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Echoes of Death Full Album Lyrics

Putrid Evocation - Echoes of Death cover art

Echoes of Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-11)
1. Intro (Horror From the Cemetery) (3:17)
2. Echoes of Death (5:15)
Through the years, our lives
Were decomposing in front of us

Different ways to die
Death comes as a cold breeze

Our life,
Our mortal suffering
Memories of a past life
Gates of hell, open for me

Horror from the cemetery
Hear the echoes of death

Those sighs coming from the deep
Did you hear it? It's carried by the wind

Horror from the cemetery
Hear the echoes of death

Bones became dust
Our vengeance, your fault

3. Revelation of Hell's Apocalypse (4:43)
The red eyes of the death are upon you
Angel with bat wings fall from the sky
The real color of hell discloses
Sacrifices will be needed to complete the ritual

Demons attack the earth
Coming straight from the underworld
Black creatures with dark eyes
Spread their wings like gargoyles lurking on

The evil forces will destroy / with dark flames
Proceeding with the unholy pact / that made with the devil
The beast rises from his darkthrone
At his path there's only death and fatality
Imploring death to continue his course

Death warriors swallow the souls
The black army of demons disguised as angels
Seas are seething, the sky turns black
The dark black blood brotherhood
Begins them reign on earth
4. Vengeance From the Crypts (4:11)
Hell is near
I feel the flames around the tombs
Broken skulls, infected blood, putrid scum
Dead bodies everywhere, pouncing one another
Stench of flesh, larvae and pus
Hungry of blood and hate

Walking corpse / straight from hell
Ghost of flesh / come from the grave
Malignant force / army of dead
Pestilent breath / come from beyond

On the gates of evilness you will perish
Morbid dead, out of hell now we are
Deathly eyes, purulent guts, viscera and fluids
In the tomb you will pray for your life

Night of death / merciless
Stench of horror / from the grave
Putrid bodies / walking again
Hell is full / they've return to eart

Vengeance from the crypts,
Vengeance of death!
5. Morbid Sacrilegious (3:20)
From beyond we return
Your life in an endless agony we will turn

Obscure rites of rotting flesh
Amputation, a bloody mess

Stench of putrid flesh

Infected body, torn apart
Spill your blood into the graveyard

For those who live waiting the call
I'll be in your paradise to sacrifice, one by one!

Stench of putrid flesh!
6. Unquenchable Flame (6:03)
Finally the bastard lies arrested
Beaten hard and pissed on
The crowd screams in ecstasy
In a ritual of blasphemy and blood
Demons are laughing through their eyes
And the reek of death can be felt
The myth of fucking holiness
Dies with this bitch on the cross

Smashing hands and feet
Deafening putrid yells of pain
Like malignant music from the abyss
Taking your soul to hell
A real feast for the doomed
Irrepressible thirst for blood
Erradicating peace from earth
Only death shall prevail

Hanging, choking on fluids
Every second filled with suffering
Now, you are who's falling
Your death becomes my victory

Leave his corpse for the crows
Symbol of sadistic rebellion
His power was never true
However the evilness is endless
Now death awaits
To who pronounce his name
An unquenchable flame
To burn all the christian lies
7. Horrible Disease (6:29)
In your back they're awaiting silently
Is time to crucify all the servants of the holy faith
The disease is spread all over the humanity
Our purpose is one, the final sign
Will enter us into obscurity

Horrible death!

Beasts come around us
It conceals something unspeakable
Witching hour, black magicians in conspiracy with our haunt
In our temple darkness will prevail
Is time to crucify all the servants of the holy faith
Is our night, fallen ones will rise out of their graves

Horrible disease!
From the morbid ruins of hell!
8. Total Death (5:44)
The lifeless corpse rots, finally drink his blood
The darkest ritual begins, the power of evil destroys

Open the coffin and unleash
The curse that will fall on your skull
It slowly turns red as blood
And now I can hear the crow

Into the cemetery feeling the stink of death
Satanic vampires bestrides the contaminated wind

Drinking the forbidden poison
Preparing the altar of blood
In this place death prevails
And the earth begins to come alive

Mountain of skulls and bones
While others burn across
They make the ground shake
Demanding to rest in peace

The ancient tombs cries
The bright light turns dark
A river of blood appears
The evil dead rise above the ground

Total death!

Rape the holy ghoul
Drink the blessed blood
This tomb is the altar now
Death devastates his fucking oz
Destroys the weak's throat and all his faith on god

Death claims his throne and is present tonight
There's no any escape at the blow of his paw
The stench from the graves evokes a putrid and horrible torment
Bodies bound by chains in a cult of total death!
9. Putrid Intercourse (Convulse cover) (3:19)
This cult is older than time itself
Generations have changed, but the ritual is the same
Connect your mind to our chorus of souls
Experience the act of the putrid flesh

Search your place in this carnal abuse
Dig the soul and desecrate the grave
When your bloody nails absorb the lid of the coffin
The time of the gratification is finally reached

I eat your eyes and I kiss your eye sockets
I splatter with your ravaged body
Nothing here on this fuckin' earth
Makes me feel so good

Oh my bitch let me come
Deep inside of you
Hear my roar when I eat your ears
Feel my lust when I act to your corpse

Putrid intercourse, makes my satisfaction

Search your place in this carnal abuse
Dig the soul and desecrate the grave
When your bloody nails absorb the lid of the coffin
The time of the gratification is finally reached

Dismembered, corpses lie in the yard
Taste of putrid, is in your mouth
The evil world, is so far away
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