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Trophies Collector Lyrics

Phlebotomy - The Erosion of Deranged Mind

The Erosion of Deranged Mind

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore
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4. Trophies Collector
In the darkest world that full with cruel and hate.
(I've been) Captured by demonic hunger for the human pain.
The wrath from inside grows and submit the fate.
The masquerade of blood ... Chaos reveals the secrets of my brain.

Born like man I embodied into beast.
With the heart so black like a bottomless abyss.
Psychotic hysteria ... The symptoms of the paranoid.
Driving by blood - the inner conflict - grave of the mind...

The waves of murder grow with every day.
Undetective crimes are thrilling with deformed preys.
Decapitated corpses lying rot in macabre state.
...... Unburied ......

Day after day the body count is faster growing.
A serial killer brings the death and desecrates the soul.
Emperor in a land of everlasting blood-flow.
...... Carnage of masses......
Unstoppable crimes of twisted act of human-hunt.
The blood is spilling all around - The ecstasy comes fast.
Surrounded by gore and flesh I'm satisfying the lust.
...... Death and passion ......

Cryptic slaughter in the house of endless pain.
The victims dry at hooks - Blood is spilling like a rain.
The ruthless butchery of living human beings.
With the brutal methods of necropsy of the weak.

Bleeding carcass is beats on the cross.
Drops of blood echoing in every cells of brain.
Headless body .....
Pulverized away ......
Splattered brains ......
Body slow decay ......
Dismemberment ......
Complete annihilation ......
Brutal act of death through the suffocation.
Chest is rip ......
Head is chop ......
Entrails putrefied ......
Nothing left behind ......

My trophies are decorating the valley of the death.
The art of endless suffers and passage of the agony.
The gallery of autopsy filled with stench of final breath.
Subconsciousness of killer - Bloodshed is endlessly.

Brutalized victim is dead - No one stop this kill.
A butchery of human meat - That's the maniac's will.
The rise of terror and storm of blood is what I feel.
...... Hunter instincts ......
Baptize the hollow corpses with the flames of fire.
Skinless skull and headless flesh burning in the pyre.
The killing impulse is blood-lusting desire.
...... Trophies collector ......
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Phlebotomy - The Erosion of Deranged Mind
The Erosion of Deranged Mind - Lyrics
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