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Turpitude Full Album Lyrics

Risk - Turpitude cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Speed Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Cry (5:33)
All at once, all alone
Walls of ice, walls of stone

All around it's cold and bare
Deep inside, deeply scared

Violently dead wounded soul
Desperate and out of control
And I... CRY

Burning flames from blinded eyes
Brain in daze and frozen guise

Chained up mind dying of fear
Deadness 'round, so nobody hears
When I... CRY
2. Materialized (5:14)
The thorus of reality
Sting your poisoned heart
Your desperate naked life
It's here but you just can't get it
In weird dreams, in truth indeed
Have you heard of...fear

Physically it takes you and never disappears
Strange and invisible
It's near, keeps you from moving
A silhouette...a shade of

Fear - It's a personated instrument
Usurper on your mind
And came before your instincts are

A vision too real
Just right now

Emotions are intangible
Thoughts can get abused
You're frightened and abandoned
But it's here and you just can get it
An intruder?...an illusion

Fear - It's a personated instrument
Inside your shapeless mind
Appeared before your instincts are

A vision too real
Just right now
3. Not True (4:00)
See their eyes, see their lying eyes
Face to face, beware lest you believe

Hear them talk, hear those liars talk
Foolin' you, beware lest you believe

Back in the sixties they're killed JFK
Keeping the whole world in lies still today

Dead secret mission, they call it SDI
Don't ask no question
Don't even ask 'em why

Lies, takes and stories
No more excuses, we say

No not true
We all get deceived
No not true
So don't you believe
No not true

You've called him a friend but he had the nerve
Lies only lies, so he did not deserve

Accused politician, he took all we gave
But even the judge...corrupted and depraved
Lies, tales and stories
4. The Day Will Come (4:35)
The air we breathe, the ground we take
And the mighty waters
The deal is done, but not yet signed
The life we live in rain or shine
Our sons and daughters
The trade is sealed but not yet payed

Ain't no silver lining
High on skies of red
The final gleam of hope
Buried on the fields of dread

A fall into a void, an emptiness
A darkened hole
All this is waiting, the planet has closed it's account

The day will come to pay the price
And we'll fade away
Should the sun refuse to shine

The time we share the stars to see
And the moon above
We are supposed to hold the key

Ain't no use in crying
Past the midnight hour
The final gleam of hope
Buried on the fields of dread

The day we have to sacrifice
In a certain way
Now we have got to give a sign
5. So Weird (4:20)
Just take a look around
Tell me what you see
The situation's running out
Out of our hands
I know you can't deny
The truth in what I say
The burning flames get much too high
It blows us away

And they believe in god
And set the world on fire
Sometimes it makes me laugh
Though I could only cry

It's weird - strange entirely crazy
So weird
It's weird - mad and totally dizzy
So weird

I'm not your man

If you could count to ten
Tell me what you'd find out
We all will be too much far too
Less skies and ground

Those who believe in god
Stop your fakes and prayers
Sometimes it seems to me
The madhouse forever stays

It's weird
6. Hopeless Ground (5:06)
Weightless driftin' on a nameless tide
Wandering without any aim
Passing gates that promise hope and light
And takes me back to where I came

This trip got no direction
No way I'd find
Is this the point of no return

Lost and never found
I'm lost and never found
The exit of a hopeless ground

Moving on the winds without a trace
Falling an unending fall
Stranded on the shore of time and space
But still I'm lost beyond recall

Destination nowhere
It takes me to
Is this the point of no return

Lost and never found
7. And We Don't Care (4:41)
Warfare just right behind us
Nightmare in the neighbourhood
Are we quite unaffected?
Are we too blind to see

World is just a single tumor
And it grows, yes it grows
War! All got to shout it
But we're too deaf to hear

Guilty but not to blame for
Fighting in dead-end streets
Bloodshed on coloured T.V.'s
And we keep our seats
Shifting back to the middle-ages
More and more a dirty war
No! We should not take this
But we still ignore

We just don't care and we don't mind
We must be deaf and must be blind

Hellfire, it's getting closer
Roaring, we can't deny
The danger! But we still live in
Innocence and lies

World is just a single tumor
And it grows, yes it grows
No! We should not take this
Should not let it go

But we don't care and we don't mind
'cause we are deaf and we are blind
8. Squeez My Skull & Brains (4:27)
I don't know what to do and I don't understand
I'm awful disconnected, try to comprehend

No I don't like myself, the way I feel inside
All day just self-delusion, unable to decide
I'm shattered so confused
I wanna scream and shout
What's wrong, what's right, what's good or bad
Strictly down and out

All functions out of order
Senses running wild
An inner war, I started crying like a child
Overloaded and pressure rose up high
And made me feel like it squeezed my skull and...
Squeezed my skull and brains

My soul's a battlefield, conscience lost the fight
My head, my heart, my flesh and blood
Seemed to run and hide

All functions in a mess
Senses didn't lie
The inner war was lost as hard as I have tried
Overloaded and pressure rose up high
Felt like something squeezed my skull and...
Squeezed my skull and brains

Don't know what to do 'cause I don't understand
What's wrong, what's right, who's black or white
Need a helpin' hand...
9. Show No Mercy (5:06)
Sisters and brothers turn into enemies
They kill each other, their hate is merciless

They shoot down children, they even kill the aged
It terrifies me
No chance to turn the page

The turpitude of man is running high
And everything that moves is bound to die
Calling the order

Show no mercy, no quarter
Show no mercy

Ain't no mercy, mean slaughter
Show no mercy

A war releases a bloodstained destiny
Shells blow to pieces their homes and dignity

Once everybody walked on side by side
Now everything has got to run and hide
Call out the order

Show no mercy
10. Serious Mysterious (The Great Beast Speaks) (6:17)
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