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Deprived Full Album Lyrics

Phobocosm - Deprived cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-12-15)
1. Sleep Deprivation (3:17)
2. Solipsist (4:15)
Time starts when I awaken
Time is my own creation
Space confined to perception
Space is my own creation

Life seems like a theater
Tragedies performed by actors
Curtains fall for my slumber
The play resumes when I awaken

What am I? Cartesian origin of space-time
All but I, is limited to some sensation
Farthest star, reached through my imagination
First and last, alpha omega of space and time

Defenceless to
An evil genius
As a shield to the world

I am in doubt
Cogito ergo sum
Evil genius
3. Knives in the Senate House (6:17)
Opener of the march
Focused for battle
Facing the enemy

The city
Embodied in your might
The pillum will pierce
The gladius will slit

From the greatest command
The men flee like cowards
Their armies are broken

Destroyer of the North
Their kinglet has fallen
On his knees kissing your hand


No mercy for savages, pillage their villages
Allow no retaliation, kill those barbarians
Enslave the children, bring back the women as whores
Figure the odds and then cross the Rubicon


Guardians of the republic tolerate no monarch
Hero of the people, traitor to the nobles
You were a genius and you shall be remembered
Your foolish ambitions stopped by our knives

As traitors
To kill the
Almighty one
As heroes
To liberate
The people

Aristocracy tolerates no monarch
Hero of the people, traitor to the nobles
You were a genius and you shall be remembered
Your foolish ambitions stopped by our knives
4. Solar Storm (6:06)
The storm is coming
Run for cover
Burning eyes will
Be shut forever

Furnace of light
Source of fire
Taking back
The gift of life

Trapped in gravitation
Mother’s own attraction
What used to be a shelter
Is now a crematorium

Planetary cleansing
Incineration to stardust
Wiping out the living
Turning flesh into ashes

The storm has arrived
No need for cover
None can escape
This purge by fire


Billions of years
In slumber
Final awakening
Spreading plasma

Light, wind, fire
Light, wind, fire
Light, wind, fire
Light, wind, blaze, death, fire

What had begun
Some billion years ago
Now reaches its end
The infinity of cycles

Expanding sphere of plasma
Reaching a light year in distance
Taking back what was given
Homo sapiens reduced to silence
5. 27 Days of Darkness (4:47)
Colonial state
Defiant slave
Sentenced to

New master
Of the old world
Does not stand

Imperial act
The rebel slave
Now condemned to

200 years
Of sufferance
And deprivation

There is no escape
From this rotten state
And its puppet leaders

Turning yourself to God
Has led you nowhere
Futile magic spells
Is no escape from hell

Turning yourself to God
Deadens your despair
Futile magic spells
Hang on for dear life

Keep your faith
Live in dignity
As things are getting better

Suddenly the ground is collapsing
Instantly you are buried alive
Paralysed, you are broken in pieces
What was your shelter is now your tomb


Buried alive for 27 days
Ordeal to the body and the soul
Woken up to the hell where he belongs
A lesson in respect of misery
6. Drowned (6:30)
Thou shall not search
Things that can’t be found
Hide what’s been discovered
When it threatens peace

We in isolation
Spoke the language of the Gods
One lost in the fog
Unveiled what shouldn’t have been

Stop the fool he speaks with demons
Shut his mouth and burn his script
Stop the fool he spoke with demons
For this crime he shall be drowned

Realize what you have done
It will lead us to insanity
Now the cult is in distress
Cursed by your own curiosity


Tie him up
Throw him down

Whole numbers and their ratios
Pillars of weak concrete
Regardless of their denial
Hidden numbers revealed

Pierce the shield of the rational
Your universe is incomplete
Face the incommensurable
Embrace a larger reality

Some things are meant to stay hidden
Take them down to the bottom of the sea
Futile are the censors' efforts
Time will break their shallow peace
7. Awaken Unconscious (4:57)
Sanity in peril
Trial and error
Temptation of logic
Leading one to failure

Safety in madness
A nature with no laws
Chaos and disorder
Leading one to rapture

Still innocent
Without any intent
Running in circles
A dog chasing its own tail

Resistance attempt
Memorizing the laws
Temptation of logic
Leading one to failure

Erratic behaviour
Cerebral turmoil
Chaos and disorder
Leading one to rapture

Hallways without end
Insanity your den
Endless cycles
Attempt to reason has failed

Induced slumber
By an unknown hand
Dreaming life and death
Of the conscious mind
Now lost

Frozen in time
Indifferent to light
Insensible to sound
Awaken unconscious

Being brought back to life
Walking while still dreaming
Claiming sights of visions
Maybe a new prophet
Or a simple degenerate?

Appeal to the masses
Redefining the law
Pestilently spreading

Praising vile intents
With blood on his hands
Running in circles
A pack of dogs chasing their own tails

Embraced as a saviour
Through visions of the future
An illusionist
Reduces men to minions

Hallways without end
Insanity their den
Endless cycles
Attempt to reason has failed

Awaken unconscious
Awaken unconscious
Awaken unconscious
Awaken unconscious
8. Forever in Doubt (11:06)
In a quest to find the first thought
The origin of animal intelligence
To bypass some primitive impulse
The circuitry of his own mind

Walk the path back to prior centuries
Reverse engineering Homo sapiens’ brain
Walking back through countless millennia
Thinking backwards to the first pulse of the mind

Theocratic enslavement of the soul
Earth’s mysteries feeding fear and dismay
Academics of mysticism
Imposing their law of tranquillity

Answers are nowhere to be found
Stop thinking, start believing
The weak find comfort in the Devil
The weak find comfort in God

The skeptic have now awaken
Stop believing, resume thinking
Cowards will hold on to their blinders
May it be with their Devil or their God

In doubt
In doubt

Questions without answers
Problems with no solutions
Footsteps left behind
Washed by the sands of time

Sailing with no direction
Into the cosmic sea
Abandoned to search
To wander

Forever in doubt
Forever in doubt
Forever in doubt
Forever in doubt
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