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Then Came the Killing Full Album Lyrics

Mezzrow - Then Came the Killing cover art

Then Came the Killing

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-06-05)
1. Then Came the Killing (3:39)
A schizophrenic disaster
Hit Wisconsin in 1985
No one could prevent
Because nobody knew
That one had a pleasure to kill
A psychological failure
Was the Reason for being so cruel
No Respect for Humanity
Just praising the dead
And everytime it began with the whip

Then came the killing
A demand of bringing death
Then came the killing
Mutilation and then you`re dead

Three more killings
And everything broke loose
Panic was spread across the land
The Police stood helpless
All traces were lost
And it seemed like it would never end
But then he did
What all of them do
The final and fatal mistake
Murdering in Panic , a Reaction of Fear
Bringing it all to an end

Then came the killing
A demand of bringing death
Then came the killing
there is no way to escape from death

A schizophrenic disaster
Hit Wisconsin in 1985
No one could prevent
Because nobody knew
That one had a pleasure to kill
But then he did
What all of them do
the final and fatal mistake
Murdering in Panic
A Reaction of fear
Bringing it all to an End

Then came the killing
A demand of bringing death
Then came the killing
There is no way to escape from death
2. Ancient Terror (4:27)
A dark night with mist filled air
The full moon was shining bright
Following a rumour , an ancient tale
About the curse of the jade beast

We were searching for this unholy grave
To find the powerful sign
We felt magic in the air
And heard the barking of the beast

The watching moon provided us with light
Death was in the air
Everything was silent , we had fear in our hearts
The we realized the power of the sign


We found the sign of the curse
And brought it over the sea
The secret of the sign , unknown to all
Followed us to spread fear

Then one night screams could be heard
Echoing across the moor
Whispers , silent laughs from the daze
Warning us about our prey

A winged assassin stroked the skies
Emerging from the dephts of hell
Killed my friend , ate him alive
This was the Retaliation of the Sign


Return ! To the Cemetary
Try to avoid a certain death
And giving back ! The sign where it belongs
Into the crypts of eternity

A winged assassin stroked the skies
Emerging from the dephts of hell
Killed my friend , ate him alive
This was the retaliation of the Sign

3. The Final Holocaust (4:52)
Nuclear Disaster , armageddon is here
Dark Clouds are filling the sky
People are screaming , millions will die
As you begin to wonder why
There is no meaning when no one can win
Extermination of our human race
Nuclear Radiation will poison us all
And the final curtain ... will fall

The surrounding enemy
is burning the town
No mercy is given today
Their missiles are flying over your head
And without a warning you`re dead
They`re killing with pleasure
Torture & Maim
Our civilization has crumbled down
Annihilaton`s completed
When death has arrived
As the world cries in despair

RADIATION is raining from the sky
DESTRUCTION this is the final holocaust

The bombs keep on falling
from out of the sky
Devastating our whole dying world
And when it is over
When there is nothing left
Then we all have died

This nuclear battle was the final war
But no one will live to tell
The blast has come and wipped us out
Darkness is here to stay
Poisoned air in darkened skies
Flows across the land
Everything is silent
We have ceased to exist
And the earth takes it`s ... final breath

4. Frozen Soul (4:01)
Awakening from the other Side
My Body starts to rise
I`m trapped inside this Prison of Ice
Please , help me get out
Released at last from these frozen chains
I can feel my strength revive
But something inside has left my mind
What is it that I must find ?

