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Artifacts Full Album Lyrics

The End of All Reason - Artifacts cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-07-31)
1. I, Celestial (5:33)
Enter the immense sea of hollowness and observe the four dimensions. Imprisoned by a benighted sphere and conducted by the powers that be. Affected by feeble minded - foes - to every form of life; Humans intrude. Fled from paradise, to a new haven, corrupting it's eternal roots. Man broke the ancient unwritten code as we became celestials. The apocalypse made us exchange our habitat; a revelation of the true face of the human race. Technology: Savior. The need to control the unknown. Abandoned land and left the weak behind. A new beginning for mankind. Traveling between planets, past the stars. We are the new breed: man version two-point-o. Floating through the cosmos, behold the aurorae as we humanize it all. Colonies on extraterrestrial soil. Simulating gravity. Terraformed the universe. I was born into this world, this is all I've ever known. Elder ones speak of great tragedies and of a past wasted away. Of betrayal, and a past wasted away. Watch the towers rise, lighting up the skies. Planets modified, unnatural. Wiping out the traces of a world named Earth. Nothing but a far and vague memory. Generating life outside the atmosphere, a new chapter unfolds. An outer space utopia is born: The apex of the human mind. I, celestial, savior of mankind, heir to the legacy. But with great progress comes great failure. As man creates, so he destroys. It is our nature, oblivious. We are a flesh made pestilence. Unaware that we are terminal. Claim the sun, start anew. Outer space-born, man=God. We will conquer all and rule everything.
2. The Alignment (7:00)
The prophecies came true when, at the heart of the coldest winters, the world's cycle, abruptly, came to it's end. As they frontally faced the sun and the center of the galaxy, the alignment completed an arcane revelry. Mountains erupting, oceans claiming what once was truly theirs. And so, in a single night of misfortune, Earth as they knew it had collapsed. Rainbows blackened over frozen waterfalls. Doomed is now the third planet from the sun. The most promising one of them all. What a tragedy, this must have been. However, millions of eyes witnessed the downfall, unharmed, from a distance. For long before this event, man foresaw an exit: The evacuation plan. Man's salvation. The feathered serpent had returned to start anew. Exposing Earth's sickness, left to slowly rot away. My thoughts drift away to a time long gone; Our species' history. The end of all they've ever known, a generation wiped away. Thunder roared, deserts flooded, planet Earth spinned off it's axis. The prophets and the fortunate: already free from harm's way. Lightning striked through crimson skies as the planet Earth spinned off it's axis. The prophets and the fortunate: Already safe beyond the clouds. Yet from the deepest of all cracks, through the ruins of eternal shade, cries and whispers reached the surface. Dissonant desperate howls. Very few had chosen to stay. Refusing to follow the herd. Rejecting the new age of man. Thunder roared and deserts flooded. The prophets and the fortunate: Evacuated to secure our existence, for ever more...
