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Tokyo Blade - Burning Down Paradise cover art

Burning Down Paradise

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresNWOBHM, Heavy Metal
LabelsFresh Fruit
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Burning Down Paradise Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-06-19)
1. Burning Down Paradise (5:29)
Do you believe in God in heaven
Do you believe or have you lost the faith
Did you ever try getting blood from a stone
No-one hears you scream when your standing alone
Nothin else to give, we´re killin ourselves to live
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
All the young dudes with serious attitudes
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
I want what´s yours and you want what´s mine
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
Little of what is said makes sense inside my head,
It´s a crime and we´re wating time

Burning down Paradise
Like taking matches and gasoline and placing
it in a child´s hand
Burning down Paradise
Is it too late (too late)
Burn, we´re burning Paradise

Man with a gun talks about revolution
Do you really believe that it´s a solution
Does it make you laugh when you hear them lying
Do you cry like a child ´cus you´re scared of dying
He´s the king of the alley, his queen´s the gutter cat
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
Man bleeding in the rain, we ain´t got time to feel his pain
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
There´s a man with a grin, says he´s free from sin
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
we´re sliding into mud, man I´ve had enough
It´s a crime and we´re wasting time
2. Friend in Need (5:28)
What the hell do you want from me
There ain't no way I'm gonna fall for all that bull no more
You're the hot shot spider with the mirror shades
I'm the fly who doubles for a sucker
Not this time, there's the door

Oh oh here comes the pain again
Oh oh trapped on my own again
Oh oh c'est la vie Mr. nice guy
Oh oh oh no

(A friend in need, a friend in need)
You'll be my friend, a friend indeed
A friend in need
Is a pain in the ass

Hey I think I've been down this way before
I can read you like an open book
In for a penny and a whole lot more
Everybody's got two faces
How can I be sure
Here I go again, another fuckin' hustle
Not here, not now, there's the door

Don't want you round here no more
No all for one, no one for all
Told you loud and clear, the exit is there
Don't come round here no more, no more
3. Flashpoint Serenade (6:01)
School days, well she ain't no little kid yellin' back at mamma
Daddy knows he's got a situation
Now he sits and prays that it's just infatuation

Stuck in class, the lesson's begun
Her mind is on the night before when she had fun
She says hey, no way, you know what it's like to be young
Learning with the boys she plays a dangerous game
Shooting a line, well there ain't no shame
I say hey, who the hell are you gonna blame

Sneaking down the alleyways
Running down the track
Can't pay the ransom
Get off my back

Hey hey teacher take a hundred lines
You've been a naughty boy
Hey hey, teacher, what's that you were doing after school?!

Flashpoint serenade
Young and wild, going off the rails tonight
Flashpoint serenade
Who said youth is wasted on the young

Blue eyed boy thinks he's got it made
Daddy says you've got to work, you've got to make the grades
I say hey what a price he has to pay
He don't give a damn, says nobody understands
Screw the homework, I've made bigger plans
I say hey, no way, kick his ass in line

Don't give a damn
But you've gotta have money
This shit ain't funny
No land of milk and honey


Trapped in this red brick jungle, this kid's in trouble
Can't point the finger and say who's to blame
Go out with guns a-blazing, self made situation
Me and the boys have got a late night assignation
Oh yeah, gonna kick some ass
Flashpoint serenade, flashpoint serenade
Flashpoint serenade, flashpoint serenade

4. Kickback (5:14)
My head is spinning, my ears keep ringing
What is it all about (ain't that a bitch)
It ain't no party, I'm so screwed up
I don't know who to blame (ain't that a bitch)
It's Monday morning, I'm pissed with work
I got the downtime flashbacks (ain't that a bitch)

Well it's a dirty life but someone's got to live it
Well it's a dirty life but someone's got to live it
It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings

Kickback (kickback) with a little bit of rock 'n' roll
(kickback) 'cos a little of what you like
(kickback) never did any harm
Kickback (kickback) oh loosen up a bad head
(kickback) I'm gonna do it anyway
(kickback) don't want ya knocking on my backdoor

Party with the devil got my ass on the line
Everybody wants a piece of me (ain't that a bitch)
If you sleep with dogs when you wake up in the morning
Got to live with the fleas (ain't that a bitch)
I got real close to this real hot looker
Then she named her price (ain't that a bitch)


