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Taste My Sword of Understanding Full Album Lyrics

Opium Warlords - Taste My Sword of Understanding cover art

Taste My Sword of Understanding

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDrone Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > O > Opium Warlords Lyrics (14) > Taste My Sword of Understanding Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-04)
1. The Sadness of Vultures (5:10)
2. The Self-Made Man (12:15)
I am now taking my path
Sanctified for departure
Into the shrine
Where I once summoned thee

I am sealing my destiny
To become forgotten
Carrying this knife
As the final key

I feel like a flower
Shedding its petals
Grass once green
Turning red

Something has come to an end
Before the sun wakens
I will be dead

When I am attaining
The end of my course
My weak flesh
Cries for relief

Time has come
To complete the trial
The forest is offering me
Her sanctuary

Underground church
Word once made flesh
Sealed with semen
Blood and needles
A chest wide open
Flowers blossom “vestal silence”
Bring me your tears
3. The God in Ruins (9:43)
Oh grandeur of such destiny
To fall from the immeasurable heights
To fall and to become broken

I who have no end and no beginning
I who am not like any other
Without companion and comparison

Through the minds and tongues
Of lunatics
I spoke to men of might

They built statues and temples
To conciliate my anger
They wrote thousands of pages of studies
To construe my existence
They painted pictures
And constructed mandalas
To open the gates
To my enlightenment

And I was never there
I never revealed my mysteries to them
I was always away
Far away
In the hearts of those who
Covered with their own sick
Crawled in the gutters

With strong drugs burning in their veins
With faces branded with violence
With appearances of inner emptiness
With lust for love and comfort
But aptitude only for rape and murder

Like them
I have no tears
And no laughter
No joy
No sorrow

They are empty
And I am overwhelming
We balance each other

My ultimate light
Deepens their pitiful shadows
Together we create darkness
That lurks in the cold corners
Of candlelit temples

Weak is the human heart
And always longing to enter my kingdom
But the doors are closed
And the festivals have ended

Love was given
And love was lost
You are together in suffering
I am alone and out of your reach

Fallen into the pit
Inside the interiors of myself
Inside the creation of myself
And the apocalypse of your age
4. The Solar Burial (8:10)
On the edge of the sand
Mangled statues stand
And we dance
By the light of the unknown

The solar burial
On the Isle of Crete
Where the elder ones
Are still near

Hand in hand
We dream alone
Carried by the ambience
Of heavy drone

On the burning sand
In the summer heat
We can disappear
5. The Land Beyond the Pole (4:31)
6. Mount Meru (14:13)
Weeping veins
Running to
And fro
Hollow heart

Let the needle in
House of God
Where is thine mirth?

Veins like rivers
That stream down
The bloody slopes
Of Mount Meru

Spiral tunnels
To the broken Earth

Trembling forms
Faces like mirrors

Lifeless chambers
Of a pale heart
The temple of
Pretentious “doom”

Broken Earth
Hollow heart
Hollow Earth
Broken heart

Acid rain
Over a love scene
The air is heavy
In the silent room

Pushed too far
Drawn too near
Wounds that bleed
Wounds that heal

Yet forgotten
Run out of words
In front of you

At the gates of dying
A grave
Among the trees

By the angels of God
Smiling lips
Teeth that grieve

And violent nights
Of Hierosolyma

If I touch you again
With my shaking hands
Will you accept them?

Run out of words
In front of you

Mount Meru
7. This Place Has Been Passed (8:06)
We run together
With spirits above us
And our tracks are left on the snow

Hand in hand
We dream alone
To the Heaven of my heart
Your bird has flown
8. Manisolas from Misandria (3:21)
9. In Melancholy Moonless Acheron (7:15)
My father is alone
Alone and sad
He is in a white hall unknown to him

He is alone in this new place
Alone there
Without us

He is frightened
Like a lost child
With no place to go
Like a child again

He is alone and sad
And too confused
To feel that
Pain has finally left him

All the pain and tumor
And sick has left him
All the burden and darkness
And pain has left him

His tears fade away
But I have tears in my eyes
He can not return
And we can not reach him
Our sorrow does not reach him

My father is without pain now
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