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Gates of War Lyrics

Heimdall - Aeneid


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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8. Gates of War (5:03)
Gates of War Lyrics
Reassured by this vision and the words of his father, Aeneas landed
near the Tiber’s mouth in Latium and, on the basis of the signs that
had been foretold, he recognized the promised land…

He made a pact with the king of the Latins, Latinus, to guarantee the
safe and peaceful future of both peoples. To celebrate this alliance,
he offered Aeneas his daughter Lavinia in marriage… but goddess
June burled her wrath against the sacred pact, stirring up discord and

First of all, she infected Queen Amata, Latinus’ wife, with resentment
at her husband’s decision. Secondly, she sent the Fury Allecto, the
demon of discord, to stir up the king of Rutulians, Turnus, who was
betrothed to Latinus’ daughter. The sacred pact was broken and the
dynastic marriage, arranged between Aeneas and Lavinia, was called
off… the gates of war were thrown open while Latinus couldn’t do
anything to avoid it.

So, a powerful coalition of Latin peoples marched on the Trojan camp,
including the tyrant Mezentius and the Volscian warrior-maiden Camilla.
The biggest army never seen from the times of Achilles and Hector…

***Gates of War (Muster of the Italian Forces)***

On the plain – look
to the sunshine burns
The shadow of mars returns
His altars arise
Here it comes – the time
to be brave is at hand
Shields, lances and swords
Twirl high in the air

Now the gates of war
are forced by the Queen
Come down from the holy skies

Day after day, remember this time
They are marching on to blood and tears
Day after day, remember this time
For the glory and life after death

Holy muse, may my chant celebrate
of these and ancient times
the heroes and kings
May I sing – keepers of memories
the greatest war never see
from Troy’s times

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Heimdall - Aeneid
Aeneid - Album Credits
  • Nicolas Calluori : Drums
  • Fabio Calluori : Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Carmelo Claps : Guitars
  • Umberto Parisi : Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Gandolfo Ferro : Vocals
  • Daniele Pastore : Bass
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