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Arachnes - Apocalypse CD Photo
Arachnes - Apocalypse CD Photo
preview  Arachnes  –  preview  Apocalypse (2002)
Format : CD
June 6, 2021
Arachnes - Apocalypse
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Album (2002)
TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
LabelsScarlet Records
1. The Concept Of Time And Space (0:34)
2. Decisive Battle (2:08)
3. Apocalypse (4:29)
4. Prayer (Part 1) (1:22
5. Prayer (Part 2) (3:43)
6. My Destiny (4:14)
7. A New Breathing (3:43)
8. Decisive Battle (reprise) (1:57)
9. Tango (3:27)
10. The Rain Song (4:44)
11. Forever (3:49)
12. The Blade Of My Brain (3:43)
13. The Dreamer (4:13)
14. The Power Of God (3:57)
15. Realm Of Spirits (4:04)
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Arachnes - Apocalypse CD Photo
Arachnes - Apocalypse CD Photo
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