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Dargaard - The Dissolution of Eternity cover art

The Dissolution of Eternity

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDark Neoclassical Metal
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The Dissolution of Eternity Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-06-03)
1. As Old As the Bones of the Earth (7:13)
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Time has demanded it's sacrifice...
After thousands of burned books
And the murder of uncounted wise women and men
One should think that
The age of innocence has gone...

Beyond the seas of oblivion
Lie the mountains of wisdom
As old as the bones of the earth,
As cold as ice, as pure as snow

Dive the seas of oblivion
To reach the mountains of wisdom
Flee the caves of ignorance
And set yourself forever free

Here, at the heart of the earth
My spirit rests
In the embrace of time
As old as the bones of the earth
2. Thy Fleeing Time (4:15)
[Lyrics by Q. Horatius Flaccus]

Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume,
labuntur anni nec pietas moram
rugis er instanti senectae
adferet indomitarque morti;

non, si trecenis, quotquot eunt dies,
amice, places inlacrimabilem
Plutona tauris, qui ter amplum
Geryonen Tityonque tristi

Conpescit unda, scilicet omnibus,
quicumque terrae munere vescimur,
enaviganda, sive reges
sive inopes erimus coloni.

Frustra cruento Marte carebimus
Fractisque rauci fluctibus Hadriae,
frustra per autumnos nocentem
corporibus metuemus austrum.

Visendus ater flumine languido
Cocytos errans et Danai genus
Infame damnatusque longi
Sisyphus aeolides laboris.

Liquenda tellus et domus et placens
Uxor neque harum, quas colis, arborum
Te praeter invisas cupressos
Ulla brevem dominum sequetur.

Absumet heres Caecuba dignior
Servata centum clavibus et mero
Tinguet pavimentum superbo,
pontificium potiore cenis
3. A Path In the Dust (5:09)
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Thousands of miles in the dust to see,
upon a path leading to nowhere.
Destination unknown,
only trees in the distance to see.
they walk a path
where life has never been.
Banished from their realm,
only following honour and their will to survive.

Destination unknown,
only phantoms in the distance.
Following a leader,
following the thirst for honour,
the only thing that was left...
The light, it seems to flee their near,
like they're dead and already forgotten.

Behind every crossing lurks the unknown,
constantly accompanied by fear and desperation.
They wander the path
where no angel guards,
their souls delivering to the devil.
Wandering a path always hidden in dust,
towards the phantoms of future.
Wandering a path always hidden in dust
4. In The Omnipresence of Death (7:14)
[Lyrics by Q. Horatius Flaccus]

Ille et nefasto te posuit die,
Quicumque primum et sacrilega manu
Produxit, arbos, in nepotum
Perniciem opprobriumque pagi;
Illum et parentis crediderim sui
Fregisse cervicem et penetralia
Sparsisse nocturno cruore
Hospitis; ille veneva Colcha

et quidquid usquam concipitur befas
Tranctavit, agro qui statuit meo
te, triste lignum, te caducum
In domini caput inmerentis
Quid squisque vitet, numquam homini
Satis cautum est in horas

Navita Bosphorum Poenus perhorrescit
Neque ultra caece timet aliunde fata,

miles sagittas et celeremfugam
Parthi, catenas Parthus et Italum
Robur... sed inprovisa leti
Vis rapuit rapietque gentis
Quam paene furvae regna Proserpinae
Et iudicantem vidimus Aeacum

Sedesque discretas piorum et
Aeolis fidilus querentem
Sappho puellis de popularibus
Et te sonantem plenius aucro,

Alcace, plectro dura navis
Dura fugae mala, dura belli
Utrumque sacro digna silentio
Mirantur umbrae dicere, sed magis
Pugnas et exactos tyrannos
Densum umeris bibit aure volgus
Quid mirum, ubi illis
Carminibus stupens demittit

Atras belua centiceps
Auris et intorn capillis
Eumendium recreantur angues?
Quin et Prometheus
Et Pelopis parens
Dulci laborem decipitur
Sono nec curat Orion
Agitare lyncas
5. My Phantasm Supreme (6:15)
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Encrypted signs appear red glowing,
contrasting the deep dark stone.
Energetic they sweep before my eyes.
My mind opens to an event horizon,
my body fills with energy,
the opening for the last chapter is to come.
I never bowed down before a god,
I never lost my subsconscious freedom,
but always there are shadows following
the way of the sorcerer, and so I have mine.
I feel a cold hand touching my heart,
Spears made of flames raging the skies

The revenge of the ancients I feel
for breaking their last seal,
but preperation brought me to this point
and not the simple spirit of adventure.
My phantasm supreme, the last gate,
the last chapter of my terrestrial,
my temporal,
my mortal existence is to come;
"Eternity" is only a word made by mortals too.
I see the dissolution, the return of chaos
and maybe the rise of a new order?
I call forth the storm of punishement upon the earth,
or should I say "purification"?
6. Night Before the Vastland Storms (3:17)
7. Fire's Dominion (5:51)
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Forgotten powers are revealed
By fire we are sworn -
To the everlastingness, to eternity, to the void
The sign of the dragon shines through
The opaque darkness in our eyes
Enthraled by eternity's winds
We shall grow forth to become one
With the unspeakable

The icon of wisdom -
A key to time and realities
Tall it strands and unreachable
For those who are not able to hear eternity's voice

It shall be a monument for the few
Who stand at the very edge of the abyss,
Who posses the right of passage
The gate is closed, but it is no you
To see through the veil that lies above the shimmering stars
So it is written and so it will be done

The furious flames, they dance with pride
Between the heavens and the deadly depths
This is a beginning and an end
By fire we are sworn
8. The Isolated Vale (4:25)
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Forlorn it lies the vale in the storms
In solitude since the beginning of time
Forgotten, lost and only visited
By the icy winds that make
The surronding mountains rugged
Together with the waters which flow down
From the mountains sides,
which flow down from the mountains sides.

There, in this untouched landscape,
Strifed only by the elemantary mights
There, where the spirit opens fully to
To the pain of solitude.
But where the grief has no mortal reason
Only the beautiness and isolation.
There I want to rest and to guard
To leave it forever unseen.

Forlorn it lies the vale in the storms
In solitude since the beginning of time
Forgotten, lost and only visited
By the icy winds that make
The surronding mountains rugged
Together with the waters which flow down
From the mountains sides,
which flow down from the mountains sides
9. A Prophecy of Immortality (5:36)
[Lyrics by Q. Horatius Flaccus]

Exegi monumentum aere perennius
Regalique situ pyramidum altius,
quod non imber edax, non aquilo impotens
possit diruere aut innumerabilis
annorum series et fuga temporum

Non omins moriar multaque pars mei
Vitabiet Libitinam... usque ego postera
Crescam laude recens, dum Capitolium
Scander cum tacita virgine pontifex

Dicar, qua violens obsterpit Aufidus
Et qua pauper aquae Daunus agrestium
Regnavit populorum, ex humili potens
Princeps Aeolium carmen ad Italos
Deduxisse modos. Sume superbiam
Quaesitam meritis et mihi Delphica
Lauro cinge volens, Melpomene, comam
10. Wanderer At the End of Time (2:43)
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