Oh , my feelings are gone
Without a soul I`m lost

Passing the limit of Insanity
None will survive my wrath
Possessed by evil , born to die
Obeying the law of Violence
Realizing that my soul is gone
Makes me cry and scream
Why can`t anyone tell me
That this is just a dream

I turn my rage on you
You`d better hide or you`re through


Reborn to a world beyond my sense
Is a feeling that I can`t take
My Revenge strkes everyone
A raging desire to kill
Now I can feel that my end is near
But I`ve got no fear
Death is just a Liberation to me
The man with the frozen Soul

At last my permission to die
A bullet in my brain is no lie

5. Distant Death (3:55)
I cannot move , I cannot speak
I`m like a bodyless brain
Lying in a bed surrounded by tubes
In this room silence reigns
Paralytic disease infests my body
But my brain still exists
That`s the only impediment
Between me and a painless death

Distant death

Thinking back of my past live
It all seems like a lie
Why did I come to life
When I was only living to die
Life`s so distant , death`s so near
And there is no way out
Just because some Politician
says " Death isn`t right "


Machines and Chemicals feed my body
I`m not human anymore
Turn off these systems and let me rest
If I scream just ignore
So , don`t hesitate just read my eyes
And do what you have to do
Pull the needles , push the buttons
To stop my living hell


6. Prevention Necessary (4:52)
If we look into the future
In a time that will come
Can we still be so shure
That our race will live on
A negative ajustment
Is spread among the young
Will there be a tomorrow
Or will the world turn into a sun

THE FIRE AWAITS ! We can feel the heat
THE WORLD WILL BLOW ! Doomsday has come

The End of this planet
Will be the World War Three
So we must prevent it
Scream and shout : NO MORE !!
Together we will fight
Against the armaments
So thrashers unite
In a massive demonstration


Prevention necessary
The Time has come
To face our fate

The Propagation of mankind
Is threatened by ourselves
Nuclear Disaster will be the End
Of our Race
Stop all this madness
Before it`s too late
The Course must change
If we want a better world


Prevention necessary
The Time has come
To face our fate
7. Where Death Begins (3:56)
In the Legends of Voodoo
The serpent is the Symbol
Of our Planet , the Earth
The Rainbow is the Symbol
Of the Kingdom of Heaven
A Place to where we all shall ascend

But because man has a Soul
He can be trapped
In a Place that lies inbetween
Our Soul might be captured
Into other peoples Dreams
And then the dead will arise

The Beginning is Death
The Beginning is Death

Processions are wandering
As Darkness falls
Gathering to wake up the Dead
Dancing and screaming
Hallucinated Minds
Insanity takes over Fear

All this is caused
By a magical Powder
Sending innocent people into death
It poisons your Mind
Turning humans to Zombies
And nobody knows how it`s done

The Beginning is Death
The Beginning is Death

" Paralyzation comes crawling
As you cry out in Pain
The Poison has taken Control
Your Body is trembling
Of this deadly Injection
You have reached the life
Where the Beginning is Death "

The ones with power
Are using Religion
To create their Reign of Fear
They`re using the powder
As an act of a deterrent
To get the peoples on it`s knees

But how long will it take
Until everyone finds out
The Truth about this chemical death
Then the Seal will be broken
A new dawn will rise
And the Dead will have back their souls

The Beginning was Death
The Beginning was Death
8. The Cross of Torment (4:19)
The Cross

It was forged by the Massive
Iron of Armour that was worn by evil itself
Standing alone and forgotten
Beyond the Mountains where Darkness always reigns
The evil never left the Armour
When it was forged into a cross
It`s dwelling inside , awaiting the moment
To set all it`s evil free

NEVER ! Kneel in front of this cross
And never uncover your head
BECAUSE IF YOU DO ! You have sold your soul
To the burning dephts of hell

A faithless Warrior , returning from war
With nothing but a wish to die
He`s marked by shame and dishonour
Searching for a Reason to Live
Salvation from God and Peace in soul
Was the Solution that might end the Pain
So , he knelt by the cross
Uncovered his head
And whispered his silent forgiveness

A PILPRIM APPEARED ! From the shadows of the night
Telling him the Story about the Cross
Then he realized what he`d done to himself
But it was too late , his soul was marked by hell
Facing the cross of torment

FACE ! The Shadow
Can`t break free from the Jaws of the Cross
TREMBLE ! With fear
Knowing that his fate is sealed

Repeat first Verse

Repeat Chorus

Facing the Cross of Torment
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