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Random Cosmic Violence | Full Album Lyrics

Usnea - Random Cosmic Violence cover art

Random Cosmic Violence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
LabelsRelapse Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-03)
1. Lying in Ruin (12:23)
Godless, godblessed? Godhead, behead it.
Yahweh, Mithra, Baal, Beelzebub.
delirium dreamt, darkness plunged,
a great beyond, the vastest void
blackest jest, a bleak comedy,
synapses fire, in cosmic aberration.
illusions, shadows, delusion
assailing every last neuron, in a failing mind
now utterly relieved , of conscience and consciousness.
torture, the blind, the terror, of god.
infects, our minds, infects, our children
intelligent design? or sadistic cruelty?
baffling devastation, a disgusting premise.
Find the meaning, in absolute filth...
Lying in ruin, until the lie is truth.
2. Healing Through Death (14:19)
Paracelsus, doused in blood
on a night clear, bathed in moonlight
necromantic shroud, entombed in flesh
clamor for... each drop purged
tonic of might, tincture of siege
elixir of malice, portent ominous
fatal formulas, distilled victories
enemies lain waste, corpses still warm
negative energy, souls entombed
rise my children
sweep over the living hordes
odious deception immortal rebirth
deluded inflation proselytize self-worth
horrid wilting, evil desiccation
vile ascension, pale masters
pestilence contagion medicinal cannibals
3. Random Cosmic Violence (14:43)
epochs of pandemonium
whence order corrodes to chaos
demonic aberrations
of the cosmic condition, conditioned.
salvation tantalizes with delusion
comeuppance visited by illusion
incredulity at the mire of
cosmic savagery, grotesquery
helpless in vain, no document of pain
demented plight, no glimpse of light,
eternal night, born just to spite
absence of right or wrong
Just ever seething on... until all is gone.
Star Death Submission
Black Time Dilation
Event Horizon
Dense Space Formation
Nebulous Creation Ignition
Chaos Bind Destruction
Starts Begins with Ends.
Infinity's edge, the dark horizon
Light falls, no escape
Turbulent clouds spin in Space
Sucked in, Time infinite
Sights seen in new dimensions
Matter crushed to quantum beginnings
Parties shifted, planes upended
At the edge you see no ending
Energy recycled for stars and beings
disorder abstraction collision diffusion
4. Detritus (15:46)
Echoes of destruction fill the void
With existence comes pain, a hollow ascension
knelt down sprung forth apostasy River Lethe
darkness nemesis anthropos in repose
Elysium emanation ashen waste defiled
stamped out in Asphodel mourning streams of woe
mythos sullen to reckon meaningless lies
To explain transcendence in modern lexicon
The order corrodes, annihilation is all
Nothingness' edge, Oblivion's gate
our folly of hubris, mists close in
Detritus, lamentation, for ourselves we cry
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