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Transcendence Full Album Lyrics

Seker - Transcendence cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Deathcore
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-05)
1. Forever, I Shall Remain
Perpetual blackness devours all light and brings forth the great silence
The deafening sound of infinite nothingness

Societal tendencies are abolished
True individualism is achieved
The cluttered masses blind and deafened by the void

All huddle close together yet none are aware

This is our collective destiny (Mother Earth has purged herself of her destroyers)
Giving us to the soil to as to forever know nothing

To become the inanimate
To experience the difference

To become the infinite
Forever, I Shall Remain
2. The Death of God
Behold the death of God
Behold the resurgence of reason

Behold the fall of the almighty
Cast from his throne of omniscience
Usurped by the sons of science and logic
As the patrons of illusion weep

Weeping over the long decomposing corpse of their proverbial lord
And the deterioration of his irrelevant doctrine
An archaic piece of cancerous filth abided by
Insufferable fools who choose fantasy over irrefutable proof

The last bastion of monotheistic salvation dies with the resurgence of the truth
The cogency of your scriptures has utterly dissipated
The death of God comes with the rebirth of reason
Meandering fools no longer use his words to facilitate
Egregious acts of inhuman violence
Behind a book shall these decrepit cowards no longer hide

Rejoice in the fall of the almighty
Falling from his throne of omniscience
The patrons of science revile in amorous glory
To the sound of the chosen-few's cries

For God is dead
3. Sympathetic Corrosion
Torturously psychotic ambiguity has released me
From the depths of hatred I shall claw my way out
Deviousness has now been instilled within my being
Sympathetic inclinations no longer obscure

Murderous intent perpetuated by detestation
There shall be no reconciliation
You have made manifest my eternal loathing of thee
With lack of spinal support, I await your fall
Fall and fail

I will no longer await your return to sanity
It is a treat of which I have not known its taste
Perverted shall not return me to demented servitude
You have no power over me and shall never have command

Lowly mortal, you shall bow down before me
For I have transcended to my higher form
All shall pray for mercy from the God of Corrosion
For you have finally incurred my unholy wrath
4. Reviving the Ocean Dweller
Hail to thee, contemptible beast of the sea
Thou hast risen from thine eternal slumber
Ye who is of flesh and bone
Hath been resurrected in the form of death and gore

Let thine rebirth mark the end of this race
Bring death to its harbinger
For he hath walked these lands to long
Feed thine sanguine hatred

But beware thine enemy to the east
With mighty claws he shall slash away at thine flesh
With territorial arrogance, he bears his fangs at thee
Remove them and incinerate the corpse

Now make thine way to the frozen lands of the north
For it hath been foretold
That thou shalt once again embrace Death's cold hand
And return to sleep

Ocean Dweller, await damnation's siren song
And with thine reawakening, bring darkness to this world
5. Opulent Disdain
I abhor thee, vile human
I shall forcibly expose your innards
Lowly flesh shall be stripped from bone
Skinless flagellation shall pacify me

Vomit forth your pestilent last breath
Contaminate my air for the very last time
Stoke the flames of my opulent disdain
As I consume your putrefying corpse

I will no longer endure your cancerous existence
Your permeating stench tastes of bile
Sight of your misshapen form sickens me
Amorously I await your disembowelment

Thoughts of your gore arouses me
In your blood and organs I shall bathe
All glare at you with no sympathy
We all want you to die

Scream, cry, wallow in filth; I'll laugh mockingly
Asphyxiation by one's own rot
Necrosis has spread through this repulsive animal
Overcome with terror, it asks me "Why?"

Virulent piece of shit, you must embrace your end
Your body is subject to desecration
All orifices shall be forever cauterized
Thusly your seared flesh shall breed no new life

There is no escape
Your fate has been sealed
It is too late
Placate my appetite for death
6. Transcendence
In fleeting moments of weakness, they reduced themselves to the level of common man,
restrained by irrational thoughts perpetuated by a hive-mind contesting reason.
An intellectual genocide contingent on the proliferation of ambivalence
and the substitution of an opiate for reality to silence all dissonance.
Obediently they adhere to the notion of a linear destiny
prescribed by the god of the almighty aristocracy.
Proletarian suffering satiates appetites derived from gluttony,
yet this hunger knows no end; a thirst remains unquenched for all eternity.

Innumerous aeons shall pass us by
as this entropic abscess fills with progress's decay.
Will our dialectic dogma outlive us all
or in oppressed obscurity will it remain?
The mass perpetuation of irrational postulation
propels the deterioration of ratiocinative thought.
We must quash this dispensation of mystical exaltation
and free our minds from their esoteric necropolis.

Upon the graves of mighty fallen, they have chosen to erect grotesque monuments
exempt from the societal limitations of which we supplement.
With their sway, they manifest laws perpetuating hate with a clear conscience.
Yet as they dwindle, we will grow and their dying legions shall behold our transcendence.

