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Legacy of the Heathen North | Full Album Lyrics

Pimeä Metsä - Legacy of the Heathen North cover art

Legacy of the Heathen North

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFolk Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-20)
1. Utgard Threat (2:00)
2. Warmarch of the Jotuns (5:25)
I can split the mountains with a strike of my hand
No human is allowed to pass through my land
My flaming sword roots out the shining stars from the sky
The time has come for the slaves to reclaim their ancestral place

Dragging weighty feet, Jotuns are marching, eradicating mankind’s will
Fear the sons of Primordial Chaos!!

Feeling the might, relishing their freedom, giants walk united across the earth
Subjugated by the tyranny of gods… they’ll fight!!

So long ago, we were preys in a hunting game
Fearing that each day could be the last of our lives
I carry the blame of being liable for the loss of my brothers
The chains are broken and the honour of our race leads us to revenge


Laahustamassa tärkeitä jalkia Jothumit märssivät
häävitämässä ihmiskunnan tahto
Jättiläiset kavelevat yhdistyneet maan halki
Peläkä alkukantaisen kaaoksen jälkeläiset!

The Brotherhood of Primordials has joined and walks to
retrieve what we’ve lost
Hand to hand, soul to soul, we’re marching to a new horizon
The fallen walls of old prisons cleared the path to life on freedom
If you try to hinder our advance… say your final prayers
3. The Wolves Rebellion (4:33)
Born from blood and hatred, son of a god and a giantess
Spawned under the sign of a deicide’s prophecy
On its visions, it could glimpses a diffuse incident
Newborn brood sheltered at the home of its enemy
Everyone through Asgard bred it in love and peace
Futile illusions to change that evil grim
Like a silent menace, Aesirs knew the role
Their beloved father will die against that ruthless beast

Howling in the dark…

The pulse within its veins, rhythmic stream of fury
Murderer waiting crouched in the shadows
Bigger than the fear of those around it
Gagged killer instinct ‘till the chosen day

No one could handle it
Sentenced to exile
Every chain was broken by the mighty wolf

Gleipnir dispelled the pride, chaining the savage myth
The sacrifice for this feat was the hand of Tyr
Sadness and anger filled its soul on defeat
Culprit on a lonely cell, abandoned at boundaries

Howling in the dark...

“Only a few centuries, a blink of immortal’s eyes
My brothers continue their hunting over the sky lands
I feel it deep inside me like a growing beat… I’ve got hunger of revenge
4. Varangian Odyssey (6:32)
Miklagard stayed behind so many weeks ago
We sailed along river Dnieper, suffering its rapids’ scourge
Only a handful survives this long and distressing trip
But there appears the land that will be called home

Odyssey began with Rurik’s wish, encouraging pride of Varangians.
Although misgiving corrodes the souls, fate reserves us its reward.

Varjagien seikkailuretki
Seuramassa polkuja uuteen elämään

Unknown landscapes of luxuriant trees arise before some sceptic eyes
But dreams ‘till born from uncertain desires feeding all the fibres of our being


“Every dawn I feel my numbed trust, holding the piers of my comrades’ future. I must answer to the weeping of a land, lashed by brotherly wars. It’s my duty... it’s my hand, the one that will unify our Slavic comrades. We are their only hope against the oblivion.
I couldn’t wait for you to understand the greatness of this trip and I couldn’t force you to follow every step I make. Nevertheless, your warmest feeling wraps me and makes me strong to resist... and to give you the promised gift.”

Whispering hypnotic melodies, our people are guided by winds of change
We embrace the deserved glory… Rurik rules over Slavic lands
5. Stormy Night (5:55)
I came from a distant land where I was just a fugitive
Exiled with the northern tribes to become a brother of sword and shield

Lightning shakes a blackened sky
Thunder lurks, shrinking my heart

Many moons I spent learning the words of those pale warriors
Sailing on the back of wooden dragons, defying the wrath of seas


The village that sheltered us lived on fear of stormy nights
When the strike of Mjöllnir awoke that baleful fire snake
Crawling down from far mountains, the shadow of death pointed the way
Children of depths emerged when fields were flooded by rains

Tulen käarne tulee myrskyisinä yöinä,
ei missään karata, missän kumarttua

Suddenly they broke the walls, many men in black bear coats
Screaming with inhuman voices in a savage frenzy for blood
Headless corpses around my feet… none of them belonged to the beasts
My northern brothers bravely fought until attack was dissolved

The fire snake comes in stormy nights
No place to run, no place to hide (x2)

If we wanna prevail, we should follow them…
Through the bowels of the earth

Slaying from the shadows, those filthy creatures were massacred
We escaped through meandering creeks until the outside we reached

From that day, the fire snake wasn’t seen again
6. Kaamos (2:11)
7. Jörmungandr (5:10)
It surrounds the earth ‘cause its body is long as Midgard itself
Eternal creature enclosed in the seas by aesir’s grace

