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The Abhorred Blessings | Full Album Lyrics

Somrak - The Abhorred Blessings cover art

The Abhorred Blessings

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsDecadence Through Ruination
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-05-25)
1. Trumpets of Malevolence (4:04)
The sound of atrocities spread temptation
And men embrace sin with joy
Inhaling the splendid darkness of His
Wishing lungs turned black as night
Suffocated by doom
Feeling the hands wrining their necks
The cold grasp
Which none shall survive

With faithful ears they listen
To the devil's tunes
As they agonly dance
Unholy dance of death
The malevolent trumpets
Are playing it's tribute
When the end of the ritual comes
Those possessed shall be no more

Trumpets of malevolence announce the arrival
It's sound is the sharp spear grinding through their ribs
Possessed by the sinful melody
As proceeding in shadows of Satan

He is the trumpet of malevolence
Playing the apocalyptic tunes of death
It's sound is the sharp spear grinding through their ribs
2. Banished into the Void (5:09)
I have devoured the angel's flesh
I have drank the devil's blood
The venom that runs in my veins
Sipping from depths of his reign

Seeing the world with flames embraced
There in their blood I was baptised
My soul banished into the void
In the lair of countless crypts

All life of nothing worth
The burden to trial of damned

Spawned from sin
Now sin I am

I as end of life have fallen
My flesh my blood fades away
As the gullets lurk for more

Final path here it ends
Redempting catharse for mind divine
A crown of fate from me it shall be passed
To those who await upon my wane
3. Murmurs of Diseased Tongues (4:08)
The plaguing murmurs of diseasing tongues
Reaching to pervert lamentations of the foul god
A flame of sickness burns within the prisoning flesh
As slow as slayment by the slayer the hawk

The stench of dust sorrounding the inmasked face
Carresed by mildew a thousand times and more
With pleasurement we are causing your derision
As rotting in death we are breeding the pain

For we are those of the undivine
A spawn from the curse upon our soils

Another crucifixion in the torchligt flaming red
In rememberabce of your dead god
Never to be returned again
4. Glorification in Loss and Misery (6:14)
Forthcoming fate made of a mind
A broken oath signed with withered blood
The tongue of him shall lick my throat
My grave my layer a dunging decay

My visions clear a battle uncompete
Life as a lie like belief in divine
In misery my hope was giving loss
A death in pride my end glorified

Spirit of mine by devil was raped
Truth unveiled like the repugnant life
Of which all fools so highly speak
Now void shall fill the firing chalice
Which burned for so many years
As passed it was hollow for living desire

Calls from them I hear
Mallets pounding upon my soul
Glory your inverted
For him my life shall be no more

Within my inner sides an obscurital rule
Final desire as the final fading flame
Inflicting by pain of the cold and dark
Showing no mercy to body and soul
Glorification in loss and misery
By Satan confounded my disdained life

All frailed now and defeated I kneel
Vomit and blood from my throat wounds fall
From my life burned by miserial loss
Glory that rised was passed to him
5. Lux Nova (5:48)
For centuries we have been hiding
Beneath the era of unlight
Our rising was lost in the unknown
But now salvation calls

A distant scream naming it's death
Profounded wonder once a sculpture of delight
Embraced with flames it slowly decays
It soon will come reborn from it's defiled life
To grant us life in the eternal Eden
Voluptuous pleasure it shall be our guide
As we raise from the depths of the darkness

The screams fade out for it is reborn
Now awaiting it's salvating arrival
But no...
Rising from ashes a so called other light
A light that brings no fortune luck nor glory
It suffocates the life out of benevolent
And leads the path to the eternal doom

Here it comes the scurge of the new light
Striking down what is alive
End to us has arrived

It was the light of the breeding dark
The perish of the mankind reign
End to us has arrived
Upon the four horses of the unlife
6. Howls from the Devil... (5:52)
Carrier of pest spawning from eastern lands
Summoned by the shamans those traitors of good
Howls of the devil echoing in it's sickening mist
Curse in shapes of wind plaguing the holy soil

Winds that are breathen out of decaying lungs
Imbued with stench that of a thousand fallen
Smotering the weaklings cursing their blood their souls
Gusting with him with death and devastation

Esurit - the worthless life will starve
Until the famine calls
Humanity to rats

Bellum - the conquest for the void
As grail falls apart
Existence shall be burned

Pestis - this time no one escapes
In mansions are unsafe
From sickness and decay

Mortus - the last rider arrives
With ridges it destructs
The tortured from before

Storms have passed ruination bounded still
A misting cloud lays over the passed creations
The blackened winds ridden by the devil's wrath
Breeding new rage for innocence of new
7. Crowning of the Morbid King (3:48)
Crown Him let his morbid presence be our flesh
Adore Him let his cruel hands carres our souls
Fear Him let his shadow obscure our minds
Worship Him bow to Him serve Him
Let His sharp horns pierce our hearts

My eyes are reflecting
The glittering of His crown

Walking through corridors of triumph
Bloodletting drawing the Devil's path

Crown Him let his morbid presence be our flesh
Adore Him let his cruel hands carres our souls
Fear Him let his shadow obscure our minds
Worship Him bow to Him serve Him
Let His sharp horns pierce our hearts

Walking through corridors of triumph
Bleeding I found Him at last
Crowning of the morbid king
The glittering crown on Satan's head
8. The Abhor Bless (7:43)
Satan father of denial
An act of your unholy for their feeble souls
When they will rise to repeal the suffocation
Beneath your claws a bless of the abhor
The malediction embracing like rust
Unworthy life embodying the reeking flesh

For time eternal damned to rott
Within the four walls with demons opposing

Their flesh shall dim as spirits are settled
Foul hope remains as light of the dark
Tormenting ages now have begun
For faiths of all those
That kneel before their feeble god
For the last time

Agonly cries are beared into the sky
The soil is soaked with rivulets of blood
Hearts are torn with hands of forlorn
Kingdom of hell feeds with souls of fallen ones

Now there upon the heaps of countless corpses
His sculpture absorbing all life left behind
A scrap of us unwilling to decay
Had discarded burdens
That for so long were beard
We all shall knell to spellhowler of abhor
For He who blessed us the illuminated path
We all shall follow as no one has before
Until we are proclaimed
Proclaimed as Him - the misanthrope
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