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Pogrom Ritual Full Album Lyrics

Order of the Death's Head - Pogrom Ritual cover art

Pogrom Ritual

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-29)
1. Soil (5:09)
Ashes of hatred
Ripped by winter
Isolation proyhesied
Now everything’s gone

Wind hammering loneliness
Dead consdered land
Morbid yell from the dark
Rust feasting on dead

Far away from echoes of conspiracy
Awaiting the end of their game
Black sun memory resurrection
In our eyes the flaming hate

Grey dust surrounds
Eternal white fields
Unsilent cosmic fear
After the apokalypse
We stand…
2. Blood (5:09)
Celebrating purity
Genes of the victor
Honour of yesterday
Bloodlines to gods

Visions through the past
Heritage who set you free
Be the tyrant for the slave
And this for eternity…

Awareness raiser
For bright tomorrows
That dirt can not defeat
Righteous inner fire

Across the ages
Übermensch restoration
Alongside the gods
Tomorrow is our…

Every doctrine
Every knowledge
Our survival
Ancestors blood running in our veins
A call to arms
3. Anti-NWO (4:26)
No fucking disorder
Deprogram yourself
Standards of bastards
Infection to devotion
Hebraic-minded corruptors
Darkest eve of perversion
Mammonic subhuman pest
Enigma of the blackest blood
Proselytes of misfortune
Pimps, junkies and pedophiles
Sowing the black seeds of the protocols
Fecal tribe cumming into grime
Fucking false philantropy
Aborned with blasphemic laws
Mental pillage
New world disorder
Truth castration
4. The Coming Reich (5:07)
„My spirit will rise from the grave,
and the whole world will know that I was right“

The flaming sword against modern obskurity
Bright torch of superior determination
Promethean journey across dark ages
Eternal voice that lead us all

„Man is something that shall be overcome“

Decayed society mortification
We’re marching onwards
On the dust of the Muspell
Timeless Reich arise

Starlit sky of Swastika
Cathedral of light
One voice sounding higher
a forceful howl in cristal night

„Where we go all tremble and the Devil laughs with us“
5. L'Ordre Noir (5:03)
Qu’importe le sacrifice
Qu’importe la souffrance
Destiné á combattre
Pour l’honneur de ton sang

Guerrier du reich
Pure loyanté éternelle
Au führer tu jures
D’éradiquer la gangréne

Elite guerriére
Pour la race et le sol
Obéis jusquá la mort
Par ton sang versé

Aver nous ut le diable
Contre la peste mondiale
Par le fer et les flammes
Purifions ce cloaque

Marchons au combat
Chantant le chant du diable
Des ruines de l’age de fer
Jallira la victoire
Obéis jusqu’a la mort
Par ton sang versé

Crépuscule héroïque
De l’élite raciale
Par le drapeau runique
L’homine nouvean du reich
6. To Give Death (3:43)
Castrate - depopular
Purify - ordain

Unwanted bastards
Illegitimate greedy rats
Turd of nomadic beast

Ghastly whores samaritam
Annihilation ritualised

World-cleaner kommando
No coakroaches imscathed
Death unit smiling

Priceless is your end
Crush hereditary taint
Your lies cast in fire
Your lives thrown in flames

Subspecies - putrescent
Destination - death
7. Nebelwerfer (5:18)
Burning fog thrower
Enemies wrapped in fire
Explode their faces and flesh
Gased with chemical mist

Death launchers over scorched land
Crushing sounds of the mortars

Mesmerizing death throes
A cauldron of nightmares
Slowly crawling backwards
Dissolved in ashes

A flaming orgasm
Opposition must die
No one to avoid
The white revenge

It’s time to clear this world
All this fucking world
8. Black Sun (5:28)
Enter the wolf age
Whirling through deep space
Cosmic vortex radiations
Inner invisible force
The inmost sun
Enshrouded in time
True engine of gods
Axis of highest life
That power within all that’s
Purple rays of supreme breath
Pure mater, old awareness
Black fire to the core
Transcendent inwards doctrine
Primordial Lebensborn emanation
Nucleus of racial heritage
Sourec of birth and death
From the heights of indden power
Of the deepest form of pure knowledge
Black sun rising
Summoning power within
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