3. A Forlorn World (4:31)
Through the ash-drained air and the remains of the cataclysm, passed blackened peeks and uncovered archaic caves, they stand alone. As guardians of their world. Godforsaken. The human residue. Ever believers, activists in passive spheres. Recovering nature's beauty, determined to overcome. Their numbers, slowly fading, as climates shift. Landscapes devoid of life, a million miles of scorched Earth. The dream has been rejected, giving in to primal needs. The wrath of humanity. Cold winds and deafening silence. Welcome to a place called home. Wastelands corrupted by despair, fear and lost hope. Genetic devolution: reverse the chain of being. Basic instincts subjugate, transforming shapes to survive. Man, the alpha predator, protector of the world: an arrogant creature, paying the price. Improved sense of smell and massive hairgrowth, return to bestial form. Back to the basic concept: fuck, kill & destroy. One by one, falling in the arms of agony. The downward spiral, no own identity. Here on the verge of judgement day's dawn, man (1.0) stands before the threshold of life. Mindless hordes; once shepherds, proud and strong. Now but an idiot swarm, forsaken by the gods. Yet from the deepest caves, survivers rise. The outcasts, still intact. Evaders of the plague, storming through the ashes. Changing their destiny. Escaping from a world they could not save. Believers... Pride will always come before the fall. Now traveling upwards, to meet us once again. And so another chain reaction will come to exist
4. The Outbreak (6:16)
Welcome to the future, where mankind survives. Spread across the universe, far above the skies. Living in harmony, no longer just a vision. The concept succeeded, our race living on. Evolved, improved, as one. For aeons and aeons to come. Plagues and diseases, they are nonexistant. Erased all poverty and religious ideals. A wonderful portrait of social perfection. Up until now... Light up the beacons! Panic spreads like fire for reasons yet unknown. Questions unsolved. While chaos instantly reigns, hysteria claims the hearts of mankind to lay fear upon our race. For after thousands of years of traveling, Earth's survivors have arrived, made it passed the stars. Long lost their human form. Tonight, when Mercury falls, ash turns to dust, eternally floating. And when we stand face to face with depths beyond abysmal proportions. Man versus man, falling victim to a past of lies and neglect. For the outbreak will seal the faith of the worlds tonight. Governmental actions must take place. Blocking all entries. Quarantined the entire population. Preventing mass departure and further contagion. But as the first victims transform, all hope gets lost. No one could foresee this. When I stand face to face with depths beyond abysmal proportions, I'm prepared, presumptuous, not scared. Awaiting my destiny with arms open wide, when suddenly I'm pulled into the sky. Blinded by a brilliant white light. I am the chosen one. For after millions of years of traveling Earth's survivors have arrived, made it past the stars. Carrying Mother Earth's disease; infectious. Lost sons from a wretched tomb, crusaders of a failed black world. Dystopia. Our new system in flames. Man versus man, falling victim to a past of lies and neglect. For the outbreak will seal the faith of the worlds tonight. Dark eternal, as the outbreak will seal our faith. The faith of the worlds. Yet I shall transcend, above and beyond. To begin the quest to undo this tragedy.
5. Time Odyssey (12:41)
The council was reunited. Taking measures in desperate times. A team was assembled to go back through time. Handpicked by the prophets, to inspect our past. To gather the artifacts, lost by mankind. To rebuild our society. To get rid of our misery. As I'm facing the time traveling device I stand in awe. What a glorious sight. Chosen to be part of this unite, reasons still undefined. As heroes of a new generation. The quest from the cradle of life. Artifacts from a distant world; perished, lost, forgotten. Overlooked when we first departed. Yet essential in every way. Fire, water, Earth, air, aether: A recipe as old as the sun. And so we travel back through time. Leaving every thing we know behind. To explore and ancient dying world and obtain it's powerful sources.
Day 1. The odyssey through time.
Past the rings of Saturn, through the majestic nebulae we float. Past the pillars of creation, we dive into the great unknown. Unraveling the secrets of our past to secure the promise of our future. And when the clouds beneath us open up, and the soil of the Earth comes near, sunlight obstructs our vision. Feel the blistering heat of the sun. Behold the world where it all began. As I'm facing the Earth, from above the ground, I stand in awe. What a glorious sight. Chosen to be part of this unite, reasons getting clear. As heroes of a new generation. As the veil gets lifted, our future is at stake. We reach out to undo what we created. Death always lurked in the shadows, awaiting to conquer it's prey. hear us sing our swansong... With the words of the gospel of doom. As the veil gets lifted our future is at stake. End our demise, I shall fight with every ounce of strength that's left. We will prevail. I won't give in, dying's not an option. I will see the light of day at mankind's resurrection. The sighting was bright on day 7, yet my hands were trembling. We made it this far, yet the journey has only just begun. My mind lips into a lucid state as we land on the surface. Everything we've ever lived for will not be thrown away. And so it begins...
