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Hypnotic Inferno | Full Album Lyrics

Luna Ad Noctum - Hypnotic Inferno cover art

Hypnotic Inferno

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > L > Luna Ad Noctum Lyrics (34) > Hypnotic Inferno Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-04)
1. In Hypnosis (5:09)
There upon my dream
Prevails the garden of relief
To believe is to see
And seeing is not to believe

Nothingness all I feel
Anger drives my fist
Empty soul
Pushed in different skin
Flesh so shaking still

Tears tonight red as sky
In deadly trap I watch myself gone blind
Much far than in worst imagination

Crack on the mirror
Body divides in two halves
Near miss to the early grave
High pressure flows through my veins

In this space there is no more demand only peace in rest
Night is reality
Heaven stressing me

Heart beating push out my chest inside
Turns to ash in so prosaic way...
This effect happening last beyond real world
Where sleeping is reality not to reveal

Fear of madness drenching me
Vision of loneliness in hypnosis
Yes, visual effects refresh my physical energy
Swallowed drug in rush
Clinical metamorphosis

Crack on the mirror
Body divides in two halves
Near miss to the early grave
High pressure flows through my veins

In this space there is no more demand only peace in rest
Night is reality
Heaven stressing me
2. Fear Technique (4:27)
Thus (my) kingdom is to come
In my dreams widely scattered
Inside of hollow sleep disorder

Fear of the night
Red lucid pills
Promise me to obey artificial light
Slumber tortures close my tired eyes
Feel just nothing ain't uttermost relax

Nerves synapse mental slave
Liquid stains falls down of my face
No more shining from within
Heart putrefied instantly

Cold emotion chaos distress
I can't sleep, silence is my grave...

Hypnotic Inferno
Hypnosis in fear

No resist I shall feel
Of dream comes even for a while
New dawn rises before I paint my vision bright
Crimson sky slain me just the same as dusk
Cosmic hallucination
Astral ocean emptiness
Left in nowhere
Darkness get its sense
I speak all the tongues in my slumber state
Bring me sleep
Just release
Just relief...
3. You Are What You Are! (4:27)
We are the present living
We're the dead without redemption
We're self-infected wounds
We are the faithless doom
We're poisoned flesh
We're sovereign but fallen
We're scorched but nothingness
We're light of every fucken lie

We're shadow of god and faith
We're virus and infection
We're raped by anger and hate
We're infernal sacrifice on earth

We're inception of every disease
We're hell/heaven without reason
We're devotion since the ancient times
We're plague of ruined future
We're feeding by human blood

We're marching towards nowhere
We're in delirious night
We're invented by un/holy father
We're his madness dark
We're punishment to heaven
We're red exhale of hell
We born in blood and live in pain
We die alone insane

We are what we are
4. Abnormal Pain (3:40)
Heart biting noiseless void
Become the shadow sworn
Opium as the final option
The angel with black wings embraces me...

And my whispers hang on the wind
And projections born under the spell blow
One step forward into cold abyss
Where the beauty and horror dwell

No need the ecstasy just nightmare gone
When darkness touches my face
Winter air frost down on my feet
Tortures begun stopping the time

Reason of suffering existing
Deep inside my soul
Once in one fall time
No end just straight to the hell
And by body dimmed 6 feet under
My tears fall in thickening smoke
My beast overcome my entire love
Suffocate my feeling for good...

In this, decoy at the first kiss from the death?
In this, exploding temptation cause Luna shown her face?
In this, emotion supports the opium inhale?
To proceed the one cold hypnosis deep in winter dream...

