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Hakenkreuz Full Album Lyrics

Order of the Death's Head - Hakenkreuz cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-29)
1. Aryan Winds (5:32)
Heralds of eternal purity
Of might and wisdom
Sovereign of iron pride
God-man against the beasts

Riding the streams of inferno
Philosophize with hammers

Spit on peace of the weak
Against the lies we’ll fight
Superior values inherited
Majestic wisdom untouched

White cold death
Blood and soil cleansing
Faith, folk and race
For thousand years and more

Riding the streams of inferno
Philosophize with hammers

To the will
Aryan winds
2. Progeny Divine (3:27)
Through mist of times
Throne of our pride
Far away from alienation
Eminent icy silence

Macrocosmic rage invoke
Our gods amd heroes immortal

We must secure our destiny
Undying spirits gathered
Under nocturnal silence
Observe pantheon of stars

Reflecting fires to follow
Hierarchy beyond this world
Through light and shadow
Timeless origin divine
3. Facing the Plague (3:51)
Plague exiled, cursed wanderer
From filth to lies, hoax must end
Let the synagogue burn
With it’s vermin inside
Hear their imploring wails
All charlatans of a great whore
Defamation and moans
Deserve to be wiped out
Hear their putrid flesh burn
Let‘ em become ashes and dust
Annihilate with their moldering genes
Fucking Middle-eastern curse
Swine’s archetype, swindlers and vultures
Mosaic of all human tares
Pogrom sanctified
Until the last our…
4. Incestuous Subhumans Cremation (2:57)
Of elitism and iron will
Struggle for supremacy
The fire of our hate returns
Fighting the modern world
Democracy is burning
By strength and heroism
Our supreme rise is near
Aryan triumph and racial might
Our reich will be rebuilt

Incestuous Subhumans Cremation

Intolerance, pogrom and salvation
Annihilating the jewish mongoloids
and mahomet abominations
Aryan flame calls to extermination
Of incestuous pedophiles
No place for this fucking rats…
5. Iron Youth (3:11)
To death

Scorn in front of the mongrels
Give no rest to the kikes
Nomadic bacillus infection
Anoint with fames of joy

Merciless fire upon the venal race
Stinky gypsies from the cesspool
Erase all this feral infamy
Burn all disciples of zion


Lynching animals misfortune
Jewish circus sentenced to death
Circumcised pestilence returning to the latrines
6. Among the Ruins... (4:52)
Among the ruins
A lone wolf running
Hunting for his life
Stench of carrion everywhere
Swirling sound of burning shadows
A dark orchestra of swarming parasites

Torment on unholy ground
Hidden in fog to survive
Where enemy’s bells resound
From chaos we must reborn

Life dictates his truth
Slow descent of iron age
Wars call purity
Elitism shows no mercy

To satisfy mysanthropic throughts
Breathing hatred of unrelenting force

Life dictates his truth
Slow descent of iron age
Wars call purity
Elitism shows no mercy
7. Hakenkreuz (4:08)
Eternal symbol
Bloodsoaked resistance
Racial fortress
Upcoming rebirth

Sign of gods
Key to real revolution
Sharp-clawed wheel
Give us force from above


Ode to our fight
True unified Europe
Tomorrow holding up our flag
Marching towards the front as victors
Bearer of our eternal sun

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