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Evocation of Light Full Album Lyrics

Stortregn - Evocation of Light cover art

Evocation of Light

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-29)
1. Inner Black Flame
There is no redemption hut only a perspective of being

This is the only elucidation for salvation
My Cimmerian side is the direction

This is my final road
Leave me alone

My future is hollow, My future is dark
My flesh is burning

Tonight, I will swallow the black flame

All the achievements
Genuine Abhorrence
My past is done, My past is none
My Mind is fading
'Ibis night, It will be it

The Oblivion ain't my fear
(No fright of the necrosis)
Take me in your arms
(Hold me in your arms)
Your angelic smile
(Your seraphic smile)
Your sight is warning,
My death's enunciation

I am no more...

It was the only elucidation for salvation
My Cimmerian side was the direction

It was my final road
Leave me alone
My future is hollow, My future is dark
My flesh is burning
In perpetuum, I'm swallowing the black flame
2. Epitaph - An Evocation of Light
I have seen the stone,
Used to mark your final resting place
I have smelt the stench,
Of the ground in which you remain,

Chained to life by fear,
Your vital organs now turn to sludge
Buried, beneath millions years of life

Realm of forms is now shatter
The chance to escape my bonds,
To corrupt matter

Illuminated I am, in the Light of Sophia!
3. Between Shadows and Souls
Lurked are all the thoughts
Compassion is lost
The balance between boredom and sadness is dazed

Between the shadow and the soul
Entity is far away

Under the great light of Erebus
Emptiness is supreme
Your grotesque guise is undeniable

Between the shadow and the soul
Entity is lesser

The Call is coming
Closer and closer
A radical change for insanity
4. Negative Theology
By our absolute beings,
Judging our fate by misleading thinking
Toward our innocent mind

Together as one, Together as none
United for harmony, united for loss
Negate to reach answers beyond words

Apophatic chaos reveal the anti-cosmic path!

Apophatic theology

Seeing our acts
Through our never ending wars
Strengthen our minds
To transcend the I and affirm the Self
5. Moonshade
Nightfall is coming

The perfect circle above is mirroring the surface

Once again Selene's cherub is hereabouts
When she saw once in the ruins, the post mortem being

She screams still and forevermore,
Through the ages, through endless times

Over and over again, she hopes for the end of time

The dawn will come...
6. A Mournful Saraband
Forlorn jester, you came from an unknown province
Your mighty gesture is cursing the king's court
Devil in disguise, doing the macabre dance
7. So Much Dust...
Plain field, apocalyptic sunset,
This wind oh... so uncertain,

Corpses of animals lying on the floor
As I trampled over them to feel yet so alive...

Water has been intoxicated,
Leaving the aspect of nature far behind
The biosphere has been doomed...

As I, with fallen Gaïa,
Stand alone with so much dust...
8. Thoroughfares
From Microcosm to Macrocosm,
At the crossing of life and death

Mighty mistress, guide my hand
For my acts are Thine

Trivia Hekate - Chaos manifested
Nocticula Hekate - Aëschma-daëva!

Arise now, o acosmic Saviour
And wield Thy wrath

Veni Hekate - Chaos manifested
Pandeina Hekate - Aëschma-daëva!

On blood covered path, we walk!

Brimo Hekate - Chaos manifested
Antania Hekate - Aëschma-daëva!
9. The Call
Under the dome where the flesh rots
Along with lost souls
On the river bank covered
With wings of fallen angels, fading...

Let us descend together!

Slowly floating on its repulsive risings
On the river's current,
On the darkened waves
Letting myself drift, inside the stream
Where the spring perishes...

A new era is coming,
Swapping the minds of the lost ones

Under the dome
Where presence is vanishing
Along with the lost souls
On the river bank covered with wings
Of fallen angels, fading...

Ah! Calling Us Together!
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