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Through the Corrupted Corridors of My Mind Full Album Lyrics

Rotten Light - Through the Corrupted Corridors of My Mind cover art

Through the Corrupted Corridors of My Mind

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
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Lyrics > R > Rotten Light Lyrics (20) > Through the Corrupted Corridors of My Mind Lyrics (13)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-26)
1. Life Is My Prison, Death Is the Escape (2:16)
Life is a Poison, Death is the antidote
Life is an illness, Death is the cure
Life is war, Death is eternal peace
Life is a problem, Death is the solution
Life is my prison, Death is the escape
2. The Way of Self-Destruction (4:45)
Far way from hope
Where pain was no more
I escaped this hate
With my own death
I feel ashamed and left to die
But as always I failed

No respect for myself
No fucking vodka left
No way to escape
Why should I care?

Self destruction
I could not care less
I destroy my self
I every single way
3. Dysania (3:35)
My reality is doomed
Life and death
Connected by pain
Life has destroyed my faith
I do not want to continue

Hate, Depression, Blood
And the robe of despair that looms over the worms
Blood, Depression, Hate
And the beauty that dead eyes contemplate will never be the same

I have moved away from my only light
I do not want to see any more
I do not want to continue
I wanna go back
4. Cold Days of the Past (5:01)
From my Inner
Like a forgotten remembrance
So far away in time
But still present

Alone, like a dismal echo
Without passions
The will to live is gone
As I am trapped in this curse
5. Open Your Veins (3:39)
There is nothingto believe in.
There is nothing in which trust
Time disappears
A body lies in the cover of darkness...

Open your veins
Escape the prison they called life
Open your veins
Escape this torture

There is nothing to believe in.
There is no reason to be alive
A deep pressure nailed in the mind
Come with me
Decay with me

Open your veins
Reject your life
Open your veins
Make one last effort
6. No More (3:17)
Closing in on my emotions, I fear
My senses deadened, hopeless state of mind
No one knows how my heart truly feels
And I don't think I can fight this anymore...

No more, no more no more.
No more.
7. I Am the Black Fog (4:04)
This exquisite silence
This cold that kills me
My flesh dies
My heart does not beat

The sun has never shined
The night was never dark
My blood never scared me

I am the Black Fog
I am the Silence
I represent my own death
I am a waste
8. Under Suicidal Thoughts (4:50)
Drowning in suicidal thoughts

Excluded from the light

Lost in a continuous cycle of depression

Nothing but darkness draining my hope
Screaming thoughts that I can't let go out
Feelings that can't be heard
I Fear Life and Death
I Fear the Future and the Past
I am an insignificant parasite

One way to end all

What is it all about?

I'm breaking all the promises one last time
I can't explain my feelings, but, who cares?
Even if I write a suicide note no one will care
I'm leaving this fucking world, once and for all
Definitely, I'm at the edge of the end
9. Drowning at the Bottom of the Deepest Ocean (5:52)
10. Disturbed Agonies (3:48)
The world trembles around me
My agony is eternal
He talks and makes me
Feel the call

Smile at me one last time
Smile when I cut your flesh
And die drowned in your blood
Do you think in "Hope"?

Is only a nightmare
Like everything in this life
Ashes, everything becomes ashes
All the moments, all the memories

Every good things have and end
But all bad things are eternal
We are a disturbed echo of agony
Lost forever in time
11. Strings of Lost Hope (3:24)
I lost my way
With self inflicted violence
I blame myself
With dreadful hate

Lifetime nightmares
Proclaiming the feared end
I fall from grace
Life seems grim

My strings are torn
I lost my way
With self inflicted violence
I fall from grace
12. Rotten Light, Rotten Dreams (6:16)
Rotten Light, Rotten Dreams
Rotten Past, Rotten Tears

I feel cold
A horrific cold
Despite all I'm still alive
Unfortunately I'm still breathing
My senses are still active as a horrible nightmare
Choosing to live in war
I can die in peace
Who can tell me the meaning of suffering?
I want to immerse myself in the dark
I feel...

Everything collapses
Mere words can destroy all hope
Perpetually condemned to solitude
Masking my eternal pain
Hating the existence, who does not deserve it, myself

Rotten Light, Rotten Dreams
Rotten Past, Rotten Tears
13. Voices (6:45)
Whispering voices
Real as my pain
Singing silent lamentations
Announcing an inevitable end

Controlling my deepest hatred
Wrapping me in madness
Beneath my crystallized eye
You can see the nothingness
You can hear them

Like a Howling from far away
Begging the end of this pain
What do you say?
You Always say the same thing
"Die, Cut, Suicide"

Screaming voices
Real as my pain
Singing loudy lamentations
Announcing an inevitable end
14. Nocturnal Hypothermia (A Cold Death in Solitude) (6:02)
15. Sweet Scars (9:21)
Everything has become cold
The sweet scars open again
Swept away through the pain
Everything has become dark

I joyfully concur with my own blood
Only in this way the silence governs in my head
Deeper cuts inhabit my skin
I go through the planes to the Negative Existence
I Bleed, and I smile

I can feel how death embraces me
I can feel the end, the darkness
Life escapes through my wounds
Life is only a dream

Pain is no more
My blood dapples the floor
Depression is now gone
A distant voice cries
A distant voice is disturbed
This life is a lie
And I want to see the truth

Shards of life lost
Shards of life gone forever
Empty crystalline eyes
Staring at nothingness

Carving a perfect design in the skin
The only reason for this
Is that nothing that I have lived is worth
Grief, solitude, pain

Scars, my sweet scars
Created with all my hate
Created with all my pain
Created with all my sorrow
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