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Undying - The Whispered Lies of Angels cover art

The Whispered Lies of Angels

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Metalcore
LabelsGoodlife Recordings
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The Whispered Lies of Angels Lyrics

Submitted by level Rousseau (2016-08-12)
1. Echoes (4:18)
echoes of mesopotamia
a whispered disease that left us on knees too weak to stand
upon this empire nature's purity revealed
wave the sword of science, keep the truth concealed

we are the ten thousand year reich - with us let it end
to the sands of time that lent destruction a hand
let harmful ways amend
for the path has been chosen, the damage is done
but our culture continues its course

sip poisoned wine from the chalice of one culture's way
down the highways of progress we've paved
crosses stand erect where death won the day
and we prayed our mortal souls to save

when one does not see what one does not see
one does not even see one is blind

do we choose to close our eyes
or is it the veil is so stained
by the treasons of our humanity
that we're helpless of knowing new ways?

a tender hush lulls us to sleep
our hope lies s hattered like broken glass
march upon hollow dreams
take me back to an unseen past,
and cleanse our minds wrecked by time

listen, can you hear them?
it's such comfort knowing they are there
looking over our every move,
and guiding us in the right direction
without them what would we be
but lost souls trapped in an untamed jungle?
what would we be
but a species undeserving of our proper place?
without this civilization
our way of thinking, our way of life,
what would we be?
what kind of lives would we be living?
what would we do and where would our paths take us
without the whispered lies of angels...

death to the wisdom of the ancients
five hundred generations - now it seems we are forever lost
like priests cloaked in dominion's robes
cut up, control, shape this world in a better way
you've staked your claim so dance in the flames...

...while we fight to write our names.
on the walls of this world goi ng down
what are we fighting for? whose world are you fighting for?
if ours is the voice that knows only silence
then to whom should we turn for recourse?
2. Tears Seven Times Salt (1:11)
3. The Company of Storms (3:33)
you told me the sun would always rise
and if it shouldn't shine have faith
'cause one day that great burning star's light
one once again dance across my face

I heard the roar of the parting seas
and the mourning of a blackened sun
I saw the last flower wither away
when our flesh turned to stone
I felt the frigid blood in my veins grow still
like winter's paralyzed streams
as the soil beneath our feet gave way
to iron and asphalt dreams

when nighttime stars flicker with grief and despair
and dusk threatens senses too dazed to stay clear
their heavens will beckon,
and angels will whisper my name
wings of scarlet hue, their truth soaked in blood
on wounded knees I've crawled
through the nameless streets of this world I love

my heart is heavy with burden
I'm feeling empty inside
so fill me up and give me a taste of life

give me a place to hide, mother
offer me your caress and let it last forever
let me cry in your arms
let me die in your embrace

my hands have held your paradise
your heavens blazed
from upon the highest hills,
my lonely and wanting eyes did gaze
for I was in love with life and this world
but they tried to take that from me
if this is the reward of the harvest
then I gladly give you my share
4. Fallen Grace (3:04)
there is a place in hell for you
for each minute suffered, for each day survived
paradise lost to heavens and hells
have we emerged as that fallen grace?
as adam who casts the first stone
as eve who is first raped

sister rise up to take your place
shatter our hearts - rearrange us as one
so I may know beauty as well as hate
sister rise up to take your place

...and she writhes in tear-stained sheets
through fevered nightmares and whispered screams
gifts of filth from a heaven divine
revealer of secrets and bringer of lies

as silently death is companion
through each breath of death she takes
hers is an anguish he can never know or understand
under the shelter of his heaven we dance
and await the violations his angels bring
in this world that is hell

sister rise up to take your place
shatter our hearts - rearrange us as one
so I may know beauty as well as hate
sister rise up to take your place

shatter our hearts and rearrange us as one
have we emerged as that fallen grace?

for she who is lost
for she who is shamed
for she who the world looks black
wonder not whose heaven crushes you
when sin and slavery is all that is offered you
5. The Coming Dark Age (4:07)
I try to imagine a time when things weren't this way
but years have come and gone with the seasons
and for better or worse this is how it is

is this the price we must pay?

oh how we revere our mountains of concrete and steel
across every nation a decaying metropolis burns
our way of life bought and stolen with blood sweat and tears
and the machine keeps pressing on

our assault on the earth has taken its toll
now devastation lies behind our sorrow
the undying screams of tortured souls
shall forever possess tomorrow

within this darkened globe of mounting terror
on the eve of destruction where despair is life
the reigns of ignorance plummet us towards calamity
unseen is the coming strife

as this world disappears we stand on the outside looking in
we've tried so hard to move the moon and touch the stars
and now we swim in tainted oceans of a better day

across fields of yesterday the specters of the past
loom ahead - taunting voices long devoid of breath
they watch us follow in their stead
take a hopeless glance into the future do we stand a chance?

