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Dreamchaser Full Album Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-24)
1. Twilight Skies (5:03)
The years are passing by so fast
The future now has just begun
The Wheel of time goes on and on

Where do we go from here
Destination still unknown
What lies far beyond our spheres

What does the future hold for you and me
Will we find the answers here and now

Ride to the stars - We ride to the stars
Prepare our odyssey
Side by side we're standing strong
Born to conquer the universe
Back to back we stand as one
On and on through space and time
We are riding the twilight sky

With bravery the quest goes on
A journey to a new home
Leaving mother earth
We follow distant voices
2. Day of Reckoning (4:48)
Fear the dark night's cold embrace
The reaper is sent - your soul to take
Spit out by hell - arise from the damned
Fill my hunger with bitter revenge
Face your sins - pray and cry
I will take your precious life
Not even your tears will save you tonight

The echoes will lead you into despair
No chance to survive

This is my day of reckoning - Of reckoning
Now you burn in hell for all your sins
When the demon king calls your name
On your knees and pray
Day of reckoning

Now your nightmares come to live
Hell awaits your soul tonight
It's time to pay - A life full of betray
Burn your sins - Suffer and obey
No escape your soul is mine
Do you see the evil sign
It's too late - Your life is fading away

The shadows will guide you into the death
Now scream for your life
3. Dragonheart (4:45)
Dragonheart we fly
Eternally we're soaring high
We keep the flame in our soul alive
Dragonheart we ride
Dive into the endless sky
Put the fire in our soul to be alive

We came to conquer we came from the sky
We bring you the roaring thunder
A firestorm tonight
Blazing fields that we've left behind
In your eyes bravery is burning bright

Time to ride the wings of steel
Light up our hearts - A secret reveals

We ride the skies across the seas
To bring you destruction, pain and misery
Burning towns that we've left behind
Out of the heaven we will burn the night

Time to command the flying battlebeast
Light up our hearts - Unchain the mystery
4. Fireangel (4:35)
Burning angel
Do you hear my silent call to drain
My wrath and tears
Set a fire - Blaze a symphony
Chaos - Inferno
My pure passion - Your demise
And reveal a darkened demon and
Burn me alive

My soul in rage - burst into flames
Desire and lust - burn it to dust

Inside these flames of fury
Fireangel set it free
Chains of purgatory
Fireangel deep in me

Fallen angel
You will feed my hunger
Fuel my soul and let it burn
Ashes to ashes - Dust to dust
Darkness - Damnation
Seed a flaming paradise
Can't you see this evil monster
Inside my mind
5. Dreamchaser (3:33)
Sometimes life is like a course
We are bound by
So blind to see that our time is running out
In the big machinery called world
We are their puppets
Left cold and numb
We are the slaves of our own

Wild - Inspiring - Hypnotizing
Take the step - Cross the boundaries

Dreamchaser we are
Escape the nightmare
The voice in your heart
Dreamchaser light up the dark
Light up the dark

Sometimes life seems to be a dream
We have just to wake up
Waiting for the call that
We have to break the spell
Only the reality knows there is no mercy
Of you fight
You can make your dreams come true

Deep in the dark we are hunting for the light
Listen to your heart and we will burn
We will burn the night

We are the light in the dark
6. Battalions of the Holy Cross (3:57)
Burn it down in the name of god
Rise to send you the grace of our lord
We are guided by his will
Blessed will be our swords
Spread the faith with a sea full of blood

March into a holy battle
To fight the sinner - To fight the devil

Battalions of the holy cross
Killing in the name of god
Battalions of the holy cross
They will burn your lies for sacrifice
Crusaders born to die

Raise your arms join the army of light
Show no mercy we're ready to kill
Ready to fight
We are marching through the gates of fire
Start the flame - Higher and higher
In the name of god we will fight
7. Blood Alliance (4:24)
Dark alliance - Breed of the night
Driven by the taste of blood
Unholy creatures - Covered by moonlight
Call for the vampiric bite
They smell the fear deep in your veins
Feel every beat in your heart
They find you where ever you are
Wherever you hide

Your holy blood runs down
Fulfil my hungry mind
One bite - You'll be mine
Blood Alliance

Servants of demonic horde
Lusting for the virgin blood
Feed their hunger with an eternal kiss
Immortality - Disbelief
The poison of their dark deceit
Take new life without pain and grief
They smell the fear deep in your veins
Hear every breath you take
They find you where ever you are
Wherever you hide

Now run for your life
Beware the children of the night
Surrender and become one of my kind

Your skin - My delight
Drink the essence of the night
8. Speedracer (3:37)
My wheels start to burn the road
Inhale the sweet taste of the dust
The engine is roaring
Game reset I am ready for the blast
A fire inside of me rising high
Ready to explode
I feel the power - The energy
Like a beast out of control

No one can stop the king of the road
Adrenaline and fuel's reload

I'm a speedracer - Chainbreaker
I am hunting the eye of the storm
Speedracer - Stormchaser
I can't get enough - My need for speed

Eternity straight ahead
Man and machine bound to be free
I gamble with hell - Everyday
That's my way to be
Horizon so far away
But we are born to reach the sky
All that we need - Power and speed
Motor generation breed

No one can stop the king of the road
I am diving into infinity
9. Where Ravens Fly (5:19)
No longer you can keep me here
No reasons left to stay
In a place so cold and full of fear
Laying six feet under in my grave
I see a distant shadow
Spreading wings in a dying light
Locked in a dark place
Where the dead are alive

Can’t keep on moving
Cause I am feeling paralyzed
Black eyes are starring at my soul
They come to take me away

Your time has come you're gonna die
Black wings coming down the sky
Now await the afterlife
Where the ravens fly
Between darkness and the light
Bringer of eternal life
A place our souls divide
Where the ravens fly

My world has changed forever more
When I choose to unlock this secret door
Immortality my new life has just begun
Reborn in a world beyond the living ones
10. Black and White (4:07)
Tell me why I feel so empty
All the colored memories fade away
Who's the one - Putting me in this situation
See the world turn into black and white

Broken shades of my reality
And the blackened skies
Covered the glory days
Lose my way trying to step away
From all the truth
Not recognize myself - Myself anymore

Left alone in this cold world
Where I am on my own

Paint my world black and white
Trapped here till the end of time
All your words a bitter lie
A cut so deep into my life
Tell me what's wrong or right
I will leave it all behind
Shooting me down and let me die
Broken wings cannot fly

Take a look in the bleak mirror of my soul
In your game I just take the second role
The whole time my eyes
Were just too blind to see
For the reflections of what
What I supposed to be
11. Silent Symphony (4:56)
The golden seasons fallen
I feel the months of mourning came
I catch the last ray of the sun
The essence of my dream
Hear the wind plays a melody
While the leaves fall slowly down
Wistful eyes
A pity sigh listen when the winter sounds

We fade away by the cold of the day
Like a flame dies in the rain
When the silence comes again
And the fallen leaves cover the fields
Taken by the breeze of a silent symphony

A poem of the withered woods
Is carved in their bark
Told about forgotten times
The speech of olden rhymes
Upon the sky fall opens up his eyes
And the silence returns
Frozen tide
Immortalized in this circle of time
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