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The Doom Messiah Full Album Lyrics

Warhammer - The Doom Messiah cover art

The Doom Messiah

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-05-17)
1. Remorseless Wargrinder (2:25)
Death is my solution
Anguish leeds my soul
Haunted by the terrible noise
Descending powerloads
Exploding dark vibrations
Crushing through the spheres
Fireburst eruptions
Chaos in ever near

Remorseless wargrinder
Remorseless wargrinder

Detonations guide my path
Through waves of eerie sounds
Apocalyptic doom attack
Revokes the deadly mount
Hail the old aggressor
Who's wandered endless nights
Fear the infernal howling
Find the curse has come alive...
2. Shadow of the Decapitator (2:30)
The hand of doom is grabbing for the human race
Reaching out to poison your minds
In disguise the worms are crawling nearer
Inverted truth to make us blind
The signs of decline are so unreal
Only the weak can see...?
Completely ignored by society's eyes
A hopeless generation next to bleed

Shadow of the decapitator – salvation is their promise
Shadow of the decapitator – eternal life for the living dead

When the heart is filled with ravage anger
The indoctrination arises in perfection
And distrust kills belief and strength
Mankind is cursed by real deception
Are you too blind to realize your fate
You're damned to certain extinction
If you won't leave the malignant ways
You'll be covered by the wings of abolition

Meanwhile the wolves are gathering around us
Fangs are cutting through the night
Here and now the brave stands all alone
The once fearless is paralyzed by fright
For a moment the howling ends in silence
No voices appear in the dark
Then, with a roar emerging through
The hordes set on to tear our flesh apart...
3. Cries of the Foresaken (3:33)
The passageway through a world of parasites
Warlike schemes that try to make us blind
Drown in a river of blood, tears and guts
On disgusting paths you were tell to rot

The cries of the forsaken
Your ears begin to bleed
Still you ignore that they exist
They start to haunt you in your dreams

Repugnant things you start to absorb
The god of hate and fear you now adore
When you are obsessed with the enemy
One day you'll see, you've become the enemy

And when you someday leave this world behind
The people still shiver, for you are now a symbol of fright
Thousands more like you will be sent out
On disgusting paths they will be left to rot...
4. Hell Is Open (4:34)
The burned fields once green vanish before our eyes
I reach out for your hands...
Sounds of clashing iron against the night sky
Do you hear my frightened hear beat?
We stand in front of millions of souls in pain
For thousand years we've seen nothing but bloody rain

Hell is open
We're on our way
Hell is open
With furious pace we march ahead...

Grey's the colour I've seen all my life
Bitter taste of cold steel
Emotions freeze and minds decay
Is there anything behind horizon's walls?
I stand alone as human souls are divided
For thousand years something invisible has decided

Frozen lives we lead like controlled freaks
Damned days and scary nights
And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear nothing anymore
I long for the wet earth beneath us
For the worms to take the memory of mine away
5. The Cruel Transcendency (6:09)
Suffocate from your wicked corruption
Master of deceit and lies
Warfare the game you play best
You hide behind a sinister smile
Retaliate and condone nothing
You're the uncontested traitor
The vanguard of "hell" you represent
Lust and greed, voracity and sin

The cruel transcendency – you uncover your own ugliness
Repulsion of humanity

Arrogance and humiliation – deceiver of our reality
Undeinable liar of colossal seize – you bath in your excrements
Futile and uncouth are your methods – to get what you desire
The division of body and mind – has reached it's peak in you

Life has no value for you – you undignified mortician
Madness you enjoy like a gift – warmonger of a thousand ages
The cross is your weapon – and the rifle is your god
Bury so many human beings – you still feel no remorse

Conqueror, usurper, bringer of death
Invading the hearts of the lost
Despicable sinner wearing a crown of cadaver
You think you're transcendent above us all
The master of terror, the ruler of pain
Torture and slave the oppressed
You wish for the final day to draw near
Because you deny this life and you hate yourself...
6. The Doom Messiah (5:01)
Forgive us, father, for we have sinned
We bathed our hands in blood so deep
Maimed and slaughtered, gone insane and lost reason
We roamed the land, so mean and viciously

Send us a redeemer son – our time is running out – we're at the world's collapse
Darkness fell over the land – we cannot see but mayhem and death – horror has struck our minds
Save us from this self-afflicted curse
Or else we perish in the flames
Will anyone remember our race?
And what we have done to this place?