I awake from a dream to be hurled into this nightmare
and I long to return to sleep
cause everyday I rise to a crimson sky
she sheds her gentle tears on me
but each drop cuts like a knife
and the bruises and scars will never subside
each passing day our brutality grows stronger
each passing day means the pain's lasted longer

and I can feel the pain
and I can feel her pain
what will become of this world - devastation tomorrow?
hold on for one more day
6. Born Again (3:35)
where the footsteps of one culture tread
the righteous still sing
as we march to the tune of "humanity's" hymn
a restless night awaits the dawn of a silent spring
our mythos and this way of life
have led us astray - disconnected
we've stepped outside the circle and into the reign

for they so loathe the world
children search for heavenly bliss
and abandon this sacred earth
damnation - the chance I am willing to take
for life everlasting I return to the womb

day by day - from birth
page by page - the script we enact
to an unsound story of conquest and glory
by a culture about to collapse
blood flows from the fountains
of bondage and brutality
(this captive earth to flood)

as one whom the mother caresseth
so will I comfort you

through every waking moment
the pleading whispers of mother culture
are spoken softly in my ears
begging me to turn my back
instead I shun her lies
with the truth of a newfound worldview
I'm deaf to salvati on's cry

for they so loathe the world
children search for heavenly bliss
and abandon this sacred earth
damnation - the chance I am willing to take
for life everlasting I return to the womb

my blood for her blood, my breath for her breath
back into her arms, to the place we belong
mother culture reborn and I again to the earth
to break the chains, to give freedom a name
and put the life back in living
7. A Desert in the Heart (3:03)
lost- he's surely lost now
when he tries to strip himself of a past
that keeps holding on
so many times before I've tried to let go
to peel off deception's mask
but hid my fears behind walls of sorrow
and like a cold, bitter chill one cannot shake
disillusionment sits by my side
(so in her I must confide)

she tells me dark secrets and grim tales of regrets
she tells me:

love is not lost, it dies like all thi ngs do
buried in the backyard where a lone dove cries

alone - no one to share her days with
she chokes on the stale dry air of memories
she chokes on the words she says to no one at night
and whispers her questions to the walls
and drifts to sleep
no one there to share her dreams

and oh how it hurts to see tears fall from her eyes

into the desert some are sent to starve
weary and weak they make their way home
and though our tired hearts will bear the scars
let us find who we are

buried in the night's shadows
I await the dawn of a new day
hold my hand, come with me
to the skies let us shout battle hymns
lust and love waging war to the very end
let us stomp on heavens below
let us not be afraid (for life wears a new face)

love is not lost, it dies like all things do
buried in the backyard where a lone dove cries
and waits for broken wings to heal...to fly again someday
8. Formal Absences of Precious Things (1:23)
9. Of Masks and Martyrs (2:51)
as we bleed you feast on what is left
of waking nightmares, prayers best left unsaid
sinking inside of the beasts we shall be
feeling desires buried, dreams best left to sleep
suffer the absence of beauty to know
years beaten down, passions unknown

the bitterest ashes are the souls unwept tears
walls of your heaven and pit of your fears

the heavens will fall and stars rain down
on the backs of the broken
upon those whose beauty is spit upon
whose desire you shit upon
if this is what your life will take from me
if this is what your world will make of me

these words which we cannot speak
for the fallen are lost through the absence of dreams
in skies that are ever bright we cast wishes into the darkness
for the stench of your heaven clings to me
and the stars weep for my shame
this long, dark age has given us but faded memory

-and all the words we will not write
-and all the dreams that die tonight
-and all the love in hearts grown cold
-and all the beauty never known

as heavens winds are rancid sweet
as angels breath of carrion reek
suffer the children as they will dream
as empty souls breed worthless ends
as bitter hands stroke passions spent
hearts burned to black with the fires of prayers for the end

and the stars weep for my shame
this long, dark age has given us the faded memory
of passions spent - give me breath to face another day
if this is what your life will take from me
if this is what your world will make of me

if this is what the world has made of me
then let it live with the consequences
10. (Silence) (0:06)
11. (Silence) (0:06)
12. (Silence) (0:06)
13. The Cry of Mankind (My Dying Bride cover) (7:05)
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