6. Trespassing the Spheres over the Sand Grain Tombs of Sumeria (5:55)
Behold, the sun; the great disk of light. Sandstorms at dusk blackening our eyes. Pearls of sweat cover my skin as it melts away. We have entered the realm of Osiris. The quest has begun, the era of man shall live on. Traveling back and forth, cross the river of Neilos. Searching the writings in stone, looking for answers. A shadow fell over the great pyramids. Beings from the future returned. To collect what they claim is theirs. To collect what we claim is ours. Day 9. At dawn we rush through the sand. Scorpions and snakes did antagonize. Through mummified remains and fertile black soil, carving our names in the ground, forever. Going where the burning winds will take us! Our journey will not be in vain, we will ignite the flame of humanity, and it shall be everlasting! Reaching the tombs in the center of the valley of the kings, as moonlight falls over the desert. Nocturnally, ever so silent. Through the bones that once endlessly bleached in the sun, lies the first piece of the puzzle that will bring us to our salvation. Descending into the tombs. And as we uncover the relic we need, a vision of death rises up. Oh, what an odious scene, hands covering our eyes, for a giant with the head of a jackal appeared. Pounding a dozen of our finest young men into dust. Quickly grab what we need, and make your way out of here! No time for bravery, forget "one for all". We'll meet them all again, in a better place, in the afterlife. Let the light of Horus guide us out of this land and into the next. Our mission, our voyage, our quest is far from accomplished.
7. Universe Chronicles Pt.1 (3:02)
In a world that was left behind; somber, obscure, ghosts of an ancient order roamed the darkened moor. Lifeless, devoured, exiled. Seeking for arcane life. no rock on Earth is left unlifted. Dissecting it's putrid core. It's labyrinth exposed, unravelled. High pulse, cold skin, fatigue, no sleep. Travel, non-stop, intrude, collect: The dance of discovery. From the Mayan temples to the arctic plains. Day 65, underneath a pale grey sky, the unite is driven to madness. Unable to carry this burden. Falling prey to ourselves. Embraced by the dark.
8. Universe Chronicles Pt.2 (3:21)
9. The Return (8:39)
The tension rose on day 95, as each of us got pulled in the stream of conceit. Obsessed with the objects we unearthed. As cenobites we made our way back home. Consumed; this journey ate away our virtues. It feasted upon our righteousness and self control. Conducted by a forceful will unknown. What if one could steal man's legacy and use it for himself? Leaving the big black marble, as we look into eachother's lifeless eyes. Fate; the fate of our existence is what we transport. Yet a final challenge seems to be unfolding: The return. I'm turning around, struck by the sound, bullets are coming from every side. As I realize man's will to rule it all has overcome, overthrown, once again... Focus; I must remain alive and move on, our destiny is at stake. Weaklings! Unable to withstand the will to power. Each man is yearning to get his hands on our sacred treasure. Their self control is no match for it's magnetic fields. And as the others try to secure their own dominion, I swiftly make my way towards the artifacts. Unnoticed, unseen. For a second I hesitate, do I dare to use them, and receive all the powers of the world in order to eliminate their lost souls? I'm not designed for this. This was never part of the plan. What impact will this have? I don't know... But time is running out and I will make sure my decision is the right one... For the sake of mankind. Rising up, my body; electrified, as I see my self floating away. Bloodred rain piercing through pitch black skies, all I see is lightning blinding me. Cosmic starlight intertwines as static shocks go through my mind. What came next I can not tell, the agony was worse than Hell. Alive; yet my body feels like I've been burnt. Adrenaline is rushing through my ever blackened veins. Vaporized; my skin has turned to ashes. Yet I'm still standing, head is swaying, eyes are open wide. My senses are reactivated and my will is ever determined. The power to control all life is what I possess, my abilities are godlike. I am the cure for my every dying people. My crown is not what I adore. Lives, they must be saved. Saved. And humanity shall redeem.
10. Artifacts (7:10)
11. Barbara (2012 version) (Bonus Track) (8:01)
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