It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings
Don't piss down my back tell me it's raining

5. Wing and A Prayer (4:39)
Two hearts beating as one
But that just ain't enough oh oh
Wipe those tears from your eyes
You knew when we started things would be tough oh oh

Late at night when you think you're alone
I can hear you crying in the darkness
Can't let our love die forever
We've got to hold on

Stop (stop) livin' a lie
We'll make on a wing and a prayer
We've got to hold on 'cus we've got love
Yeah everybody's hero
Stop (stop) livin' a lie
We´ll make on a wing and a prayer

When dreams have been broken you feel it's the end
Wish you'd never begun oh oh
I can´t try any harder
You're pushing to hard
Seems there's nowhere to run
6. Hot Breath (6:00)
There's a heat wave steaming, somebody's screaming
This ain't no place to walk alone at night
She looks every inch a lady, talk about gun crazy
Hey don't point that thing at me

(Smile for the camera, do your striptease, the looks of an angel)
She ain't no dime a dozen (she is the look)
You never did a thing that your mamma said (no no)
Your teacher cried and your daddy wants to know where he went wrong
So wrong
Sweat it out

Hot Breath, warm me from the storm outside
Hot Breath, like a switchblade cutting through the air (still night air)
Hot breath, turn my pain to pleasure when my body cries

City hot and sleazy, take it slow and easy
Squeeze the trigger, pump it right on time
Ease the gun down babe, you know my safety's off
Move your sweat drenched body close to mine


Oh down there on the streets
I'm burning from the heat
Shooting hot lead, hear it call
Be there, catch me when I fall

7. Head Full of Bad Wiring (4:33)
I don’t know why people act this way
I don’t know why people lie to your face
Following you, following me, following everyone
Shady politician with his head up his ass
Tells you all your troubles ain’t to do with class
It’s been so long, been so long, since I had trust in you

You know it’s a crime, oh we're all way out of line
You know it’s a crime, oh we’re all way out of line

Crime by TV, crime by what you see, crime by watching me
Crime 'cos you believe
Crime by TV, terrorvision screen
Crime 'cos you can’t see what is make believe

No grey, just black and white
The same old macho sight
It’s such a pity, it’s such a pity
Yeah, I've got a head full of bad wiring

I've got to kill that mutha before he kills we
We all made mistakes, where the hell‘s the give and take
Its been so long, been so long, singing that looney tune
Wrapped around your power like a venomous snake
How can we talk to a two sided face
Monkey see what monkey do, monkey got out of the
8. Papering the Cracks (4:56)
The man is on the TV., in the papers, on the radio
Telling me that things are fine, well his world ain't the same as mine
Everyone you know and love is on the unemployment line
Its a price worth [paying
Do you think he would take their place
Keep papering the cracks
Too scared to venture out into a world that they once fought to free
The old folks lock themselves away, afraid to step outside the door
Can't let the kids out of your sight, ain't safe to walk the streets at night
Cant be the things you want to be, and things ain't what they ought to be
Keep papering the cracks

We trusted you, you drank the wine

You've got to make a stand, cant keep washing your hands
But you ain't got a plan, just keep papering the cracks
Champagne serenade, you dance and say we've got it made
You're singing us a loony tune, you just keep papering the cracks

What do you do, what do you say, you tell us there's no better way
Move in a little closer then you hit us with a sucker punch
Fighting wars that cant be won, screaming hordes, champagne l'amour
We're trampled in the dust and our dreams have all been turned to rust
Keep papering the cracks
Cant stop the world you cant get off, acid rain and acid tongues
Polluted air, polluted minds, no-one cares and that's the crime
Who's the hero, who's the villain, who is who, who the hell are you and I
It ain't too late, we gotta keep the faith, but you keep papering the cracks
9. Get Out of My Face (5:06)
Stop messing with my head, stop messing with me
Stop messing with all the things that I want to be
Run around your weekly routine that might suit you
But who the hell are you to question my attitude

Every day it is the same old story
Reach for the TV. and the radio
Oh here they go again, messin' with the air waves
I can’t take anymore

