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Immorgon - And Thus We Raid cover art

And Thus We Raid

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Viking Metal
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And Thus We Raid Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-06-04)
1. Tempest (5:26)
We've seen shadows in the dark.
Black rain in the aftermath,
Cruelty of battle in a deadly fight.
Standing brothers beside me,
We need all the shields in line.

They are trying to sink our ships,
We are facing Jörmundgandr.
To the gates of Asgard we set sail!

Tempest awakes me,
Raise your spears to victory!
Fallen warriors we'll ride,
Bloody waves to Valhöll.

Winds of change are blowing strong,
Treaching all the gods had sworn.
In the land of the storm we shall rise!
Headless corpses on my feet,
Tears of blood from my sinking ship.
Highest glory rises from the deep.

Tempest awakes me...
2. Svartheme (4:38)
Ghastly mists from the swamp has rose,
Sending shivers down town folks spine.
The stench of fear spreads with the wind.
Dark days give way to despair.

For when the time comes, Svartheme we must defend.
Land of old, beauty and love, our line long descends.
Preserve it we must, keep it from blood, fire and death.
Upon the gods our fate we bestow.

Svartheme beware for times have changed,
Just feel the stir risen deep in the woods.
A large flock of ravens fly,
Dark wings preach this doom that is to befall.
As the sun slowly descends,
Darkness falls in to the realms of men.
Face to face the enemy now stands.
Leave fear no place in your heart.
Gather whichever weapon you can wield.
Prepare to embrace your fate.

Rise! Rise! Rise! For Svartheme.
Fight! Fight! Fight! For Svartheme.
Die! Die! Die! For Svartheme.
Die! Die!

The town walls gleam bright with blood.
Mayhem explodes from all around.
Who dares attack these ancient lands.
An evil host sent straight from hell!

Murderers, rapists, plunderers and worst I would dare.
Our riches stolen, our women raped
And our children slaughtered.
The whole town reduced to smoke,
Stone, fire and ruin.
What shall become now of this new barren land?

This slaughter must we avenge,
However few of us remain.
Curse this scum who performed such act.
Upon our ancient, rich and beautiful land.
Our wrath unleashed you'll meet.
One by one your lives we'll take.
Flee you bastards while you can.
Soon your days to an end will come.

Rise! Rise! Rise! For Svartheme...
3. The Crows Have Come (4:28)
Crows have already left for Midgaard.
They come to see us live, struggle, triumph and fail.
The flame that lights up our life is fragile,
Only our belief in our Gods protects us,
The dangers of our souls.
Our fate is written, the tapestry shows as come.

We are brave warriors of Odin,
Lift the axes to destroy.
Our enemy is desperation,
Prepare the arm, this is Ragnarok!

The Great Dragon will come soon,
The night sky will not shine today.
Fenrir the wolf ate the moon,
From their eternal yoke someone released.

We are brave warriors of Odin...

Crows accompany our hordes,
From the skies thunder guide.
Defeat the ice Giants,
Of heaven, beat up runes.
This universe we will save,
Asgaard in the sky will never fall.
With a thousand dead ends Ragnarok.

We are brave warriors of Odin...
We are brave warriors of Odin...

This is Ragnarok!
Crows will come!
This is Ragnarok!
4. God of Blood (3:30)
My heart is hungry for souls
And my hands bloodlust
Will lead the hordes to the coast,
Destroying all they find.

Lift up to heaven axes,
Invoke the rage of Khorne,
The God of Blood guides our blows.
Cry brothers, blood for the God of Blood!

God of the North creating desolation,
Control unleashed the frozen lands,
Chaos guides us, it's our sign
And the great god Khorne teaches us.

Lift up to heaven axes
Invoke the rage of Khorne...

Chaos reigns in our land,
Their anarchy is the ruling government.
We are his warriors,
Our god is their champion.
Despises the life around him,
Expands this ancient religion.
Kill the world that is opposed.
We are condemnation and curse!

Lift up to heaven axes
Invoke the rage of Khorne...

Khorne God of Blood!
Heads for your throne!
Khorne God of Blood!
5. Death upon Lisdisfarne (6:37)
Three serpents from the north
Leading the raid to the unknown west.
Freya's winds command our ships
Towards the path of gold
Hold the rope and break the mist,
Crush the wave as high as it is.
Dragonheads guide us straight.
Christian blood, worthless flesh.

Your faith is weak against the strong warrior's shield,
Death upon Lindisfarne, our age has begun.
Born to be slaves, sacrificed to the old gods.
Death upon Lindisfarne,
Let the hammer crush the cross.

Born from the seas, bending winds,
black waves and snow.
To see how Sköll hunts the sun once more.
To see our brothers fight.
To die, swords in our hand.
Back to the vast fields of cold calm.
Filling those ships to the unknown.

An honored sworn, thy mighty wings,
Two black crows fly the ocean winds,
Three longships ride the fiery path.
We are the sons of north.

