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Time Odyssey Lyrics

The End of All Reason - Artifacts


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
5. Time Odyssey (12:41)
The council was reunited. Taking measures in desperate times. A team was assembled to go back through time. Handpicked by the prophets, to inspect our past. To gather the artifacts, lost by mankind. To rebuild our society. To get rid of our misery. As I'm facing the time traveling device I stand in awe. What a glorious sight. Chosen to be part of this unite, reasons still undefined. As heroes of a new generation. The quest from the cradle of life. Artifacts from a distant world; perished, lost, forgotten. Overlooked when we first departed. Yet essential in every way. Fire, water, Earth, air, aether: A recipe as old as the sun. And so we travel back through time. Leaving every thing we know behind. To explore and ancient dying world and obtain it's powerful sources.
Day 1. The odyssey through time.
Past the rings of Saturn, through the majestic nebulae we float. Past the pillars of creation, we dive into the great unknown. Unraveling the secrets of our past to secure the promise of our future. And when the clouds beneath us open up, and the soil of the Earth comes near, sunlight obstructs our vision. Feel the blistering heat of the sun. Behold the world where it all began. As I'm facing the Earth, from above the ground, I stand in awe. What a glorious sight. Chosen to be part of this unite, reasons getting clear. As heroes of a new generation. As the veil gets lifted, our future is at stake. We reach out to undo what we created. Death always lurked in the shadows, awaiting to conquer it's prey. hear us sing our swansong... With the words of the gospel of doom. As the veil gets lifted our future is at stake. End our demise, I shall fight with every ounce of strength that's left. We will prevail. I won't give in, dying's not an option. I will see the light of day at mankind's resurrection. The sighting was bright on day 7, yet my hands were trembling. We made it this far, yet the journey has only just begun. My mind lips into a lucid state as we land on the surface. Everything we've ever lived for will not be thrown away. And so it begins...
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The End of All Reason - Artifacts
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