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Dreams of Murder Lyrics

Phlebotomy - The Erosion of Deranged Mind

The Erosion of Deranged Mind

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore
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7. Dreams of Murder
Screams ... The only what I hear it's a screams
Of my victims that choking in own blood.
Knife ... Cut off the neck - Prays for mercy go unheard.
And my thirst for killing is complete satisfied.

Dreams of murder (is follow me).

Torrent of my thoughts is uncontrolled.
Dormant brain produce that never was.
Violent dreams - games of subconsciousness.
Bloody carnage embraced my deep-sleeping mind.
The taste of blood is on my lips.
My body beats in convulsive fits
A dream of crimes is my recollection.
Brutal acts of death in state of affection.

I bring decease to the living beings.
My unnatural appetite to evisceration.
Body disconnection after the ceremony of...

Flagellation ... Is what I see in state of dormancy
When my mind play ruthless tricks with me.
Blood ... The blood is spilling all around
And if I not to kill - the peace is never found.

Dreams of murder (that poisoned me).

Searching ... Next victim run away from me.
My eyes are full of violence and desire of the kill.
Trapped in a corner - human prey cry out in despair.
Your death is near - just close your eyes - no time to tears.
Prepare to meet your death - standing on a knees.
Taking my stab-wound orgasm - it's what I want to give.
And if I never play this game I go insane.
'cause all what I want it's satisfy my brain.

To satisfy my cracked brain
With everlasting streams of infinite pain.

I suffocate my victims and chopping off the head.
Skin alive the body - regurgitate the flesh.
Severed limbs of carcass - mangled torso rot away.
Oozing blood and purulent guts - the dour of decay.

Upcoming orgasm in euphoric state.
Kill and slaughter is my morbid fate.
The endless butchery is all I need.
To satisfy the nightmare that I ever-never keep.

Dreams of murder (is surrounding me).
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Phlebotomy - The Erosion of Deranged Mind
The Erosion of Deranged Mind - Lyrics
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