Why, we ask you, father, is there no sign from you?
Have you forgotten your children so fragile?
We cannot reach the summit of this mass grave
Please do not bury is covered with decayed bones

Staring into the sky – waiting for the clouds to open
Send us a redeemer son – or else we perish in the flames
We lost control over what we do – totally helpless and alone
No one can save us but you – so shelter us with your grace

Finally a burst of light appears to blind our views
It holds nothing glorious, just ultimate destruction and death
The doom Messiah has shown up at last
And after this departure, forever silence...
7. The Serpent's Tantrum (2:25)
The incarnation of what lies beyond
Slowly awaits the certain dawn
Buried beneath our weakened minds
The essence of all evil
The nameless spreads it's wings
And demons got so many faces
Destined to where the crown
Where serpents crawl like human leeches

The serpent's tantrum – deceiver of the last day
The serpent's tantrum – haunting in the distance

From anywhere they'll come
To praise the terrible majesty
An awful reek of decaying flesh
Introduce the followers burning
So unaware of what they've done
They'll be trapped in their own betrayals
And the master of the traitors and lies
Beholds the final triumph

The serpent's tantrum – deceiver of the mortals
The serpent's tantrum – recreate the antigoddess

The infernal tribunal needs perfection
But the path is yet unknown
Who will be the grateful slave
Infected through deception
Live your life in blindness
But the snake is still aware
Destined to wear the crown
When serpents crawl upon our bones
8. Cold and Dying World (Part I) (4:27)
Massacres are committed every day
Unpunished crimes and arranged terror
These scars won't ever heal
Brutality reaches new dimensions
This world is surely dying
We all will be swept away
Explosions shatter the cities
Leaving only dust and decay

Cold and dying world
Absolution has been denied
Intelligence a vage memory
Days turn into night

People turn towards eccentric faith
Only to be left dissatisfied
No hope for a remedy
Help will not be offered
No control of the beast inside
Souls below point zero
We are struggle with our darkest side
Just to lose the last piece of humanity

And as we watch the earth repel us
The final, painful truth reveals itself
Soon to be relics of a distant age
Hollow shells strumbling in a cold and dying world
We take our children with us to the grave
We rape our planet, but mother earth fought back
Forever stumbling in a cold and dying world
9. In Pain We'll Burn (3:09)
The cycle of evolution goes up in reek and flames
The time of repetnance at hand, judgement day is here
Hellstorms rage with furious anger, bow down to your knees
For the last stand we prepare ourselves, knowing it's no use

I see the vision becoming clearer
That nothing will be left of us
The prophecies of dark and deserted ways
Today we vanish and in pain we'll burn

Delirious we stumbled through our time on this earth
Like children with evil toys that search for enemies to destroy
Wars have become the norm to describe our sick race
And religion covered up the dead with divine, holy grace

As the battle rages on, it becomes fact, the we're to lose
Heaven's shore opens, the souls ready to be purified
The flesh burns off our weakened and hollow bodies
Mankind an experiment gone wrong, the mistake's now corrected
10. The Skullcrusher (3:05)
When I appear hide what you hold dear
For I am terror and I'm real
I bring the pain, I act totally insane
You can't escape, your efforts are in vain
I burn your village down, my methods are unsound
And after my departure no trace is to be found

I am the skullcrusher
The symbol of putrefaction
A hired assassin who baths in blood
No pity while I cut your throat

I act without mercy, my eyes they like to see
A wasteland of rotten corpses where life used to be
The poor suffer the most, I'm feared so vast
In this wicked and sick game I am the host
My identity is unclear, no names ever appeared
I end lifes y crushing skulls and shed no tear

Epilogue: what you create with your hands dirtwet
I will destroy and laugh unpunished...
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