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Doom Philosophy Full Album Lyrics

Sorrows Path - Doom Philosophy cover art

Doom Philosophy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-18)
1. First Beam of Darkness into Light (Intro) (1:17)
On that morbid day I was defeated
And my whole life changed forever
2. Tragedy (3:58)
A tragedy is a lesson for the wise
Don't cry for me, give you a nice surprise

A dead corpse, no hero
A dirty worm, true zero
A dim light, that's dying
I'm bleeding in pain

When I met my grey destiny
I just laughed for my demise
My philosophy awoke
And I stood this deadly price

I die alone, my power is so huge
Give me more pain to heal my deeper wounds

When I met my grey destiny
I just laughed for my demise
My philosophy awoke
All my troubles were so nice

When I met my grey destiny
I just laughed for my demise
My philosophy awoke
It was a lesson for the wise
3. A Dance with the Dead (5:56)
It's not a filthy mirage or a dark lie
The corpses dance with men, a dance of lust and pain

No one could understand this deadly sin
I'll please my mind to forget the images I see

We crave for this dirty dance, a morbid fantasy
We've seen it in our dreams, in our sickest dreams

The dance with the dead will steal your last breath
You'll pray for the end, now believe...
The dance with the dead, a passport to hell
You'll pray for the end, now believe...

Yes, yes...believe!

Death is not the biggest curse as I see now
These scenes I can't describe, please let me leave

I know we're sick, psychotics full of pain
This price we have to pay, I'll pray this time to come

Dance, macabre dance

The dance with the dead
4. Brother of Life (5:41)
Come to me brother and friend
Tell me what you feet up there
The time pass so we'll meet again
I don't believe that you're not here

Wake up my brother of life
Stand up from the black you lie
Wake up but I know you can't
Because you breathe hard in the dark

Hungry minds for loyal souls
They're wanting yours to take it away
A man's mistake cost your life
And you won't ride again your love

Be strong my bro and your soul will be free
From the sea of black and blank
So you can ride again

Wake up my brother of life
Stand up from the black you lie
Wake up and I know you can
Because you will ride to life again

God bless your soul my brother...
5. Everything Can Change (5:42)
I see your thirst for my blood
Your empty look gives me hell
A distant friendship comes back again
A bloody breath reminds death

Today I see a new horizon for your majesty
I understood that everything can change

My holes opened, I am trembling now
I'm longing for your sweet pain
Your macabre treasures shoot me high
A lustful sarcasm foretells the end

Everything can change!

The strong mind manipulates the fate
There's no control for the thought

Wrath, greed, sloth, pride
Lust, envy

"Once I was a ruler, the almighty
And I used to take pleasure in torturing them...
But what the hell?...now that I am diminished...
Nov that my nerves and my whole lifeblood
Are almost exhausted...
On this morbid moment,
I am tasting the biggest lust I've ever felt...
The lust from my demise!"
6. The King with a Crown of Thorns (6:01)
As I'm looking through my life, all my past deeds
I enjoy my clear conscience, but they tore me down
I'd found chains in place of wood
My cradle was my prison
My silent sigh goes to my father
For all the tears I've shed

I've been killed a thousand times
A life full of wounds
I took the blame for every mistake done
The pain was all mine

I'm the king with a crown of thorns
The troubadour of life and death
Never lived, I was never born
Reaching sympathy to the end
I'm the king with a crown of thorns
There's no need for revenge
Not a cancer on the earth
The only outcast of fate

I've tasted milk from poisonous breasts
They raped my mother Mary
My silent vow goes to my father
To bring a new dawn

Oh...The king with a crown of thorns

Don't try to kill me now, I'm immortal
I've passed the test of death
Bow to me and cry loud and clear
"You are our Master"
7. The Venus and the Moon (3:55)
You promised gold to exchange my soul
You want to guide my destiny
Promised money, fame, power
You never think who I am

You promised servants and sad slaves
So I can rule their destiny
Captured hearts that call my name
You never think who I am

The gates of my heaven have opened for me
The Venus and the Moon made me strong and free

I'm strong and please don't cry for me
I'll never hurt you 'cause I will bleed
Take your goods away from me
You never think who I am

Go away!
Out of my way!

I'm strong and please don't cry for me
I'll never hurt you 'cause I will bleed
Take your goods away from me
You'll never know who I am

The gates of my heaven have opened for me
Your venom and your lies made me strong and free
8. Epoasis (5:53)
Filthy rags, worn and torned apart...
Lost in thoughts of mine...l can't be sure
Shivering in trance...
As my descent comes to an end
Redemption...this can't be for real
Awaken mesmerized...by the magnitude of loss


Muted words of wisdom, float around the dream
You should pay attention, they could set you free

And it grows stronger and stronger
As you feed it with lies and your greed
And it poisons the plane all around you
Your mind belongs to it

Laid eggs of hatred, a truth beyond belief
Hidden seeds of mankind, children to a dead tree

It turns darker and darker
As you feed it with lies and greed
And it poisons your mouth and your thinking
Your eyes appeal to it

These are the stories of the failed
The passion turns into dust
Burst into tears with a laugh
Abstract pictures of your lost
9. Clouds Inside Me (5:07)
I took this thought and I made flesh
A dirty flesh that scared my mind again
I paid the price for my little self
A heavy price that filled my mind with pain

Waiting for me, I lost myself
Where I must go?
Waiting from me, I lost my mind
What can do?

Clouds have killed my beliefs and
I think that they're not mine
All the promises were just narcissistic lies
I don't belong to myself; they came and stole my life
How can I die, to exist no more?

I spoke to me and I laughed alone
A bitter laugh that made me cry again
I searched for me and I found a black hole
A big black hole that swallowed my last dreams
10. Darkness (6:19)
I can't avoid this deadly pain
My body hurts by all my crimes
I have to break the silence
But it's impossible for me to speak
When I lay down to sleep
I remember these dreams
Why they can't be reality?
I need some pleasure without pain

The darkness calls my soul, my desires lost in the void
I've found the emptiness and I drowned into my tears
So is the fate of man, his desires bring pain
He can't escape this circle, communion he must find

I don't recognize myself
I cry without a logical reason
When I'm trying to find new lands
The death doors open for me wide
How far goes the journey?
Disappointed I've reached the end
Is there justice, who decides?
The only answer is total darkness

Give me riches, I wanna rule
Oh, I'm famous, look at me
You dirty whore, suck me, ahh...
I'm wise, my spirit is very strong
Will I marry a beautiful rich man?
I want to be the mistress of their minds, a ha!!!
11. Damned (O)fish/L.S.D. (6:57)
I. Undercover Perversion
II. Sexual Attraction
III. Bridge to Abnormality
IV. Sadistic Delicate Beauty
V. Unequal Battle
VI. A Victory for the Defeated
VII. Another Bridge to Abnormality
VIII. Sadistic Delicate Beauty
IX. Unequal Battle
X. Another Victory for the Defeated
Xl. Attack
XII. Begging for Mercy (or for more pain)
XIII. Attack
XIV. Begging for Mercy (or for more pain)
XV. All is Lost
XVI. Brutality Reigns
XVII. Bridge to Death (Orgasm)
XVIII. Deadly Orgasm
XIX. Orgasmic Death
XX. The Final Victory for the Defeated
XXI. Surrender
XXII. Certain Surrender
XXIII. Brutality Gives Death
XXIV. Only Death is Eternal...

Eternal...this is the end of my Sansara...this is my Nirvana
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