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Metal Strikes Back Full Album Lyrics

Rocka Rollas - Metal Strikes Back cover art

Metal Strikes Back

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-01)
1. Night of the Living Steel (5:43)
Look on the horizon
Armies of darkness are marching to your town
We are coming to defend
from invaders we’ll bring them down
Forged in blood we descend
Sounds of the steel will echo through your head
for all eternity
Kill the enemy well fight until the end

Swords in the sky with metal and pride
Fighting for the steel with power and might

Night of the living steel (x3)
We are riding for glory through infernal flames

The thunder is raging
The power of metal has brought us to this hall
Forever we’re fighting
Our sounds is so loud it will tear down the walls
Defending the legacy
of the ancient heroes from all around the world
They teach us the ways of steel
But we are the ones who will keep spreading the word

Night of the living steel!
2. Metalive (5:43)
My axe has fallen like thunder through the years
At night I walk the streets to find them all
A sonic blast through amps of steel
No chance to hide at all

We must unite and bring the fight
We must possess the power tonight
When all is over we will rule and
There will be no poser fools… fools!

We are sworn to the gods!

Metalive, metalive! We are born to play the loudest metal
Metaloud, metaloud! Always victory in epic battles
Metalive, metalive! Twenty thousand banging their heads
Metaloud, metaloud! On this stage their blood will run red

We ride on metal wings and fly away to space
Explore to bits and pieces in the sun
From all the world our warriors will unite
We rule the earth tonight

It doesn’t matter what they say
We fight for metal every day
Our enemies will turn their backs
We’re rocking hard ‘cos we are… badass!

Soldiers of metal and we are strong; we’ll always fight
Bringing destruction and fire into the night

Riding steeds of steel and metal faster than the speed of light in battle
Raise your fists and bang your heads for metal gods forever and ever tonight
The metal army will survive the fight
3. Heavy Metal Strikes Back (5:49)
We are riding on the winds of steel and we fight for victory
and the power and the glory is rising high
We are summoned by the metal gods on a mission to destroy
all the enemies of the metal in the night
The power of the magic thunder brings you to your knees
Unless your are strong enough to make a stand

Our swords of metal has been raised up in the sky
For the glory of the metal kings we ride

(Heavy) metal strikes back and there’s nothing you can do to stop us now
(Heavy) metal strikes back we are never gonna turn the volume down
(Heavy) metal strikes back gonna crank it up til your head explodes
(Heavy) metal strikes back we are living for freedom on the roads

The steel engines are running hot and the tires are melting away
The road is burning brighter than the sun
No laws, no limits, only full speed straight ahead
Bringing reckless desolation to the world
Fire straight from hell it burns the earth down to the core
The warlords born of metal will be kings

Heavy metal strikes back! (x3)
Heavy metal strikes back! Come on!
Heavy metal strikes back! Heavy metal strikes back! (x3)
Heavy metal strikes back tonight!

(Heavy) metal strikes back
and there’s nothing you can do to stop us now
Heavy Me…taaaaaaal !!!!
Heavy metal strikes back tonight!
4. Blazing Wings (5:45)
Unite by steel! We’re marching off to war
The dark times come and we must resist
All hammers arised, prepared for the blow
The world will shake in an earthquake of steel
Forge the sword! In fires of hell
The magic and power will make you fly away
On eagles of glory we’re riding the sky
We stand like heroes on mountains high

Hell awaits in the night now evil beware
The war has begun so you better run, run for your lives
The metal is hungry, it’s hungry for blood

For us death awaits. Darkness of its cold embrace
In this hell awakes… It flies on blazing wings

Timeless eternal, forever we must fight!
Into fire and thunder with power and might
Boundaries breaking in our path of destruction
Piles of victims scattered all around
It strikes like a hammer attack in your face
It’s heavy it’s fast and it never goes away
Forever defending the sounds of the past
Does it ever grow old? No we don’t think so!
5. Raging Cyborg (4:11)
Once upon a time they were protectors of the law
Virus in the circuits made them go insane
Firing their bullets at everything in sight
Mankind’s on a razor edge now cyborgs rule the night

Raging cyborg (x2)

Searching in the darkness they can find you without light
Every door and every shelter there’s no place left to hide
Hope has been abandoned, no chance to take the fight
Mankind’s on a razor edge now cyborgs rule the night

Raging cyborg (x4)

Mankind falls to its knees, a shadow in time
Machines rule for centuries over darkened skies

The sands of time are running low for all who’s left alive
Can this be the end? The final countdown has begun
No more efforts to defend, there is no need to try
The cyborg’s taking over, last of humanity will die.
6. Warmachine from Hell (5:58)
A sudden strike from skies above
No warning given and no mercy shown
There’s no surrender, no safe retreat
The blast has brought the planet to its knees
The toll was rising at the speed of light
The sun has blackened in the nuclear night

Rolling over skull and bones, the warmachine from hell!
Fighting for vengeance in the night
Always seeking blood revenge, the warmachine from hell!
To kill the humans who survived, the humans who survived

The gun is loaded and shooting fast
All those who run away will feel the blast
The spikes are sharpened, fire burning hot
Chained mutants on the hull and left there to rot
Running for cover from ten thousand rounds
No one is ever safe, we hunt them down
Riding the badlands vengeance soaring high
No time to waste away, the mutants die
7. Weaponizer (4:46)
Fist machine guns and laser eyes
Tank tracks on the mighty boots made of death
Rocket launcher built on the helm
Ten inch taser teeth that feels like hell

In the distance it comes, thunder roars!
Thousand died just from fear, now millions by blade!

From hell in the night, destroyer
Hell bound master of death, man slayer
Fall of earth by the hand of evil
Soon the universe will perish in a dark flame

A flamer thrower and shooting spikes
Chain axe swinging over his head
Atom bombs on its shoulder pads
Exploding lasers shot from its metal back

From hell in the night, destroyer
Hell bound master of death, man slayer
Fall of earth by the hand of evil
Terminating life, no mercy
Blood and flesh on the ground, all over
Ruins, mayhem and chaos reigns now
Worlds have turned into burning mass graves
Soon the universe will perish in a dark flame
8. Swords Raised in Victory (8:12)
The elders had spoken, and the vision was true
The dark times had come just like they have foreseen
We have been chosen, to be warriors of the kings
We pledged our allegiance to fight for the steel… to fight for the steel

The gates were opened, and we marched out in the dawn
The quest had begun only we were the hope
We heard the screams of a world dying fast
Under the spell of the false ones, a new age has begun
…A new age has begun

Swords are arised in the sky
All the warriors aside, in the dawn of the night
When the blood soaks the grounds, and the last man stands proud
We can ride home with swords raised in victory
Swords raised in victory, swords raised in victory

Defying death we’re immortal and strong
With our fists in the air we won’t fall to our knees
Banners fly, arrows blackened the sky
Hear the deafening thunder of the fierce battle cry…the fierce battle cry

We faced the enemy, and we earthquaked the ground
They dare to keep fighting but we were too loud
Under the flag of metal we stand
We must drive all their forces away from our lands, away from our lands.
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