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Winter Full Album Lyrics

Obsidieth - Winter cover art


GenresSymphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-12)
1. Into the White (2:14)
2. Shallows of the Ancestors (4:55)
To the sea from the ice,
the sun coming down again
an elderly abyss seizes the light,
turning the day into night.

From the depths of life, to the shallows
follow in the footsteps, of the mighty ones
restoring order, pillaged way of life
obscured by night, feared upon at first sight.

We all rise, once again, in darkness we reign
we are the answer, we are your hope
shallows of the ancestors.

Rising through the abyss, as a pioneer of curiosity
an endless stream of shadows, night veiled existence.

The earthly journey, a symphony of lost men
as sand of time displaces slowly in the hourglass of infinity
sculptures of renaissance, as horizons decree
the end of a mighty empire, as far as the eye can see.
3. A New Reign (4:34)
Let's destroy this kingdom,
all together tonight
hoist the flag in the icy wind, light the darkness of the night
a new reign was born, beginning of the end
we'll fight till our last breath, for us you will fear.


We're back to rise again
The cold winds will not slow us down
We are the winter that will make you freeze
Tremble before us for you are slaves to our greed

The glory of this war, black clouds cover the sky
pulling the iron from your chest, your pain and suffering, we feed.
4. This Decadent Heir (4:07)
I am the only one that can see what's vanished away
I am the conqueror, kneel before me.

Land for the banished, under a clouded sky
a new commandment, relinquish salvation.

Tremble before thee,
unholy congregation
anchored to drown,
last breath will fade.

Vanished away
remnants of hope descend into the sea
I raise my blade, you will kneel before me
In vain, you will descend and arise to your end
I reign power, destroyer of this world.

I am the bearer of this imperious decadent heir
radiant throne of light, spells of greed
darkness has filled the sky, colours fade away
I am the conqueror, kneel before me.
5. First of the Nine (5:50)
In the darkest, coldest region of the nine
rivers flow down from mountains to the plains,
and solidified to frost and ice
a ruthless planet in a blanket of white.

The world tree grew up into the sky
the lowest of the worlds, beneath the third root

First of the Nine, frozen world unknown
into the white, an arctic kingdom
First of the Nine, frozen world unknown
into the white, frozen reality of snow.

This frozen reality of endless snowscapes
it is the bitter realm of defiled souls.

Nifelheim a dark and frozen landscape of endless night
a realm of primordial ice and cold, the northern region of the mighty gap
the land of mists was the home of the dead.
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