Jörmungandr’s creeping
Waiting for the time when its vengeance is fulfilled
Thor is watching his nemesis
And his Mjölnir swings with raw anxiety

From the deepest abyss, Jörmungandr’ spite burned like funeral pyre
Whispers of its father fed the arrogance to be one of the great


Ragnarök awakes
Asgard will be razed
Odin’s throne will fall


Scales of the serpent tremble for a battle where enemies collide
Rivers of poison leak from its mouth, tasting the prey

Jörmungandr’s venom
Mortal condemnation for a god
The hammer of thunder
Squashes the head of the filthy one

Reptile’s embrace tries to break all his bones while Mjölnir strikes
Thor has killed the snake but he’ll die too after nine steps

8. Journey of the Sleipnir' Scions (5:09)
Doom is waiting behind the gates, staining our future in black
Unlucky chance for a beloved king is woven on brittle threads
All men united, their hearts are praying for the kingdom’s hope
As bonfires on bad lands, sadness burns every soul

Sleipnirin versojen matka
Ratsastajat etsivät hoidon

A son faces a dilemma and decides the way, broken in pain
A prince who loves his fatherland begins the hope’s journey
The roar of five horses galloping faded at sunrise
Carrying their riders to an uncertain and unknown end

Sleipnirin versojen matka
Ratsastajat etsivät hoidon
Helan asumus on tavoite
Ajan vasaat kilvassa

“Through the endless ways they arrive to the Home of mist
Trying to cross this forsaken place, one rider finds his grave
Their hearts are filled in sorrow but they keep the promise
Behind the river Gjöll, Helheim’s walls stand inert

Before the dismal gates, a savage ambush waits for them
Garn, the hellhound, mows the lives of two brave warriors
One horseman and our prince run away from the beast
At the hall of Helheim, Hela feels the mortals coming”

“Prince of pride, you’ve risked your life to save your father’ soul
And you have to know: your kingdom is now in danger
The king has died... long live to the king of Sleipnir’ scions
But the price for your freedom is the soul of your loyal subject

Fire and rage, blood and tears will receive you, sovereign
Your merciless sword will seal the fury of invaders
From dust, you’ll hold up the crown of justice
And shall rule over the lands of Sleipnir’ scions”
9. Olut! (3:30)
Night has fallen and the sky is dark
Come and sit with us by the bonfire
Eating reindeer’s meat and telling ancient stories
On the battlefield the feast has begun

Juodaan olutta
Shiödään poron lihaa
Tansitaan tätä laulua sitten
Metsässä on viela paljon lunta tule

Those enemies are trembling on
We are the chosen ones to finish them all
Sound of warfare horns... roar of northern warriors
Snow turns red when fight begins


The stars are shining and the air is warm
Odin has watched us... we won the war!!
Singing epic songs, we deserved victory
Death won’t come tonight… Valhalla will wait for us
10. Anthems of Conquest (6:04)
Misty morning arrives on deadly silence
Melodies of the river flowing impregnates the air
Cooing masks the creak of some invader langskips
Whispering deadly hymns, axes are falling while flames ablaze

“Emitään voi pysättyä... meitä
antautu tai kuole!!!”

Villagers feared the flood tide every summer day
They could feel how the ground trembled under their feet
Cold sweat ran down the spine, freezing the nerves
Northern soldiers brandished their swords against Christian worship.

Like a dreadful blizzard, winter troops defied the new found lands
The wealth inside the abbeys was their aim
Lackeys of the cross were terrified by drakkars’ heads
Lindisfarne was the beginning of Viking age


Sons of Midgard wrote their legend in pages of History
11. Pimeä Metsä (8:24)
While I’m tortured by memories, I walk towards the lap of doom
I’m trying to escape from a never ending chase
But it’s useless, because spectra of man always find him

I’m still hearing the whispers at my back stealing my breath
Inner darkness consumes my hope in deepest misery
And now I walk alone... so cold in emptiness
My soul has been damned

Mourning in silent tears
I’m tired to search my will

I’m guided by my steps along forsaken trails,
into the embrace of an enigmatic forest
From its depths I listen to enchanted melodies,
giving me the warmth that my hearth yearned for

“Come to me, taste your dreams
Wake up and feel that now you’re free...
… Of burdens that dragged in your life
Pull out the shackles that men imposed to you
Walk with me along dark streams
Open your eyes to see your home is here”

Ääni kietoo aistejani ja näyttää minulle valo, joka ei sokaisee
Nyt se vahvistavat olemiseni syntymään uudelleen
tuntemaan taas ja saada takaisin voima, joka antaa minua lentää

The trees will be my cuirass and their roots, my sustenance
Their branches will be arrows that will rip the arrogance

Arming myself in courage
I face a new found aim

One force will overthrow all those who oppressed me
and made me a soul in eternal moan
From my ashes I will rise to reduce them to ashes
Buried they will lie at the deep of the darkest woods
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