Still I wander wear the armor of fear
I hold the candle reminding me my presence right now right here
And my rotten soul seems to be parallel with the vision I see
And my rotting soul bound to the pledge of suffering
And now I stare of Geminids falling down the sky...
Faith resistant, stuck among my spirit & flesh
5. Fleshless (3:25)
I believe these visions full of power and magic
I believe in dream's phantom secret flames
I believe these visions spiritual reflection
I believe in nightfall brings all devils to me

It's risen like force out of my flesh
Ineffable darkness and hate in itself

This ritual keeps all evil slumbering for a while
Suspending my senses while such glorious time

Sensible light touching my eyes
Bitter sky full of moonrise
Enchant me so much

Torn apart my soul
Cold my face
Warm my heart
I can feel salty tongue
Nestled viper in my arms
So deceived price
For this mysterious paradise

Astral movement keeps me going down
Venom released to the flesh
Full granted poison towards down my veins
Letting myself trespass
Fleshless terminal phase
6. Ether Dome (4:40)
Ocean breeze I shall smell
Heaven stars hit the water surface
How slow is the way to pass by the hole in the sky
Through my visions secret doors
Through my empty eyes
Would you promise me to fly away up there?
Now or never...

Where I go no one say...
Darkness sure I obey everywhere
Scent of rain liberates me
Shadow cold
My breath is deep

Take a look I can find myself so easy
In this sublime ether pattern
But for short period of time
Pain is temporary blocked
Taken off so away

Reversible lack of awareness
Decreased my stress response
In dark motion I progress
My eyes white
Mouth wide open
Considerable pain is back
Shall not be ever explained?

Slowly, strained, but stand still
Headache cometh blows my nerves
I can't abide by the pain inside
While on my way back to life
I don't want it!
7. Martyrium (4:11)
I'm dead inside
Pretend to live
A real life
I'm dead inside

Leave me behind
Dispose of me
This is my doom

Another day comes to unveil
The world that has died, died in my eyes
Built of grey stone tall stand my walls
To save me from... my other self

I'm dead inside
Pretend to live
A real life
I'm dead inside

Leave me behind
Dispose of me
This is my doom

In through my veins run toxic pain
The pain that I try to ease everyday
In my scarred head a battlefield
I'm not dead yet but willing to cease
To exist no more

Oh, how many times I have wished
That I had never been born
How many times I have wished
That the world (we know) would burn
And how many times I have not lived before?

My world has died
Death feeds on its corpse
Over the carrion
Black ravens croak
8. Hallucinations Twisted Claw (5:20)
Out there
Wind still blows
Snow still falls
Sun still shines
Moon still blinds

Half man half flame
In never-ending thoughts dark fluid
Hypnotic grief cursed in nighttime
Affects my anxiety and pain

This drugs flash relief
My urge for sleep
Here and everywhere winter never ends...

3 hours stand still here alone
Drug, the sleepless nightmare
Just because of therapeutic sedative reasons

Dark magic hidden within my head
Long fatal doze worsening sleep

Zaleplon the reason of hallucination
Indicates some meaningless random dreams
Serves me double visions and abnormal pain
With first lunation in this year...

Horrible vengeance upon me
Darkness rising might
Like a claw twisted round my throat
Ambushed whilst the night

Ileż razy westchnę do ciebie, gdy jasna
Okrutna prawda mózg mój I serce rozdziera
Jesczcze godzina jedna, dwie – a potem zasnę
I cichość mnie śmiertelna kołysze
Duch we mnie umiera

Out there
Wind still blows
Snow still falls
Sun still shines
Moon still blinds
9. Total Sleep Disorder (3:58)
And Mars comes on the Saturn's path
So alone, disturb
Venus stands still alone
Like sin in peculiar way committed
An impulse sent towards the cosmos from me
As instance of love in current times
Where no one's being held behind anymore

To the moon I whisper to separate Venus Saturn Mars
If stars were closer I would prey just one
Lust for her lights much more than your skin tonight
Regardless of insomniac sleepless empty nights
Where nothing's being held behind anymore

This remote lights of my personal harbour I shall never get
Force to have and to hold this paradise
Empire of falling sands
Rotten walls
Dead inside

Smell the cold aura of immortal fog
The haze obstructs the Lunar lights
Machinery of human thoughts starts to fly
In gravity of mega darkness forever last

Portal of hope open to pass
In range no sounds no voice no fear no words
Let's go through by unseen line
Speak as loud with open shallow eyes
Dawn hits early dawn while I finally passed
I'm awaken
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