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Malice - In the Beginning... cover art



In the Beginning...

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal
LabelsAtlantic Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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In the Beginning... Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-09-01)
1. Rockin' With You (5:01)
Seems like such a long time ago
When we started in rock’n’roll
We were young, headstrong
And we knew just where we belonged
We put our minds and hands to rhythm
To create a new rockin’ anthem
Throughout the years we’ve held our ground
‘Cause we’ve always known that rock would be around

We’ll be rockin’
There’s no stopping us
We’ll be rockin’
Let’s bring the house down
And we’ll be rockin’ with you

A long day, now the night is under way
There’s a charge in the air
White lines… neon signs
On the way to the show
Some will dance… others romance
There’ll be a fight or two
All in good time, everyone will find
Their own thing to do


Armed with the power
To shape this final hour
We must stand strong
And keep on singing our song
Raise your voice in chorus
As our enemies run before us
We continue to prove
That rock’n’roll rules
And we’ll be rockin’ with you
2. Into The Ground (3:48)
Streakin’ round the world
Twice the speed of sound
You ain’t gonna stop us
You can’t slow us down

Fusing metal minds
Like boiling grains of sand
Nothing you do fools us
We know our slight of hand

Never gonna stop
Never gonna lay it down
Never gonna rest
I’m gonna run it
Run it into the ground

I’m gonna waste your mind
I’m gonna enslave your soul
I’m gonna reverse your life
With this rock’n’ roll

Verse 1
Verse 3
3. Air Attack (3:01)
Riding in on the wings of darkness
Smashing sounds erupt the night
No alarm… no time to wonder
This is it… the final flight
Soaring high above the lighted city
Picking points… the target’s clear
Sweeping down, penetrating buildings
Sounds excite perceptive ear

Air attack!
Air attack!

Power surge… overload all systems
Using waves to project our sound
Deafening… the roar will cut thru to
Spin your head as it shakes the ground
Black on black tho’ naked eye can’t see us
Awesome force takes you from behind
Strain your brain to stare in empty void, see
Metal scrape… supersonic grinder

Sonic boom! Leave the levelled city!
Double thrust pushing up and on!
Walls still ring… hot vapour streaks the sky!
As you join our evergrowing forces
Time is now to stand your ground
For we know rock’n’roll will never die!

4. Stellar Masters (3:58)
We span the heavens
To build upon new dreams
We are the masters
Of stellar destiny
Our ships of steel
Soaring on solar beams
Conquest of new worlds
Universal ascendancy

Riding out to the edge of the galaxy
Riding out on the winds of eternity

Mind over matter
Creates new dimensions
Nebulous empires
Heralds new directions

We are… stellar masters!
We are… stellar masters!

Spiraling pulsar
Leading us through the void
Galactical gender
Cosmic ancestry
Our mental wave-lengths
Bridging the vast unknown
Time dilation
Hurtling infinity
5. Tarot Dealer (4:21)
Ace of pentacles
Laid down in reverse
Aside the devil
Speaks a frightful curse

Ace of swords
Foretelling great power
Ace of wands
Needed in a dark hour

Tarot dealer!
Tarot dealer!
Tarot dealer!
Deal me a fortunate hand

The face of death
Brings much needed changes
Along with judgement
As your life rearranges

Riding the chariot
Against winds of defeat
Once I’ve won my empress
My life will be complete


Look out here she comes

Verse 1
Verse 4
6. Squeeze It Dry (4:03)
Every time I try to have some fun
Someone’s telling me it’s wrong
I’m just looking for a place in the sun
Where I know I belong

Choke my spirit, squeeze it dry
You can’t keep me away
I’m a free spirit running wild
I just wanna play

I’m gonna keep on rockin’
Don’t need a reason why
I’m gonna keep on rockin’
‘Til the day I die

I don’t need to be put down
For being what I am
I just need a party in my town
That doesn’t give a damn

Take my money, spend it all
It only ties me down
I’m not happy with it all
Well I just wanna mess around


Now’s the time to shake it loose
Set my body afire
Free myself, slip the noose
And take my heart’s desire

7. Hellrider (4:11)
Shifting shadows – in a demon race
Edge of chaos – fang versus mace
Shimmering minds eye – visionary place
Your steed rides the sky – ‘cross God’s face

You are riding – to the final flight
Fate deciding – your destiny tonight
Death abiding – your enemies’ plight


Churning nightmare – straight ahead
Evil-filled air – stalking dread
Legions of hell – at times’ end
Armageddon – will they lose, will they win

They are riding – to the final fight
Fate deciding – their destiny tonight
Death abiding – our enemies’ plight

8. No Haven For The Raven (6:07)
Tucked away in my mind
But where nobody knows
The answer – I can’t find
And like the wind… it comes and goes
Like the wind... it comes and goes
And you know that there is

No haven for the raven
No peace of mind
No haven for the raven
Leaving it all behind

So here I sit… along
Gazing into the horizon
My soul, like a rolling stone
Moves on and on in a new direction
Moves on and on
And you know that there is


No haven for the raven
Forever on wing
No haven for the raven
Where is death’s sting

Creature of doom… from the oracle’s loom
Haunting and taunting our days… the raven!
Prophet of death… to your last breath
Choosing and losing our ways… the raven!


No haven for the… raven
9. The Unwanted (4:37)
Running thru the waste
Of a cold deserted land
Hiding out in fear
From the touch of death’s hand
Living in the shadows
Of those who gave them birth
And their lives are shells
Roaming a vast metallic earth

They know there is no future
Only survival from day to day
In their minds there is no heart
No dreams of a better way
Mood is a luxury
That has to be taken by force
And when it comes to loving
Hate is the only cause

They are the unwanted
They are the unwanted

Their ancestors dwell in citadels
Built in the distant past
Waging war against their children
And the know they’re losing fast
The curse of the final war
Created a new breed
And the old ones let them suffer
Now it’s their turn to bleed

10. Godz Of Thunder (4:20)
Blue mist – rising all about me
One kiss – from the lips of her majesty
My God – is there no beginning
Oh no – I can hear the bells of doom ringing

Godz of thunder
Coming back to rule the world
Godz of fire
Godz of thunder

Pentagram - drawn out in blood
I am damned – by the greed of a thirsty God
Help me – is there no end to eternity
Set me free – from the chains of Hell’s infernity


Too late – to turn back the clock
My fate – awaiting that final knock
It’s done - they’re dragging me to their hellish lair
I can’t run – they have their watchers everywhere

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