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Vornth Full Album Lyrics

Vornth - Vornth cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-07-14)
1. 2740° (2:31)
2. Evil Blood (3:21)
Franatic savaged sonic beast
The crooked steel west towards the East
Shaking taking devil seed
Turn up the music 'til my ears bleed!

Jaws of death crashes
Sonic waves turns to ashes
Shaking the death as once I'm gonna die
Orgasm insomnia let the cry!
Charge lust frost
Frost haunts the shadow
Possessed bitch make me high!
Line up in rows and scream
We're riding on a dream
Cries of lust ignite
My calibres your guiding light

Solo Duel

Bridges crashes and burn - we always will return
We will always give you hell
My calibers your guiding light
3. Rapid Death (4:16)
Fire haunts us endlessly
Ashes is all there will be
Mountains melt down the ocean cries
Species extinct the planet dies

Ravens wings bleed as they descend in fire
Through the flames the wind cries the devastation
Mountains of ice melt down to sweep and boils what is left
Agonize the embryos the pain will not end you are burned!!!

Raping politicians I hate you
Lands controlled by greedy few
Screaming in pain you will also die
Castrate the earth we are falling paralyzed

Roaring face of death
Shall hunt you in your dreams
Spit at you with fire!!!
Yelling your destiny - you must burrrn!!!

Secure your own future and feed on us
Painting bloodred walls of dreams that are now crushed
Marionettes we haven't chosen we have been forced to be
I won't be a slave for you I curse you eternally!!!
4. Rip Rip Rip (3:03)
Decayed raped fallen to ruins the world
Mouldering forsaken by greed purgatory humanity

Agony awaits the world
Nuclear force will bring salvation
Harvest the breeding youth
Hide them from the truth

Blind to freedom blind by fear
Chemic soldiers infernal eternal youth

Agony awaits the world
Nuclear force will bring salvation
Against the circle of time
No one can prevail
Moribund helpless deceased spawned
Betrayal to ourselves suicide!!!
5. Darkness and Steel (4:24)
Hell is calling merciless speed
Seeks your blood the power you"ll heed
Torment and death you know that
I love to watch to feel you bleed
Now you can hear the moon call out your name
Raging fury too fucking wild
Too fucking wild to tame
I am possessed I am so fucking wild
Nothing will stop me tonight
Bloody hellrape
Hell is calling forever I dwell
In the blackness of my curse
Though not all the corners are black
In the crypt of the axeattack
Shining razorblades to release your flesh to rot
My mind carries wrath I want your flesh still hot
Kill Kill Kill Kill
6. Spit Black Fire (5:11)
Vomit I feel my lungs will explode
Satanic fire burns hottest when it's cold
Like ravens wear black I stand by the truth
Blackness blackness my soul takes no form to you!

The embracing wings of darkness can never be torn
Once they spread they cut and carry evil
You the yourselves to time
Eternity in the eyes of the ram
Fire sweeps disgust and the filth
It is what I fucking am - ahh!
Spit black fire - Spit black fire
Spit black fire -Spit black fire
7. Devil (4:22)
Now now I can breathe now I can feel
The abyss stares at me
I can see it all - I can see it all

Let the storms kill my name
With darkness and distorted waves
Let me be king there where the liars die!

Symbols a reflection of black
Smeared over call
Auhh the night burns to night
Goathead bangs the shadow of a star
Death smells souls of a million scars

Let the storms kill my name
With darkness and distorted waves
Let me be king there where the liars die!


Let the storms kill my name
With darkness and distorted waves
Let me be king there where the liars die!

Chalice filled with lust
Darkened names make me live
Headstone fullmoon
Tissle and tassle - Blood soon

Gods back eyes - or my eyes black god
Burned into flesh forged into blood
Devil! Devil!
8. Bleed (3:19)
As the frames of a savage closes towards me
The picture of life is still a mystery
The clocks seem distant
But they count my every breath
Of which I am bound - of which I am bound
I am dead if I belong
Still your cross my road on an on
But remember - it leads to the abyss
Where I burn forever.....
9. Metal Skies (5:17)
Metal strikes but we're under the schythe
As the heat meets the cold
The darkness unfolds with death!
Hellhounds cry sadistic their eyes
Blazing with lightning as eternity dies!

You lightning child taste the sweat
Feels good to be alive alas the everlasting echoes
A flirt with life an insertion of death
The tank becomes the altar and you are the sacrifice!
Blitzkrieg comes total death total lust we are death
Burning tomb metal skies
Total lust roaring eyes!

Ancient force with power and pain
Strongest of the mighty dark lord to reign again
Metal strikes but we're under the schythe
The heat have met the cold
The darness unfolds with
Death death death
Seven gates total death
We are hate total fire total birth
Total death death to earth!
When metal strikes
When metal strikes
When metal strikes
When metal strikes
10. Axemurder (7:20)
Bloodshed stain red running blind in slaughter
Edge seeks for head blood paints the bed
Axe by hand of satan's daughter
Hypnotize and paralyze she is possessed by the kill
Sadistic bloodspill
Aahahaha fuck!

Time does no longer flow
It sweeps across the balde
Time has frozen as the mind of lizzie borden
Feel them burn the thoughts of sin
Under the moon in rooms of black
The wrath is in!


Staring into nothing
She licks the blood from the metal blade
Death is eternal one second or a decade
Hail death forever!!!
11. Death's Horse (6:04)
Hooves of crescendo soon gaze the reaper
Higher and higher deeper and deeper
Rides on the wind and through soil of the night
Hooves so nocturnal hooves so alive
Aah aaahahah - ahh ahahh
Death's horse

Smattering waves you can't hear anymore
As everything tumults the air is soar
Wings of the unborn the sky is in black
I am on the hooved I am already there
Ooh oh oh
Death's horse

Lärda av samma feghet lärda as samma visdom
Värda as samma värden otvinnade till samma själ
Det är åt mig som de skrattat detär åt dig som de fattar
Sanning föder sanning föder sanning ur en lögn

De föder den som skall vinna
De gömmer den som har svar
Men du kan inte försvinna
Det är inte som det en gång var
Och guld är värt I krig och de dumma äger allt
är du sån så lär dig tig men låt inte den fege få allt
12. Grave of the Living (7:55)
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