8.The Man Who Never Was-0
Disc 4 "Honour & Blood"
1.The War Drags Ever On-0
2.When All Hell Freezes Over-0
3.Honour And Blood-0
4.Chain Of Fools-0
5.W. M. L. A.-0
6.Too Tired To Wait For Love-0
Bonus Track:
8.The Man Who Never Was-0
Disc 5 "Tank"
1.Reign Of Thunder-0
2.March On, Sons Of Nippon-0
3.With Your Life-0
4.None But The Brave-0
5.The Enemy Below-0
7.(The Hell They Must) Suffer-0
8.It Fell From The Sky-0
Disc 6 "Return of the Filth Hounds Live"
1.This Means War-0
2.Echoes Of A Distant Battle-0
3.T. W. D. A. M. O.-0
4.And Then We Heard The Thunder-0
5.Don't Walk Away-0
6.Honour And Blood-0
7.Power Of The Hunter-0
Bonus Track:
9.In The Last Hours Before Dawn-0
10.And Then We Heard The Thunder-0
Disc 7 "War of Attrition Live 1981"
2.Steepin' On A Landmine-0
3.Blood, Guts And Beer-0
4.Run Like Hell-0
5.Don't Walk Away-0
6.Filth Hounds Of Hades-0
8.The Snake-0
Bonus Track:
9.Shellshock (Demo)-0
10.Run Like Hell (Demo)-0
11.Blood, Guts And Beer (Demo)-0
12.Hammer On (Radio Session)-0
13.Don't Walk Away (Radio Session)-0
14.Heavy Artillery (Radio Session)-0
15.T. W. D. A. M. O. (Live At Parkpop, Holland 6-4-82)-0
16.Blood, Guts And Beer (Live At Parkpop, Holland 6-4-82)-0
17.Too Tired To Wait For Love (Demo)-0
18.Man Who Never Was (Demo)-0
Disc 8 "Still at War"
1.Still At War-0
2.T. G. N. I. D.-0
3.Light The Fire (Watch'em Burn)-0
4.The World Awaits-0
5.And Then We Heard The Thunder-0
6.In The Last Hours Before Dawn-0
7.Conspiracy Of Hate-0
8.When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted-0
9.Return Of The Filth Hounds-0
10.The Blood's Still On Their Hands-0
11.The Fear Inside-0
Bonus Tracks:
12.C-Ing Dub-All-0
13.Still At War (Single Mix)-0
Disc 9 "Live Bootleg DVD"
1.Walking Barefoot Over Glass-0
2.Some Came Running-0
3.Crazy Horses-0
4.Used Leather-0
5.Power Of The Hunter-0
6.Filth Bitch Boogie-0
[Filmed in Birmingham, England, 1981]
Bonus Tracks:
7.(He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper (Bristol, 1981)-0
8.That's What Dreams Are Made Of (Boston, 1985)-0
9.Hammer On (Boston, 1985)-0
10.Echoes Of A Distant Battle (Wacken Open Air, 1997)-0
11.That's What Dreams Are Made Of (Wacken Open Air, 1997)-0
8CD + 1DVD or 6 LP editions available.

Live albums only appear in 9CD version.

All CDs were remastered using 24-bit process and feature rare bonus tracks. Both editions will also contain an extensive 60 page booklet covering Tank's biography, discography, lyrics to all songs and a selection of archive photos. The booklet contains incorrect lyrics.

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