Innumerous aeons shall pass us by
as this entropic abscess fills with progress's decay.
Will our dialectic dogma outlive us all
or in oppressed obscurity will it remain?
The mass perpetuation of irrational postulation
propels the deterioration of ratiocinative thought.
We must quash this dispensation of mystical exaltation
and free our minds from their esoteric necropolis.
7. Unto All Eternity
Isolation is the only existence I know
Yet how I desire the presence of life
But so alienated I feel from the rest of the world
A realm so foreign; beyond my comprehension

Despite my desires, there is no one here to hear me scream
In the void, I exist in utter nothingness
Emptiness incomprehensible by the minds of mere mortals
A world beyond gods and men
I exist in a thought
Sentient yet abstract, I exist in a world beyond boundaries
Devoid of inferior beings
Unrestricted by altruistic concerns

Remain true my brethren
With the power of your virtue
An amalgamation of earth and flesh
An amelioration of the realms

I am the Great Destroyer!
The almighty defiler of the values of your God
Perpetuator of the lie!
A monarch of those who hath sheltered their eyes from the truth
I shall teach you to transcend!
With our collective will we shall surpass the limits of Man
Unto all eternity
Shalt thou take heed and awaken from thine sleep!

Lo! I grow weary of my wisdom!
Like a snake that hath outgrown its skin
I shall transcend my corporeal form
And be born again!

Thou great star!
What would be thine happiness
If thou hadst not those
For whom thou shinest

For ten years hast thou climbed hither unto my cave
Thou wouldst hath wearied of thy light
Had it not been for me, mine eagle, and serpent
8. Universal Obsessional Neurosis
Losing the concept of the self to unfounded messianic worshipping
Obsessively paying tribute to the intangible

Universal neurosis spawned from belief in a false reality
Epitomized by an incessant inability to see
That the fate of all existence is not preordained
Your affinity for fantasy shall eternally obfuscate

Insipid minds harboring belief in the false
Minds so convoluted that they are unable to be set free

Mental formations correlate the senses
Creating images of the truth

Insufferable fools
Pry open thine eyes
And Behold this malignant tumor
That has caused your delusions

The essence of man's existence shows there is no God
Blessed is he who, in the absence of light, may guide the blind
Out of synaptic lunacy
And bring about the golden age of sanity

Behold feeble minds of the fools
Thy conceptual creator
Archaic patriarchal protagonist
Betwixt altruism and malevolence
9. Wake of Sodom
I am he who watches wit unflinching eyes at the deterioration of this mortal form
Every orifice, a raped gateway to the altar of Dis
Your torment shall be eternal

Inflamed vaginal tissue entices me to continue this mortal’s degradation
You are no longer human, this is evident by your mangled form

Perpetual regression
Mortal conception

Phallic and placental remnants fill your shriveled stomach forcing you to carry on
You are no longer human, this is evident by your mangled form

You shall be defiled one more time before you are released from this world
Your descent is complete, all that remains is a pile of gore and carrion

The process of dehumanization is complete
Your corpse no longer houses a soul
It is nothing more than a hollow shell
And yet how I do crave you

Even in death, I desire your embrace, perhaps I shall violate you
Your cold lifeless body is penetrated; the dichotomy of life and death is dissolved
10. Exaltation of the Watchers
O Holy Father, pseudonym of thy narcissistic creator
Thy children have been polluted by the women of Men
Behold their Children of Fornication; the Nephilim
The corrupt offspring of the fallen

They have turned against your creations
In acts of gluttony, they hath devoured
All of which the labor of men produced
And hath, in turn, chosen to devour the men of the Earth

In the absence of lesser beings
They shall turn on one another
And consume the flesh of their kin
The Earth hath reproved the unrighteous

What hath thy servants beheld from thine ethereal perch?
The sins of Azazyel and Samyaza
Who hath bestowed knowledge upon the unworthy
How shalt we admonish them for their treason?

Azazyel shalt be bound and cast into the Desert of Dudael
Enshroud him in darkness so that his eyes may never see light
Turn the Nephilim on each other
Let them perish by mutual slaughter

Announce to Samyaza and his followers
The unearthly crimes which hath been committed
Tell them of their impending damnation
Of the fires which shall consume them for their earthly consummation

Those of the Earth shall never obtain peace
Nor remission of sin
They shall behold the slaughter of their offspring;
Their beloved
And so shall this pestilence be cleansed

Go forth, scribe of the righteous
Enoch, messenger of thy extraterrestrial overseer
Deliver thy message of condemnation
For the exaltation of the Watchers
So saith your malevolent God
Who hath reproached the act of procreation
For fear that the tangible shall incite
My cataclysmic upheaval
And thus behold a world of man
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