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Destructive Patterns of Creation Full Album Lyrics

The Deathisodes - Destructive Patterns of Creation cover art

Destructive Patterns of Creation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. The Faith Remains (4:04)
his is your last chance to say goodbye
To the kingdom of your one and only child
Say goodbye

Doesn’t matter who you are
Doesn’t matter where you’re from
This is the hunting ground
On which you slay your demons down

So hunt them down
Strike out their fear
Throw them up against the ropes

This place will burn in a sorry state of affairs
Search for the catalyst
That will bring downfall to whats left to die
They cannot breath, their struggle will not prevail
A separate nation that waits for you
Their hearts won’t beat no more

So hunt them down
And strike out their fear
Their will beat no more

So keep guard cause they will stab you in the back
Brace to stand your ground
They always want to leave you last

Their hearts beats gone
There is no pulse
Their hearts beat no more
The pulse is gone

So take this chance and make this last one count
You will survive through misery and doubt
Don’t take the risk in letting someone go
Your faith remains through misery and doubt
2. Blood on Empty Fields (4:44)
In-tuned with the masters of the art
His steel vanquishes his foes
Their death contained in his blade,
His soul a channel for their vengeance

At the alter of old
A blow struck to armour
Pierced skin and tore at bone
His katana drenched in gore

Summoned from immortal tongues
The oni of war and violence
From the cursed samurai of old
Sealed in his sword of woe

Blood on empty fields
Drawn from the blade of the oni
Your honour has been shattered
Now only death from seppuku
3. Dead Arising (4:58)
Inked in with blood and sweat
Trapped into time and distance
My life becomes on hold
This source of power feeds me
The dead of all our souls

I saw the book right before my eyes
mutilated, desiccated
Klaato Verrata Nikto
I said your words now send me home

I read your words spell bound
We can take what may come
I'm the guy with the gun
So who wants some?

Defeat the damned souls
This forces book's unknown
What are you, are you me?
Blood sears me
Smite and kill all who leave
To all the carcass heeds
Ill swallow your soul

My cause a place to end hope
We are with those who conquer
The stench will feed and fuel
Rotting blood still seeps
Come cover all our posts
We'll kill and fight to last
We stand and fight the foe
The creatures shadows all

Dead Arise
Worm infested kandarien
demon resurrection passages
Cry havoc let loose dogs of war

This demon rises on this
I need to conjure for this
The dead will walk the earth
from whence of this grim birth
There is no hope or glory
The dead will eat our flesh
I'll beat on your found grave
I'll curse them all astray
4. Cognitive Eclipse (4:33)
Paralysed, eyes fixed upon
This end of a life
Nightmarish, the spectre remains
And so shall I
And so shall I

As the world continues to turn
I am dragged ever forward
Caught in the vessels of time
I am forced to watch her die
To watch her die

Irrational, unreachable
Inside this fragile mind
Nothing but a shadow
To be kept alive

Still the world continues to turn
Nothing will ever change

I cannot save her
Fate to collapse
I cannot leave her
Heartbeat weakening
Consciousness fading
Dying eyes carve into me

This is just irrational, unreachable (Unreachable)
Inside this fragile mind (This fragile mind)
Nothing but a shadow
To be kept alive
Irrational, unreachable (Inside)
Inside this fragile mind (This fragile mind)
Nothing but a shadow (Alive)
To be kept alive
Kept alive

As the world continues to turn
I am dragged ever forward
Caught in the vessels of time (Endless time)
I am forced to watch her die

Heartbeat weakening
Consciousness fading
5. Valley of the Wolves (4:24)
Consumed by temptation
the pressure slowly rising
you fall, succumb to
the overwhelming power

Drifting, in nowhere
Try to get back to freedom
No hope, no escape
Can't leave the valley of the
Valley of the Wolves!

You can't escape their sight,
You won't be free from torment,
Forever, their prey,
They hunt you.

Cornered, surrounded
Descent accelerated
Desire to resist
Lies buried

No will, ambition
Drowned through constant transgression
A desiccated husk

Slave, bound to the temptation
Prey, become the sufferer
Fate, chained to your destiny

Slay, all that you care about
Leave, morals and become the
Pain, that you have created
You are worthless

Lustful desire
Recklessly fuels disaster
The path to destruction
Leads to my isolation

Possessed by denial
A tool of my addiction
Forever a slave
To freedom!
6. Soul Bleeder (6:58)
Possessed my mind controlled
by torturous dark entertees
Demons of black contort my
soul in my own home

They speak these words with
pudrid dialogs of mysery
My veins begin to burst
so morbidly deformed

Taking of this flesh
Taking of the soul and all its existence

We are the chosen ones
The torturous dark entertees
Demons of black we do not care
for the grace of god

This sorcery, Diseased
With contorted brutality

We are the ones breakers of the soul
Horders of your nightmares twisting
You will sucum but not for long
Can you feel your bady crippling
7. Destructive Patterns of Creation (8:26)
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