The land in sight, our promised raid,
unprotected church, that we shall burn.
Slay the priest and take his coin
Now their jewels glow in Odin's hall.
Burn those books and cut their throats,
paint the sky with blood red gush.

Your faith is weak against the strong warrior's shield...

Who is your god? In his golden throne,
Beggings and death from those who serve.
While Christ sleeps the people bleed.
The Norsemen ride.

The seek for land, the endless doubt.
The greed for gold, or return back home.
To hold the plow or rise the spear.
To shed their blood or spread the seed.
Now is time to rise our breed.
So beware the new threat of the sea.

Your faith is weak against the strong warrior's shield...
6. The Everchosen (3:42)
Take your spear and ride the beast now.
Join your army and charge against the enemy.
Cut souls, crush bodies, this is your job.
Lead us to a more Great Slaughter, Slaughter ya!

The ruinous Gods have chosen to be his champion!

You are The Everchosen and we are your army,
Chosen to destroy this shitty world,
Guide us to the eternal battle without end.
Annihilate the essence of own existence

The ruinous Gods have chosen to be his champion!

In the name of Chaos we'll conquer this world,
You're The Everchosen, we fight with pride!

Through the mountains we conquer,
The end of time is decided by our Jarl.
The sign of chaos we impose in this world,
the petty kingdoms of the false Gods will fall down!

The ruinous Gods have chosen to be his champion
7. Waldgeist (4:21)
Have you ever seen an old man
walking quietly among the trees,
With a long beard and a staff,
whispering to birds and wolves?
So listen...

Before crossing the forest border
You must knock the largest trunk
To announce your entrance to his dominion,
For this is the only way you shall have his help

Only he can guide you through,
If your soul is pure.
Otherwise, do not dare entering his realm,
Or you will never leave.

Waldgeist, dwells among the trees.
Guides free spirits through treacherous paths.
Under the leaves withstands the pass of time,
Contemplating the changing world.

Half tree half spirit
many people have sought for years
you can see what still needs to happen
and in a sign of protection has born

If your spirit restrains darkness
he will release his wrath upon you
chained you eternally roam in Niflheim
among the shadows of eternal darkness

Waldgeist, dwells among the trees.
Guides free spirits through treacherous paths.
Under the leaves withstands the pass of time,
Watching the destruction of the world.
8. Blood Letter (5:34)
I see the last sunrise of my mortal life,
while I walk to my fate.
I walk through the forest, howling to my gods,
with great hope of victory.

Maybe I won't die in battlefield,
maybe I'll live one more day.
Although my life I'll lose today.
My soul will be reborn again someday.

I ride looking for my foes
crossing bloody fields.
Saying farewell to all known
with my bleeding wounds writing my destiny.

Forward my brothers, wield your weapons,
Writing a blood letter for our foes.
Where we order you're defeat,
With your own blood as ink.
Painting this barren land with
blood, feeding the grass, and making grow red tulips.

All that I need is a sword in my hand,
A shield on my back, and faith in my gods!

Today I'll fight again to change our world,
Today I'll have another chance to try.
I will. Give up my fear. I will.
9. Einherjer (3:59)
Another brutal battle! Hundred heroes fall!

Valkyries gallop the sky, to the collected deaths
leading them to the skies.
Now Asgaard is your home

Fight every day, eating, drinking at night
waiting for Odin's call to fight in Ragnarok

While eating of the Saehrimnir
with Odin on his throne
shout and sing the old legends
now the sun shines Gladsheim, is the sign
charge up all against all, we have prepared.

Fight every day...

Huginn comes flying, Muninn is behind
tell Odin that the time has come
Andhrimnir collects the pot, the Gods have come
Einherjar prepared to fight to the end

Fight every day...
10. Eternal Viking (5:27)
Death is a knight, she is my companion.
Moon shines bright, my powerful sword I rise.
This night we'll arrive, battle is our home.
Silently we'll fall, let's begin the fight

One more battle
to the skies you'll reach
Eternal warrior you shall be
Gods will reward you

The song of clashing steel, carved upon wounded flesh.
Iron thrust on me, I'm eternal, I can't kneel.

We can see the gates, a deserved warrior's prize
My last screaming lunge. For Odin I shall die!

Odin, give me strength! Thor, give me power!
Týr, protect me in battle, at the edge of the world.
For you I shall fight!

One more battle to the skies you'll reach...

Lo there do I see my father
Lo there do I see my mother,
and my sisters and my brothers
Lo there do I see the line of my people,
back to the beginning. I hear their call.
Asking me to take my place among them,
in the halls of Valhalla, home of once brave.
For all eternity.

Light the flame inside you, raise the storms in your heart
wield your sword with the strength of a dragon.
courage brother, kill without mercy

One more battle to the skies you'll reach...

Night of brutal killing, dark bloody, barren land
we return to the drakkars, to our home.
May the All Father judge us all

Valhalla awaits me, I only have to fight
Eternal warrior I'll become
in the next battle, the mighty sky I reach

Odin, give me strength! Thor, give me power!
Týr, protect me in battle, at the edge of the world.
For you I shall fight!
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