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Heavy Metal

Stylistic originsBlues Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Cultural originsLate 1960s, United Kingdom and United States
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Rust in PeaceLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed MetalUnited States541,59391
PainkillerLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom1131,484117
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part IILyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany741,456120
Ride the LightningLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States1292,100129
The Number of the BeastLyricsHeavy Metal, NWOBHMUnited Kingdom1111,103101
ParanoidLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard Rock, Doom MetalUnited Kingdom5980376
Land of the FreeLyricsPower Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy MetalGermany3963853
Rising ForceLyricsNeoclassical Metal, Heavy MetalSweden4462440
Machine HeadLyricsHard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues RockUnited Kingdom12148927
The LegacyLyricsThrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States3551324
Blizzard of OzzLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom3449233
ParadoxLyricsProgressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Symphonic MetalDenmark3340941
Vulgar Display of PowerLyricsGroove Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States3843015
MandrakeLyricsPower Metal, Heavy MetalGermany2642341
A Blaze in the Northern SkyLyricsBlack Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed MetalNorway3642120
Love at First StingLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard Rock, Pop RockGermany7234222
Screaming SymphonyLyricsHeavy Metal, Neoclassical MetalUnited States1632434
Blue BloodLyricsVisual Kei, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Power MetalJapan6432717
Ritchie Blackmore's RainbowLyricsHard Rock, Heavy Metal, AORUnited Kingdom2525918
AscendancyLyricsMelodic Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Heavy MetalUnited States3129721
Strings to a WebLyricsHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Power MetalGermany5528522
Holy DiverLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States3525927
Gutter BalletLyricsHeavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Hard RockUnited States2024346
Operation: MindcrimeLyricsHeavy Metal, Progressive MetalUnited States3234627
UnbreakableLyricsHeavy Metal, Power MetalGermany2725934
Slave to the GrindLyricsHard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam MetalUnited States3723822
Alive in AthensLyricsHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States3824929
Dr. FeelgoodLyricsGlam Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States4123427
Metal HeartLyricsHeavy Metal, Hard RockGermany3021111
To Hell with the DevilLyricsHard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Christian RockUnited States2421531
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Artists : 42,700
Reviews : 9,981
Albums : 153,555
Lyrics : 198,767