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A Fragile King Full Album Lyrics

Vallenfyre - A Fragile King cover art

A Fragile King

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  86 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > V > Vallenfyre Lyrics (23) > A Fragile King Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 10 DevilDoll (2011-11-04)
1. All Will Suffer (4:09)
The river dies
Into rapture

All will suffer this foul shame
This ultimate infection
A carrion snuffs the inner flame
Ravages with passion
Oh the hellish procession of pain
Hearts filled with gloom
Until the shell of man remains

Grim remorse and bitter cries
Consume my blackened core
Stare into the clouded eyes
And save this poor wretch before
The hellish procession of pain
Hearts filled with gloom
Until the shell of man remains

Rather than conceive this human mockery
With fists clenched in horror
Curse the blind avenging treachery
Eternally haunted
2. Desecration (4:56)
Tormented cries
Like nails
Driven into flesh
Cast out the beast
Quench the fire
Within his breast

A fragile king
Pouring bliss into my pain

The mighty leave us
In an ocean of despair
The void between us
Becomes a cross I cannot bear

Crushed by grief
I seek the void,
The black,
The bare
A desecration
A burden I can't share
3. Ravenous Whore (3:02)
Thorn in my side
Bane of my life
Constant descent into misery
Taken my pride
Tortured my mind
Take what's left of my dignity

I'd rather suffer
The leaping flames of hell
Imprisoned for all time
And endless hell

Trapped by a lie
Death by my side
Grotesque and vile impurity
Mercy denied
Bitter divide
As I suffer
This human indignity

The air is black,
I tear at my lungs and vain
No tears can ever wash away this pain

A ravenous whore
4. Cathedrals of Dread (3:52)
I see endless destruction
It's killed more than any world war
And I don't think I can take this any more
I spit on your doctrine
The tyranny on which you depend
What will you do when it all comes to an end

Such pious displays
Breathe life into the corpse of God
A mindless parade
Victims of the grand deception

The horror of reality
Cathedrals of dread

A morbid delusion
Threatened by the pits of hell
Abandon confusion
And surrender to your own free will

Your Christ has betrayed us here
And even death himself has lied
And even though eternity betide
Alas we have again to fear
5. As the World Collapses (3:13)
As the world collapses
Flames rage in desolate eyes
Go join the masses
The broken bones
From a past disease can't lie

Kill the innocents
The whispers of immolation
Burn the witches
Hear my plea
To stop the abomination

The Sun bore down
On this fathomless despair
A fallen crown
The stench of evil fills the air

To the abhorred

The stinging hail
Of the treacherous reign
With scars so deep
Living a life flogged
And bound in chains
6. A Thousand Martyrs (3:24)
This rife
And decadent decay
Despise the fools
That triumph from our pain

A thousand martyrs
Will never know the grief that I feel

Amidst the crowd
Baying for my blood
One day the tide will turn
The doomed rise
The flock will burn

A thousand martyrs
Will never know the grief
That I feel
7. Seeds (4:45)
Dreams of a former lifetime
Scattered by the flame
No eye from heaven
And nothing but a name

Resign my heart
Poor beast sleep sound
For the seeds have spread
The blackest of days
Farewell my king
You must rest your head

I face an eternal winter
Without you I will cease
You were my idol
I am your priest

Resign my heart
Poor beast sleep sound
For the seeds have spread
The blackest of days
Farewell my king
You must rest your head
8. Humanity Wept (2:18)
Ignorance breeds
Prey on the week
Crushes the will
Tortured beneath

Sacrificed to a world too blind to care

Born to decay
Devoid of grace
Blind to the truth
Total disdain

Sacrificed to a world too blind to care

Blacken the earth
Venomous greed
Rivers of blood
Twisted belief
Oblivion nears
Endless abyss
Humanity wept for the ones left behind

Sacrificed in a world beyond repair

Humanity wept for the ones left behind
As the world buns to death
The flames caress the sky
9. My Black Siberia (3:49)
Annihilation of wretched lives
Avarice grips a world too weak to care
The culmination of mankind's vice
A holocaust while people stand and stare

My black Siberia
The spawn of a ravaged domain

Thirsting for tyrants blood
Conquered liberty betrayed
Dead bodies stem the flood
A wasteland again

The dismal cries of wolves resound
The nameless crowd are trampled to their doom
Systematic genocide
Kill the pigs and all that they consume

My black Siberia
A thousand years left to decay

Save the dispossessed
Destroying the grotesque
10. The Divine Have Fled (3:41)
Abominations lure us to their side
Infuse the venom of my spite

Flogging the brute sun
Drown in a mirage of agony
Gorge the tyrant
Accept defeat

The divine have fled

Oh foul magnificence
Sublime disgrace
His monstrous last desire I have to face

At my side the demon writhes forever
Only when we drink poison are we well
As I breathe he burns my lungs like fever
You suffered these defilements silently
As you fell
11. The Grim Irony (4:39)
Cast out by the vile horde
Raped and brutalised
A stain on humanity
Stripped of all my pride
For all those who died
From this grim irony

A chorus of discordant cries
Degraded by the misery

These fools yearn for extinction
The rapturous halls of death
The exiled will rise together
To punish the wickedness of man

Condemned to a living hell
Flogged and crucified
A mindless society
Extinction of mankind
For the ones who cried
Accept this the grim irony

An angel with murderous eyes
Eviscerate my legacy

Destroy this reign of obscenity
Bring the righteous to their knees
The desolate shall have their vengeance
Seas of blood will cleanse their greed

The corpse of a frozen Sun
Wept in solitude forever
The war has only just begun
Global genocide
Forget heaven

Monumental tragedy
The grim irony
Sent to punish me
The grim irony
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