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The Duskfall - Source cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  3
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Source Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-04-04)
1. Case Closed
Case closed, end of story
I’ll silence you even before you start.
I’ll draw the line and make it thick,
make it so thick that all can see.

I’ll modify a brand new line
for you to cross, you won’t survive.
Can’t kill the speed, a vicious being
forget utility, this is all about me.

I’ve bled for what I’ve said
but I had to let it out
can’t keep my mouth shut.

You fools, I give you five across the eyes this time,
a statement by the hand, five across the eyes.

Won’t cope with the world, reduced knowledge
getting crowded, absorbed by it all.
I still prefer life before decay
just condemn me, I don’t care.

I’ve bled for what I’ve said
but I had to let it out
I’m about to explode.

You fools, I´ll give you five across the eyes this time,
this time I’ll never repent. five across the eyes.
2. Striving To Have Nothing
A man can’t foresee it, his own destiny is written.
All guessing is useless, just to do what you have to, to get by.
Another road taken, another bridge is going to fall.
Too many dices, thrown for the sake of his own.

Explorations ended, opportunities lost along the way
relationships lying dead.

Strive - to have nothing done right
to have nothing to live for
to have only existed, and you call it life.
Strive - to have nothing done right
Nothing to hang on to
to have only excisted, and you call it life.

You can’t go around it, all our destinies are written.
All denying is useless, just another breed wasting their days.
A wrong turn taken, another life fading away.
Too many rules, made to protect themselves.


3. The Grand Scheme
I hid my horns from all mankind just to stir up their lives.
Took them to the ledge and watched it all go down in flames.
They lasted longer and somewhat stronger than I thought they would.
They couldn’t see What I am, now they can’t deny.

Speeded up the process, seemed to work so well,
some days it went so slow.
Like it went in slowmotion, like watching metal corrode.

I would not speak about all things,
I had in store for you.

I want to be the first to use your weakness against you.
Not your belief Which keeps me here, it’s the devotion.
Still, the longer you resist, the longer I’m here.
I’ll show myself when it’s time for you to see me.


I would not speak…

…Would not speak…
…Not a single word…
…Nothing more…
…Forever more…
4. Source
An empty stare, a stupid grin.
Sweating palms and cold within.
Delete past calculations, adapt to a brand new breed.
Sudden movements, the smell of caffeine

Won’t ever see me turning the other cheek, tooth for a tooth, I want more than you lies.
Won’t ever see me walking away, not forgiving, I won’t admit that I’m wrong.

Can’t rid the disease, a need of release, the source will pull you under.
Can’t rid the disease, a need of release, or a way to end it.

Twitching muscles, an aching head.
Brain hurting, unable to think straight.
A great future would have been, among the lost.
Among deceivers, like himself.

Wont ever see me…

Can’t rid the disease…
5. Not A Good Sign
I feel cursed, who cast this spell?
I feel trapped, reminding me of mortality.
I feel the melting, this can’t be real.
I feel I’m melting and I’m almost gone.

I sense my excistance, becoming smaller.
I sense the creation of me...

I’m like water in the desert sand.
I feel infected, my heart still pounds.
I can’t quench this thirst of mine.
I still bleed, it’s not a good sign.

I sense my excistance, growing shorter.
I sense the creation of me, becoming smaller.
Going in reverse...

My world needs me no longer, a struggling excistance.
No hope of survival, no escape from extinction.

I feel chosen to take the beating.
I’m uncapable to move an inch.
A coincidence, kicked by a cloven hoof.
I can’t clutch this mess I’m in.

I sense…

My world…


My world…
6. Guidance
Mute all your opinions, don’t you ever take a stand, still thinking won’t suit you.
As I said once before, stand in the row.
Wait in the silence, let the brainwash begin.
Forget your morals, don’t think of what is right.
They’ll do all the thinking for you, your future is planned.

Can’t shoot yourself in the head, I’ll pull the trigger for you.
Too weak to make this simple task, nothing more than a useless attempt, to do something right.
I’ll help you trough...

Don’t utter a single word. this is what you deserve, don’t ever talk back.
Don’t utter a single word, this is what you deserve, buried under laws just made for you.
Don’t utter a single word, this is what you deserve, don’t ever resist.
Don’t utter a single word, this is what you deserve, buried under laws just made for you.

So now you’re on the edge, they’ll give you a push.
You’ll need all help, and a little guidance to the other side.
Always expect the worst, they’re obliged.
No answers received, no questions asked, forget about the holes in your head.



7. Lead Astray
I hope you creep, I hope you crawl, hope you’re feeling weak.
So now you’re lost like never before, I am the end, the end of it all.

I feed on the weak, cause they’re the easiest prey.
I lead them astray, mankind has always functioned this way.

Somethings you won’t ever understand, still you want to be dead as I am.
Allthings are not to be understood, so you imitate as much as you can.
Somethings you won’t ever understand, still you want to be dead.
Blocked all the roads that lead you, so you imitate as much as you can.

I hope you realize that there is nothing for you here.
Nightmares materialized, taking you from here to there.
Obscure as it might seem, this is absolutely real.
Purposes change rapidly, I will never kneel

I feed on the weak…

Somethings you won’t ever understand…
8. The Destroyer
Skulls piled on concrete, executions made with ease.
Tombs filled with sickness, an invader who won’t take heed.
Evolving with a shotgun, launching killing spree.
Unleashing death on mankind, excluding not a soul free.

He won’t be satisfied

A gallery of death art, primitive actions to be seen.
Ceiling dripping from their blood, loves to watch them creep.
Opened the gates of torture, he has found his way.
Generations screaming for more, ripping trough the gateways.

The destroyer...

Skulls piled…

The destroyer...
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