It's always in your face, I’m tired of being told
What I can be, what I can’t wear
I ain’t happening oh no
What’s wrong with everybody
Everybody wants to look like a dude from a glossy magazine
Oh no not me

Wow what was that? That was the latest trend
Hey which way did it go?
You’ve got to be quick, you’ve got to be smart
Don't wear no sensible clothes

l don’t like the way you look, l don’t like anything about you
So If you stay, I'll go
l don’t like anything you say, I don’t like your point of view
So If you stay, I’ll go
Get out of my face, get out of my face
Get out of my face, get out of my face

Just want to make it clear, I don’t want to be rude
But I don’t like you, you don’t like me, so get out of my face
You ain’t no Mr. Wonderful, you ain’t no Mr. Cool
Who the hell do you think you are, you’re Mr. Ego

Wow who was that? Somebody famous
Hey which way did he go?
Here today, gone later today
That’s just the way that it is


I don't Like what l hear about you, oh you know what you can do
So if you stay, I’ll go
I don’t like the things you do, you can stick your point of view
So if you stay, I’ll go
Get out of my face, get out of my face
Get out of my face, get out of my face
10. Only the Strong (5:21)
Looking back down over all these years
Well it seems like yesterday
We didn’t have much, we didn’t need much
And we did things our own way

Teacher tried, soon had to realize
We were exceptions to the rule
And we learned more down on London’s streets
Than we ever learned in school

And we were strong, and only the strong survive
And we were strong, and only the strong survive

Remember when we were young
Times were hard and we played it tough
And we got caught between the fire and flame

It was so many years ago and nothin’ lasts forever
Another lesson learned
On oh, only the strong survive
Only the strong survive

I can still recall all those smokey halls
Where we spent so many nights
It was a hard life, but we didn't care
'Cos what we faced we faced it together

No masquerade we were renegades
There can be no regrets
This town has changed, those days are lost
Still we never will forget

Remember when we were young
Times were hard and we played it tough
And we got caught between the fire and flame

It was so many years ago and nothin’ lasts forever
Another lesson learned
On oh, only the strong survive
Only the strong survive


Remember when we were young
Times were hard and we played it tough
And we got caught between the fire and flame

It was so many years ago and nothin’ lasts forever
Another lesson learned
On oh, only the strong survive
Only the strong survive

11. Woman and Love (5:49)
It's in the way they move, it's the skin tight dress
Nothin' I can say that ain't already been said
Turn out the lights, turn up the heat
It's monkey business

They put a smile on your face, we all slave to lust
Hits you like a hammer when you're already nailed
Slip off your shoes, pull down your hair
It's monkey business

She's got the look (she's got the look)
Whoa, firing on all six
She's Miss Perfection (little Miss Perfection)
She'll tear your heart out

Nothing as dangerous as women and love
No there's nothing as venomous as when love bites
Nothing on Earth can make you feel the way they do
No there's nothing as dangerous as women
Oh yeah
Whoa, women and love

Throw down the rule books, love don't read or write
You don't stand a chance when her body talks
You've got the feeling, you've got to know
It's monkey business

'Cos the body is willing and the spirit is weak
You start to burn with the fires of sin
Down on your knees, crawling 'cross the floor
It's monkey business
12. Dead End Kid (4:40)
Young boy say you got a bad attitude
A problem child, a creature of a mis-spent youth
On Monday morning you’re working the protection line
The bossman tells you your hair is way too long

(You're a dead end kid)

But every evening that’s when the day begins
You and the boys kick hard into the heart of town
Cool beer and the girls are so pretty
Party on ‘til the dead of night
Nothin’ gonna get you down

You want to touch (you wanna touch)
You want to feel it deep inside
You’re a loaded gun (loaded gun)
Oh life pulls the trigger (bang bang)
It’s shot you down in flames (shot you down in flames

Who shot (shot down with a bullet to the heart)
But you ain’t gonna die, it’s just the edge of the blade
Ain't gonna cry livin’ close to the edge
But it’s hard (but it’s hard) labelled dead end kid

burned out town where you think you’re killing time
Young and restless you teed a place to unwind
Everybody says you don’t care about nothin’
It's jungle law
You're an animal with its first taste of blood


Oh you're a dead end kid
A dead end kid oh yeah
Think you've got all the answers
But you ain't going nowhere

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